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2017 Memories

by Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson

2017 Memories

Chapter 1. We will take you to Tucson, Arizona where we will tell you about attending what is considered the greatest convention of gemstones and crystals in the world.

Chapter 2. We give you an explanation of the Unicorn, a mystical horned horse type that holds powerful healing energies.

Chapter 3. The March 20 Equinox, which many call Earth Day, is on our minds, and we want to tell you about energies coming in from outer space to help Mother Earth.

Chapter 4. We take a quick trip to Washington, D.C. to see Arlington Cemetery with its graves of over 400,000 military personnel.

Chapter 5. Holy Days is divided into three aspects, and we tell you about these three.

Chapter 6. We give you has more discussion about Earth Day because so many are worrying about the dilemma of climate change.

Chapter 7. We are traveling to the powerful Herkimer Sun Disc area and then to the powerful Howe Caverns.

Chapter 8. We have our minds on Alaska and the North Pole.

Chapter 9. We also need to tell you about Antarctica which is also experiencing climate change.

Chapter 10. In New York City, The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is visited to celebrate the Summer Solstice, and also the Brooklyn Tabernacle to join with the hearts of many who are singing with Love.

We love our travels, and we love writing about these travels.


  • Acknowlegements
  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1   Tucson, Arizona
  • Chapter 2   Animal Peace Energies
  • Chapter 3   March Equinox
  • Chapter 4   Washington, D.C.
  • Chapter 5   Holy Days Easter, Wesak, Unification
  • Chapter 6   Earth Day, May Day
  • Chapter 7   Herkimer, Howe Caverns, Concord
  • Chapter 8   Alaska
  • Chapter 9   Antarctica
  • Chapter 10   Summer Solstice
  • Glossary
  • Vortex Symbols