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HEALING BY CONTACTING YOUR CELLS written by Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris.

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Published by AuthorHouse. Available in bookstores, online, and on
First edition title: Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!
This book, first written in English, is now translated into nine languages: Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Slovenian, Urdu, and Hindi.



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Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.

The creatures of the seas need your Peace, Love, and Light. The whales and dolphins and the shell fish and everything that lives in the waters of our world.

They are struggling.
Many have gathered at Monterey Bay near San Francisco, California.
Why? They are flying red flags of distress to attract us to their struggle to survive.

You know that continuing radiation from Fukushima is poisoning the seas.

Now there is another problem, and this pertains to the neutralization of about 700 metric tons of poisonous warfare chemical material removed from Syria. In the Mediterranean, it will be put aboard a ship so the chemicals can be neutralized in international waters. After this, where will the material be put?

Here is dolphin channeling received by one of your brothers and sisters and given to me. I have received permission to give it to you.

From the dolphins:

Yes, the situation is dire. The red flags are flying from the sea creature world that the water environment is dangerous to swim in. This is the home of millions of life forms and their health and well-being is being ignored. The Earth is 70% covered in water. To lessen the vitality of the surface of Mother Earth is foolish, shortsighted and dangerous for all life forms on the planet.

Red Flags. Warning Flags are out. It is not rough seas. It is toxic seas that cannot sustain life. Biologists, leaders of the governments, need to take heed. Life on this planet is on a balance point.

Do not dump warfare chemicals into the sea. This further destroys the oceans which have to endure spilling of radiation in the Pacific, oil spills, and now chemical dumping.

Families of sea mammals, fish, shellfish, corrals, all sorts of life forms live in the sea. They will all be affected. They do not have a voice but can only gather in one place to give attention to this problem.

Protect the oceans.
Protect the life in the oceans.
Protect the Earth - home of future generations of all life forms.


Note from Barbara:

It is my understanding that water is needed to neutralize the chemicals. Where is this water put after it is used for this purpose? The dolphins worry that warfare chemicals will be put into the sea. Are they thinking of the water used to treat the poisonous chemicals? This water can not be returned to normal water. One can assume that the ships will put it back into the sea.

Your Peace, Love, and Light is needed! However way you wish to give it, that is okay. Remember, your Peace, Love, and Light will join with others, many others.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf



Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.

On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the United Nations agreed to a resolution recommending the adoption and implementation of a plan that would lead to the creation of an independent Palestinian state. It is now 2014 and, despite talks and talks and talks over the years, nothing has happened.

I want to share with you information I have just received from the Minds of Peace Organization.

January 9, today, and January 10, tomorrow, an Israeli delegation and a Palestinian delegation and an audience will hold talks in Ramallah and Jerusalem to try to resolve the conflict.

“Members of both delegations would have no official authorization and any agreement reached would not be binding. What they would have in abundance is the willingness to talk and tackle all aspects of the conflict - even the most difficult, sensitive and painful - and strive to the best of their ability to reach an acceptable solution. In this way, they could serve as an example and an impetus to the leaderships and the official negotiators.

“Each delegation will include 15 people from all walks of life: ex-Israeli generals and senior officers, Palestinian commanders, Israeli settlers, Palestinian ex-prisoners, academics, business people, and many others.

“The congress is co-chaired by Dr. Sapir Handelman – an Israeli who received the Peter Becker Award in Peace & Conflict Studies; and Mr. Ibrahim Enbawi – a prominent Palestinian leader in East Jerusalem.

“The chairpersons will have five sessions to lead the public assembly to reach peace agreements.

Thursday, January 9th, 2014
City Inn Hotel, Ramallah

09:30 Opening Session
10:00-12:00 First Session
13:00-15:00 Second Session
16:00-18:00 Third Session


Friday, January 10th, 2014
Ambassador Hotel, East Jerusalem

10:00-12:00 Fourth Session
13:00-15:00 Fifth Session


“The Minds of Peace Organization has successfully led 23 small-scale Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congresses around the US and Canada, in the Middle-East, and lately in open public places in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. In nearly all of the congresses, the delegations succeeded in reaching peace agreements. This is a remarkable result, considering that the various delegations included people with widely different political views and from all walks of life. To view the agreements and videos visit: and facebook: ‘minds of peace’”.


Brothers and sisters of the Global Meditations Network and anyone else who reads this email, let us send Peace, Love, and Light energy to help move forward the January 9 and 10 efforts of the Minds of Peace Organization. 1947 to 2014 is a long time to wait for resolution of a conflict.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted March 13, 2013:

Every Spring and Fall Equinox, David J. Adams holds a Global Marine Meditation, and I urge you to tune in next week at the Equinox.

The time in New York is 7:02 a.m., March 20.
World Clock will help you adjust your time. is David J. Adams’ website, which is not up-to-date, but never mind,
it is an excellent site holding Love and the power of Light.

I urge you also to consider joining his email list. His address is

His latest email has the following:

“When you put out your thoughts - if they are thoughts of Love and Compassion and Joy - then you lift up the energies of people,
not only around you, but for miles,,,,,that reach out and feel a sudden movement in a person’s Heart when they are going through
difficult times in your world.”

Many are going through difficult time now. Many.

You can help them.


At the March Equinox, I will at the United Nations in New York City to participate in the ringing of the Japanese bell for peace.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted February 16, 2013:

While I am writing this news, I am listening to a live webcast
of a wonderful February 14 event in the General Assembly room at
the United Nations in New York City.

February 14, in many countries, including the United States, is
Valentine’s Day, a day of love and peace, and this was emphasized
during the three-hour meeting.

You can listen to the webcast on

The room holding nearly 2000 was filled with visitors from all over the world,
and the atmosphere was joy, happiness, peace, love.

The title of the event was: United For A Culture Of Peace Through Interfaith Harmony,
and yes, there were prayers from representatives of the faiths of the Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh,
Baha’i, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Jain, and etc. Yet, for me, the most moving events were the singing from
young children, and the Junior Four Chorus of the United Nations International School,
and soprano star Katrina Saporsantos of the Philippines.

When the flags of the 193 UN member states and two observer missions were individually presented,
the enthusiastic audience joined in saying, “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

Full out Peace was in that large United Nations room. Full out Joy. Full out Love.
At that moment, the world came together.

The webcast is three hours. You can control which part you want to listen to.
Be sure to listen to the music and singing at the end..

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted December 14, 2012;

Thank you for observing Dec.12-12-12, the day when PEACE, LOVE, AND LIGHT
was needed to help change our world from the negative to the positive.

We have a long way to go, BUT WE HAVE STARTED.

Did you know about the 12-12-12 concert for Hurricane Sandy victims
performed in Madison Square Garden, New York City?

Musical superstars performed for five hours in front of a sold-out crowd.
The reason for the performance was to donate money to Hurricane Sandy storm victims.

I am quoting David Bauder who wrote, “New Jersey native Jon Stewart said.
“You can throw anything at us -- terrorists, hurricanes. You can take away our giant sodas.
It doesn’t matter. We’re coming back stronger every time.”

The 12-12-12 musical concert was broadcast on 37 television stations in the United States
and over 300 other stations across the world. It was streamed on the Internet and also played on radio stations
and in theaters.

An estimated 2 billion people listened to this remarkable concert that focused on GIVING, focused on LOVE.

Just now, when positive energy is needed to swing our world away from negativity and toward Peace,
here is an event where 2 billion listened to this giving, loving event.

Remember the Law of Cause and Effect.

What is given must be counted.

At 12-12-12 the concert where 2 billion listened was a positive effect.
Our world picked up much positive energy from this one event.
Think how many events were happening on 12-12-12. HUNDREDS.

Each contributed. WE ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH.


December 21, the Solstice, is another important day.

THE WORLD PEACE SANCTUARY is asking you to join
a 24-hour Internet PRAYER Marathon by joining citizens around the world in
Prayers for Peace every 30 minutes.

The event is announced on
You can also register here.

 You are also asked to join Birth2012, which is broadcasting
from Mt. Fuji, beginning at 8 pm Pacific time.

For more info:

Here are EXCERPTS from the Birth 2012 Broadcast Schedule
(All times listed are in Pacific Time.)
Time converter:


3:00am&emdash;live feed from Chichen Itza with J.J. Hurtak
3:11am&emdash;“Galactic Alignment” point; moment of synchronized peace with people gathered at major ceremonial centers
7:50am&emdash;broadcast of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s films: “Visions,”(113 min.) and “Our Story” (38 min.)
12:00pm&emdash;three minutes of meditation with Unify/Be the Peace in first moment of global unification; lighting of candles at Agape and around the world;
Shiva Rea introduces Salute the Dawn yoga wave.
12:15pm&emdash;Dawn ceremony from Byron Bay, Australia
12:40&emdash;Guatemala with Rigoberta Menchu
1:10pm&emdash;Giza Pyramid event
2:25pm&emdash;Teotihuacan, Mexico
3:00pm&emdash;Christchurch in New Zealand
5:50pm&emdash;Lighting of Peace Candle, Rosendale, New YorkState
7:35 pm&emdash;Grail Springs, Canada
8:00pm&emdash;World Peace Prayer and prayer flag ceremony from Mt. Fuji, Japan
10:30pm&emdash;One Billion Oms, India feed from South India led by Sadhguru


2:30am&emdash;Feeds from Australia events
3:30am&emdash;Findhorn in Scotland
4:30am-- Europe, France, etc.
5:00am&emdash;Ghana, other live Africa feeds
6:00am&emdash;Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo
7:20am&emdash;Chiang Mai, Thailand

As a reminder, I have only given you excerpts.
Check for all events on

 Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted December 11, 2012

12-12-12 is here tomorrow. December 12, twelve noon, twelve minutes after the hour.
This is the official time in Arkansas USA where the major esoteric work will be done.
At that moment, everyone is invited to send energies of Peace, Love, and Light to Mother Earth.

The World Clock,
will help find your time for 12-12-12.

New York time is December 12, 1:00 pm, twelve minutes after the hour.

Why is 12-12-12 important?
Huge energies are coming into Mother Earth.
James Tyberonn explains:

“The 144 Crystalline Grid Completes.
The Crystal Vortex Completes with Activation of all Master Crystals and Axialtonally connects with
the Crystal Vortex of Brazil who spawn a Global Networking into Dimensional Expansion.
The Crysto-Sun Disc in Arkansas connects to all 12 Sun Disc”

To help Mother Earth, Sun Discs are found throughout the world.
For a world map showing the locations of Sun Discs, search the Internet
for sundisc tyberonn, and when that opens, choose image. The world map
is in the second row.

For an even more complete concept, read James Tyberonn:

An increase of energies on Mother Earth affects those living on her.
For many, there will be an increase in consciousness.
Some call this condition 'Ascension.'

This does not mean they are leaving the earth.
Some say the earth will be destroyed at the end of December. No.
Man has work to do -- to clean up negativity so that all, including Mother Earth, can live peacefully.

The solution is positive energy.

Let us send the positive energies throughout the world to help stop negativity so we can live in peace.

You can also use the free sacred music, Musical Rapture,


Posted August 3, 2012


Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.

I use the word 'everyone' to speak to you, you and you across the world. When you are reading this, your brothers and sisters across the world are also reading this.
We are a family no matter where we live, no matter what language we speak.

Just now our minds are on the Olympics.
Our brothers and sisters are competing with each other by means of skills they have been practicing a very long time.

Who will be first? Who will be second? Who will be third?
The answers come without weapons, without violence.

Peace, Love, and Unity -- these are the energies being used. The family comes together in peace.

I want to tell you about another peace event that is fast approaching -- September 1, 2012, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA.
From 10:00 am to 8:30 pm you are invited to join in 'Honoring the Circle.'

What is the circle? The family.

September 1 the family comes together with particular emphasis on honoring the Grandmothers and Grandfathers -- Wise Ones.
Also, emphasis will be on children -- the next generations.
Mother Earth will also be honored.

The tone of this meeting is Native American.
Golden Light Eagle, SilverStar and Nancy Hummingbird are main organizers of this event.

You are invited to join the celebration which is free.

There will be singing and dancing and drumming.

The website is:

On this website, click on Program and you read that there will be a film featuring theWise Ones, who,
after the film will sit with the people for a session of questions and answers.

From click on Photos.


Exact location: Crazy Horse Memorial, the Black Hills.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted July 24, 2012: 

The Olympics are ready to begin in London.

We are all in this together.

No matter where we live in this world, athletes living near us will be competing and we will be watching.

Television and computers give us immediate assess to the competition, and even some of us will personally attend the events.

We are all one as we watch and the athletes are all one as they compete.
No matter how hard all will try to win, some will lose and there will be disappointment.
However, there will be good sportsmanship.

Winners will hug and shake hands with losers and losers will hug and shake hands with winners.

Good sportsmanship.
That act reinforces Peace, Love, and Unity.

Our world needs this.
We have had enough of disunity.

Let us, when we are watching the games, remember that we can make a positive difference
if we give our thoughts of Peace, Love, and Unity to the competing athletes, knowing that some
will lose and some will win. There will be no grudges at the end of the competitions.

Remember, all energies are counted.
Nothing is omitted.
The positive energies of Peace, Love, and Unity make a difference.

Let us help our world and its people by giving PEACE, LOVE, and UNITY while we are watching the games.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf.


written by Barbara Wolf and Margaret Anderson,
is our new book packed with ideas to spark a dream that can be turned into a reality.
It is already translated into Urdu and Hindi, and we are looking for more translators if you want to offer.
We want to give our suggestions to the whole world.

Salva Dut was a “lost boy” of Sudan who led hundreds across the desert to escape war.
Many died of thirst. He dreamed of drilling for water in the desert.
He started with nothing and today he has drilled many wells.
Rigoberta Menchu Tum wanted to help youth and today she has a Nobel Peace Prize.
Lend-A-Hand India teaches job skills. UN Women helps women.
The book has ideas on education, health, building skills, preservation of the environment, garden projects, and much more.

We give you many, many, many ideas, and we have supplied names, addresses, and websites.

Amazon has an excellent review.
Shirley Andrews of Concord, MA, USA, says,
“In 58 short entries Barbara Wolf and Margaret Anderson offer descriptions of worldwide opportunities to help our world and ourselves in an amazing variety of ways.
The truly international book is diffused with their personal experiences of helping others as they travelled extensively over many years. It is complete with names, addresses and WEB sites for contacting a wide variety of people and organizations. From a globally known pharmacy in the Amazon that sells medicine from rain forest medicinal plants to information about the Global Youth Action network, WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP OUR WORLD has something to offer every reader.”

Maybe you would like to add your own review.

An email has come from a reader in India. He sends a rags-to-riches story about his driver who has successfully set up a candle-making business with his wife. When the driver is not working, he rides his bicycle to remote villages to sell the candles.

From Hideo Nakazawa of Japan comes another email. “I read your book from beginning to end. It is easy to read for foreigners like me and full of good information. I call it a book on change-makers and social entrepreneurs. I am happy that you wrote about the peace pole. I will introduce the book to my friends.”

Soft cover is $12, hard cover is $18, e-book is $3.


STAR KNOWLEDGE CONFERENCE, Mount Shasta, California. June 4, 5, 6, 2012

A gathering called by Chief Golden Light Eagle.

Three days of honoring the Divine Feminine at beautiful Stewart Mineral Springs just outside Mt. Shasta where sacred waters flow in a secluded mountain forest.

You are asked to come and listen to amazing speakers and to share your messages, dreams, and visions as humanity learns to walk Mother Earth together again in a beautiful way.

First day and night are beneath a Full Moon.
Second and third days, a rare Venus transit will occur.

The gathering will speak, sing, dance and pray with the messages of the Earth , Stars, and Ascended Master realms.

Three-day and per day conference passes available.

Conference E-mail Contact:

Phone contact::
(310) 924-5643 &emdash; Linda
(818) 661-7437 &emdash; Alan

Stewart Mineral Springs accommodations include sharing a room if desired.


Posted March 18, 2012:

The Equinox is March 20, at 1:14 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, which is 5:14 a.m. UTC, Greenwich time.

Will you observe the moment of the Equinox by sending Peace, Love, and Light to humanity and our earth?

World Clock will convert your time.

Your brothers and sisters will be observing.
Can you conceive of the positive energy that is created when so many are thinking the same thing at the same time?

Peace, Love, and Light -- this world needs a boost of this energy.


Yearly, at the moment of the March Equinox, the Japanese Peace Bell is rung in the Rose Garden at the United Nations in New York City.

Masahiro Kataoka Nakagawa placed the Japanese Peace Bell at the UN in New York in 1954. Here is a photo of the Japanese Peace Bell.

In 1969, John McConnell pointed out the need for humanity to respect and preserve the beauty and ecological balance of Mother Earth, and he proposed that Earth Day should be yearly celebrated. This proposal was supported by United Nations Secretary General U Thant, Margaret Mead and many others, and soon the concept spread world wide. A tradition began of ringing the United Nations Peace Bell at the moment of the March Equinox.

In 1998, John McConnell invited me to the ringing of the peace bell Equinox ceremony and I have attended nearly every year since. Today his age prevents him from attending, and so I take a birthday card to the ceremony for all to sign. His birthday is March 22, and he was born in 1915.


Let us use the moment of the Equinox to join together to send Peace, Love, and Light to Mother Earth and to Humanity.

Peace Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted February 21, 2012:

Once again, will you send me world peace prayers?
Turmoil continues in our world and peace seems distant.
Every day a new crisis appears.

That is what we want.

The world prayers we collect will be given to Katherine Cheshire, a Native American Hopi Elder and Spiritual Granddaughter to Chief Dan Eveheme. She will honor the prayers at a sacred place called Chimayo, New Mexico, and offer them to Mother Earth.

Perhaps some of you remember that she took world prayers to sacred Mount Shasta in 1997 and offered them to Mother Earth. Over 200 Elders (wise ones) from across the world joined her in this project.

Katherine Cheshire is recognized as a special person by UNESCO, and in 2003 she was a speaker at the International Women of the Year UNESCO conference in Paris, France.

If you wish to be a part of this collection of world prayers, please email the prayers to me,

I will give the prayers to Katherine Cheshire.

At this moment, we are trying to arrange an informal Chimayo gathering March 7, 12 noon to 4 pm, for any of you who would like to attend.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted February 17, 2012:

The subject of this newsletter is INTENTION, which is energy.

If we want to help this world, we can use the energy of intention. There is the Law of Cause and Effect. What we do has to be counted.

We are not the judge and jury. With the best of intention, we try to help ease problems in a positive way, and we set aside judgment.

To help me, I use Unconditional Love energy coming from an esoteric Sun Disc at Roslyn Chapel in the British Isles.

Here is a picture of the esoteric Sun Disc. Note its powerful energy.

The source of this picture is Metatron channeling coming to James Tyberonn.
(The Enigma of Roslyn Chapel: The Star-Gate & Sun Disc)

Here is my technique:

I take a representation of the energy of the problem. This can be a picture or something written. Over it I put a printout of the powerful positive energy of the Sun Disc. I put these in a place where I see them often.

My intention is to help in a positive manner. Again, I want to point that we are not judge and jury. We set up the positive intention and we allow the matter to proceed in its own way with the knowledge there is the Law of Cause and Effect. What we do will be counted.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted January 4, 2012:

Tomorrow, February 5, 6:30 pm, New York time, begins the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It will take place under a great dome to hold about 76,000 people witnessing the game.

This is a great containment of energy.

You can turn this energy into Peace, Love, and Light and send it to the entire world as LOVE.

World Clock will convert your time.


Posted December 29, 2011:

After I sent a newsletter yesterday to you about the need to help the whales, 900 of whom are in danger of being killed by a Japanese whaling fleet for purposes of research, I received an email from one of you, Darlene, who said, “I would like to facilitate a meditation with my group and the whales. What would be your suggestion in doing so?”

Here is my answer:

Hi Darlene,

If you can, print whale photos from the Internet. Place them where you will be meditating so everyone can see them. Concentrate on these photos and talk about the whales for a few minutes. This allows your group to 'soak in' the vibrations of the whales you are trying to help. It puts you and them on the same 'wavelength'.

The whales will know you are thinking about them and they will be pleased.

You can download free The Divine Love Music,, from the Internet, or, you can have it playing on the Internet while you are meditating on the whales. This music puts everyone in a good frame of mind for the meditation because it is full of peace and love.

Remember, the whales have a consciousness that can understand what you are doing.

Interesting, on the news last night, the newscaster said gray whales have appeared off the California coast. Good! We humans are trying to help them!

This morning, when I turned on my computer, an email was waiting for me from one of you, a woman who has translated my whale message into Russian and then she sent it all over the place. Good!

A message has been sent to President Obama and his wife about efforts being made to stop the intentions of the Japanese whaling fleet.

It will take much effort to change the minds of the fleet, but we have to try.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted December 28, 3011:

Yesterday I sent you an e-mail saying that

1. whales have a consciousness;
2. they know what we think;
3.. they sing at the same wavelength as neutrinos;
4. we can change neutrinos into the positive energy of Love;
5. this is for the benefit of our planet;
6. whales will help us humans;
7. 900 whales are to be killed this hunting season;
8. those who want the whales to be killed do not understand
the importance of what humans and the whales can do together
to help our planet;
9. let us return to our concentration of programming neutrinos to the
positive energy of LOVE for Mother Earth. With enough support
from humanity and the whales we can overcome the negative
by use of the positive.


That was in yesterday’s email.

Today, I wish you to click on

Here, you will read about the gift of the whales: our ancient DNA activation.

Excerpts: “The Whales carry an ancient energy....they are the original record keepers of the planet. Humanity has worked together with the Whales throughout many cycles and the Whales have come forth to be of service to humanity and indeed the planet once more as they work to activate our ancient DNA codes. In order for humanity to move through the Great Shift and into a new reality, it is vital that we integrate all aspects of self within both our personal and collective consciousness. The gift that the Whales are offering us now, is the reactivation of our ancient self.”

There is more to read on the above website.

===================== has an eight-minute video of Celia Fenn of South Africa and Bendan Fearn of Australia about the whales. At one point, they give a sad message saying that because of the plight of the oceans and the planet itself, the whale population is becoming less and less so that some day there will be no whales or dolphins remaining.

To counter this, Bendan Fearn is beginning to gather Lightworkers who can work together to help solve the problem of the plight of our oceans and planet.


I am quoting from an extensive interview with Kirael, called World Peace Through Conscious Creation:

A note: Kahu Fred Sterling channels Kirael, known by many as the guardian of the Great Shift in Consciousness.

“Now I say this: You have brothers and sisters of light in many vibrations. I introduced you to one reality, and I will introduce you to another. They are the air breathers from below the waters. You refer to them as your whales and dolphins. You look upon them as very beautiful mammals of the sea, when in truth they are light particles of an "Over-understanding" that you can only begin to fathom. They are beings of light that have come here in the greatest service you can imagine.

“As I have explained in Kirael Volume II: The Genesis Matrix, every time your Earth has shifted, a number of whales have stayed behind to go through all of the horrors that can happen in an unpopulated Earth, to stay the course and wait for the Creator to bring life back to the Earth. In their great brains they stored the cumulative knowledge of the planet to one day share with a re-populated Earth. They have repeated this lonely vigil each time that the Earth has been de-populated. They have waited diligently for you to reappear, so that they could be your brothers and sisters of light.

“And today, they are waiting for the shifting process as they have never seen it before, for this time they know you will travel through the Great Shift with them. But think, my friends, they have stayed thousands, even millions, of years. And today, you have ships that would go out and kill these creatures, which are the lifeblood of the human world. They have lived their lives to be in service to you of the human world, and you turn them into perfumes.”

Note from Barbara: This is an extensive article. The excerpt above is on page 2 (although the article has no page numbers).


Posted December 26, 2001:

Last April I sent you an email saying that every second, about 65 billion solar neutrinos pass through every square centimeter on the Earth that faces the Sun.

To refresh your memory: Neutrinos are electrically neutral and can easily pass through ordinary matter.

When you face the Sun and you know that 65 billion solar neutrinos are racing every second to the Earth, isn’t it in the best interest of our Mother Earth to change the energy field of these ‘neutral ones’, neutrinos, into the positive energy of Love?


Today I want to add more:

Whales sing at the same wavelength as neutrinos.

They can help us achieve positive changes for our planet.

Remember, whales have a consciousness. Everything has a consciousness. They know what we are doing. They want, as we want, the best for their homeland, Mother Earth. While we are working to change neutrinos into positive energy for the benefit of our Earth, the whales will help us.

Call them in. Tell them we love them. Ask them to help us.

It is my understanding that within two weeks whale hunts will begin. A Japanese whaling fleet is expected to kill 900 primarily for scientific research.

Here is another remark I sent you last April:

It is stated that if 144,000 people concentrate on the same thing at the same time, such as at the Harmonic Convergence at the end of the 1980’s, then what the people want can happen.

We are not in charge of the killing of 900 whales for research. Yet, we can TRY to change the mind energies of those in charge. They do not understand the importance of what we are doing with the help of our brother whales. Let us return to our concentration of programming neutrinos to the positive energy of LOVE for Mother Earth. Let us realize that we share this work with our brother whales.

Can the negative be overcome by the positive?


When your thoughts and mine are together, and 143,998 others are with us, then what we want can happen.

Let us begin.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted December 21, 2011:

Yesterday I sent you an email asking you to send positive energy to the vibration/frequency of North Korea because the death of the leader leaves a strong potential for change in the country. You were asked to help bring in positive energy so the change will be a positive one. So that some day the people of North Korea may become friends with their brothers and sisters of our planet. So that All are One. So that All are Unified.

Oneness and Understanding is emphasized in an email I received today from David J.Adams of Australia who sends channeling titled
‘The Heart Is Taking Control Of The Planet Itself And All Upon It’.

When you read my interpretation below, perhaps you will want to sign up for his newsletters. His email address is:

I am quoting from the channeling:
“We are approaching a time of a new influx of Cosmic energy at the time of the Solstice, and once more this will be the energy of ‘understanding’”.

When I read the above, I thought, how fortunate we are that a new energy is coming in when we are just now confronted with a North Korean dilemma.

The Solstice is December 22, 5:30 a.m. UTC, or, 12:30 a.m. New York time.
World Clock will convert your time.

The channeling says that at the Solstice, there will be two places for receiving the new Cosmic energy -- at Gastonbury, England, and at Hawaii. From these two places, this Cosmic energy will spread out to all the world.

Glastonbury, home of the famed hill called the Tor, is also associated with the home of mythical goddesses as well as stories/myths of King Arthur and the Isle of Avalon. The channeling mentions that the energies of Avalon of the past will awaken.

Remember, a thought is a thought is a thought. A myth is a thought and therefore it has energy. You do not have to believe the myth, yet, it is energy that remains in the thoughts of the people.

The channeling also mentions the awakening of the ancient heart-based energies of Lemuria. Again, you may interpret Lemuria as being a myth, but, a myth has energy.

I prefer to interpret the channeling as meaning that Cosmic energy will come in at the tropical rain forest on the Big Island of Hawaii, home of Pele, regarded by many as a goddess.

In any case, at the Solstice, Cosmic energy enters the earth plane, and this incoming energy is related to stimulating understanding coming from the heart and not from the mind. It is an energy that encourages a Oneness, which turns its head away from separation and strife to take up the thought form that We Are One.

As for myself, at the time of the Solstice, I will be doing two things -- helping to bring in the Cosmic energy and listening to the divine love music called Musical Rapture that can be downloaded free on Patti Cota-Robles’ website,

Will you join me?

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted December 20, 2011:

Our news media reports that North Korean ruler Kim Jong Ilis dead and his little-known son will take charge of the country.

For decades, negativity and North Korea have walked hand in hand. We cannot know what will happen at this moment of change from one ruler to the next.

One million trained military march like robots, as if they all have the same thought to follow exactly the orders of their commander. We do not know, and yet we suspect that the orders may be given with negative energy.

For years, the news media has shown us photographs of starving North Korean people, and especially photographs of starving young children ready to die. A recent news report says there is food for the people in the country, but most do not earn enough money to buy it.

As an action of negative force, we are shown photographs of North Korean rockets being fired into the sky.

The above adds up to a lot of negative energy and world worry at this moment when its ruler has died. Can the world expect North Korea to be calm during its present moment of unexpected change?

My thought is to counter potential negativity by injecting positive energy into the vibration/frequency called North Korea.

Specifically, I will use the Violet Flame of Love to inject positive energy.

Will you join me?

If you do not entirely understand what I am saying, use your intuition to decide if you want to join my energies. If you do want to join me, then we will walk together injecting the positive energy of the Violet Flame of Love.

This frequency specifically is for change. Whatever change may come to North Korea, we want positive change.

We want limitations to fall away so the people of that country will eventually become friends with their brothers and sisters of our planet. They may have a long way to go, but at least there can be a beginning.

Here is a notice about the WORLD PEACE PRAYER SOCIETY which invites you to join a Solstice Global Link 24-hour Internet Marathon on December 22 and December 23 in Japan.

This is an important time when the Winter Solstice marks the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Infuse the Earth with Prayers for Peace You are asked to join citizens around the world to infuse our planet with Prayers for Peace and to envelope the earth with an energy field of Love, Peace and Harmony.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted December 7, 2011

Saturday, December 10, is a full moon day and at the same time there is an eclipse of the moon.

Full moon is 8:36 am Eastern time. The lunar eclipse is 7:45 am- 9:05am Eastern time.

The website will also convert your time.

This is a powerful moment to help the planet.

Will you meditate and send positive energy to our planet? At this moment, there is much
negativity throughout our world. Let us counter this negativity and give

Barbara Wolf



Posted November 28, 2011:

Last April I sent you information on Neutrinos and how they can help us achieve positive changes for our planet.

The word ‘neutrino’ means a small neutral one that is so small, it has nonzero mass.
It is electrically neutral and can easily pass though ordinary matter.
Every second, about 65 billion solar neutrinos pass through every square centimeter on the Earth that faces the Sun.

Neutrinos are created as a result of radioactive decay or nuclear reaction such as what takes place in the Sun and in nuclear reactors.

Everything, including neutrinos, has a consciousness.
Since neutrinos have neither positive or negative energy, they can be programed to the positive.
Specifically, the positive energy of LOVE.

When you face the Sun and you know that 65 billion solar neutrinos are racing every second to the Earth,
isn’t it in the best interest of our Mother Earth to let the energy field of these ‘neutral ones’, neutrinos,
be turned into the positive energy of Love?

I am particularly fascinated to learn that neutrinos are also created by decay or nuclear reactions in reactors.
When scientist Masaru Emoto suggested a few months ago that the world give Love to the stricken Japanese nuclear reactors and to the water,
by following his suggestion we were turning the neutrinos into the positive energy of Love!

It is stated that if 144,000 people concentrate on the same thing at the same time, such as at the Harmonic Convergence at the end of the 1980’s,
then what the people want can happen.

Think of the help we are receiving when we concentrate on programming the positive energy of Love
to the 65 billion solar neutrinos coming every second to Mother Earth.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted November 8, 2011:

November 11, 2011 is nearly here.
Many of us will observing this date in different, but special ways.
I will be at Cahokia, Illinois, site of an ancient pyramid/mound complex.

Others will be elsewhere
has photographs and information on the Cahokia event.

I cannot find an earlier email from a woman who said such an important date stimulates people
to improve their own surroundings, such as improving their cities.

Yes, there are many ways to celebrate 11-11-11.

Perhaps you would like to join a free Global Link Teleconference, A Call for World Peace.
7:00 pm (EST) ~ 6:00 pm (CST) ~ 4:00 pm (PST) November 11, 2011

Guest speakers for this 45-minute teleconference are
Cherokee Grandmother SilverStar, Carmen Balhestero of Brazil,
Hopi shaman Katherine Cheshire, Chief Golden Light Eagle,
Chief Blue Star Eagle, Margaret Fikioris, and myself.

You will be asked to join us in sending Blessings and Prayers to our
Native American Ancestors of Turtle Island and to the 50 US States

We will also be celebrating the planting of a Ceremonial Peace Pole at Cahokia.

Information and free registration for the teleconference is on

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted September 17, 2011:

1. At this moment, there is a feeling of uncertainty in the world as great decisions for the Middle East are being considered.

Let us use our minds to send out powerful positive energies to help frame decisions of love and peace and honor for all.

The Divine Love Music,, which you can download free from the Internet, will help to send positive energies at this time of great decisions.

We do not have to gauge what we do. We need to try.


2. Another peace effort, sent to you last week:

PEACEWEEK 2011, September 15-21, is a huge peace telesummit featuring peacebuilders such as Alice Walker, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Arun Gandhi, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Daniel Goleman, Jane Velez-Mitchell and many more.

You can register free at:


3. 24 HOUR INTERNET MARATHON hosted by the The World Peace Prayer Society to celebrate the International Day of Peace, 21 September.

Thousands of locations around the world are celebrating International Day of Peace and the auspicious time when the sun crosses the equator marking the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Join the World Peace Prayer Ceremony Internet Marathon and send prayers for peace to every country on earth.

This is a visual and audio World Peace Prayer Ceremony. You can access right from your computer.

Free Register here:


4. Also organized by The World Peace Prayer Society:

A CALL TO PEACE, September 25, 2011, 1l am to 4 pm at The World Peace Prayer Sanctuary, Wassiac, New York.

Flag ceremony: Take part in a musical World Peace Prayer Ceremony by carrying a flag for one of the 193 countries in the world as we send our prayers for peace to each one in a colorful and moving procession

Native American Blessing: Listen to the names of the Native American Nations of this country as we honor the indigenous peoples of this land

Multi-cultural activities.

For more information and directions, please visit: or call 845-877-609


Posted August 9, 2011:

Annually, HARMONIC CONVERGENCE is observed, and we are now ready to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this remarkable event which first happened on August 17, 1987. Some of you gathered at sacred sites, and others gathered with friends to help bring in Love and Light for the world.

Will you become a part of this year’s anniversary event?

In Tucson, Arizona, August 13-18, Patti Cota Robles will be hosting the 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort., Tel: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-751-2981.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted August 3, 2011:

Beginning August 1 and 2, Japan reports that dangerously high radioactive readings are coming now from the Fukushima nuclear reactors. The reason is unclear. A single exposure on site could kill a worker within weeks.

My purpose in writing you is not to alarm you but to spur you into action.

We need to put our minds on neutrinos.
I told you about neutrinos a few weeks ago, but I want to refresh your memory.

Neutrinos are created as a result of radioactive decay or nuclear reaction such as what takes place in the Sun and in nuclear reactors. They are so small, they are considered a nonzero mass. They are electrically neutral and can easily pass though ordinary matter.

Of supreme importance here is that everything, including neutrinos, has a consciousness.

Since neutrinos have neither positive or negative energy, my thought is to program them to the positive energy of LOVE.

Let us do this.

We do not need a measuring stick to gauge what we are doing, and yet, if you need encouragement, we are given the understanding that if 144,000 people concentrate on the same thing at the same time, such as at the Harmonic Convergence at the end of the 1980’s, then what the people want can happen.

Powerful Love music, called ‘Musical Rapture’ has just been given to us. That is an advantage, because we can play this music while we are sending out Love to the consciousness of the neutrinos.

You can download free this music from the website of Patti Cota-Robles.

Her website has a sample of the music, but I suggest you download the total music. In it, I think you will recognize when the Angel Kingdom comes in. I find this fantastic! And I use the energies of the Angel Kingdom to help with our work of Peace for the Planet.

Also, of importance just now is August 6 in Japan, which is August 5 in the Western worlds. It is the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and the memory of that moment will be observed in Japan as well as around the world. Radiation came onto the land, as it is just now coming onto the land of Japan from the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactors. Let us give Love to the land of Hiroshima while we are giving Love to the released neutrinos at Fukushima.

I have one more interesting remark before I say goodbye to you in this email. Whales sing at the same wavelength as the neutrinos emitted by stars.

A few months ago, I commented to a Native American chief that the whale, whose intelligence is remarkable, would help us if we ask. Since whales are familiar with neutrinos, it would seen logical that we ask them to help us.

And so I am asking them to help program neutrinos to the positive.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted July 27, 2011:

Here are upcoming events that may interest you.

1. August 5/6. You are asked to join The World Peace Prayer Society for a moment of silence at USA Eastern time Aug. 5, 7:10 pm., which is Hiroshima time Aug. 6, 8:10 am.

The WPPS will host a UStream Broadcast LIVE from HIROSHIMA to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima Please check the website above for more details.

2. Sept. 21, THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE, a yearly event declared in 1981 by the United Nations that this should be observed as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

3. Sept. 25, Wassaic, New York, The World Peace Sanctuary, A CALL TO PEACE. Email:

4. Nov. 10-13, Collinsville, Illinois, 11-11-11 CAHOKIA STAR KNOWLEDGE CONFERENCE. Chief Golden Light Eagle invites you. Let us all stand together. Contact:


Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted June 15, 2011:

Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.

Today, June 15, is the moment of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.
Next week, June 21, is the moment of the Solstice.
And, July 1 is the moment of a Solar Eclipse.

Another moment has already passed -- June 1, New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Picture in your mind that everything is energy.
Whenever there is a change in the normal energy pattern, the pattern changes.

It is the Law of Cause and Effect.

An eclipse and a solstice changes the normal energy pattern.
When these events come at the same time, this can create powerful changes.

We have the ability to use our minds to make a mass consciousness of Positive Energy that will attract itself to positive changes.

Do we want our world to shine with the Positive Energy of Peace?

I do.

Today, we are faced with three major factors -- June 15 eclipse, June 21 solstice, July 1 eclipse -- that can bring change.
Do we want to put our energies with the Negative Energies of wars and diseases and volcanoes and earthquakes?

I say no.

We have the ability to put into our minds what we want -- the Positive Energies of Peace, Love, and Light for our world.

I want this and I ask you to join me.

For your information, here is communication, "The Eclectic Eclipse-Triad",
from Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

Posted April 14, 2011:

Earthquakes in Japan and unrest in North Africa and the Middle East ---- you and I are aware of these events.

Pray, pray, pray.
This is what we can do. Thoughts from the heart.

I have spoken on the telephone with a friend living in Japan. He said while he and a group of devoted people in Tokyo were praying for Japan, there was a sudden, strong earthquake. He said no one moved. The praying continued.

I was surprised to hear this because usually when there is a sudden and unexpected shaking, the body reacts immediately. There was no reaction. Everyone continued praying from the heart, the seat of LOVE. Fear took a 'back seat’.

We are not in charge of what is happening in our world. Yet, we are in charge of ourselves. We can send out positive energies of Love with the knowledge that our positive energy makes a difference.

Just now, April 22, Earth Day, is nearly here. Let us conduct ourselves in such a way that we know we are on the side of the positive.

On Earth Day, some of you may be at work or at home and so you are unable to attend Earth Day events. Never mind. You can attend with your mind.

Here is a suggestion: If, in your heart, you love a special place, on Earth Day, with your mind, you can send your positive thoughts/energy to the mass consciousness called 'Earth Day.' In this way, you will be contributing to the ‘Earth Day pot’ no matter where your contribution comes from

Did you know that Roslyn Chapel, Scotland, is one of the most powerful energy sites in the world? Have you ever visited this place? Do you know its energies? If you do, then, on Earth Day, if you choose, you can put your mind on this powerful energy place and send it to the Earth Day pot.

There are other powerful energy sites, such as Giza, Stonehenge, Lake Baikal, and Lake Titicaca.

Some of the most well known cathedrals, such as Notre Dame and Chartres Cathedral, sit on ancient powerful energy sites.

If you want to know the energies of Roslyn Chapel, search Google for ‘earth-keeper roslyn chapel’. When this page appears, several selections are offered. You should click on
Earth Keeper Archangel Metatron The Enigma of Roslyn Chapel Roslyn ... Mar 25, 2011.

There are several dates, but March 25, 2011 is the most important.

When you reach the site, the illustrations will ‘knock you over’.

Even though I have never visited Roslyn Chapel, I have been researching this place and I will be sending from my heart Roslyn Chapel positive energies to the Earth Day pot on April 22. Will you join me?

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted April 11, 2011:

For those of you who do not know about Agnihotra, perhaps you would like to click to

Agnihotra is a healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda. It is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire performed at sunrise and sunset daily. Anyone in any walk of life can do Agnihotra and heal the atmosphere in his/her own home.

From: Homa Therapy, Our Last Chance by Vasant V. Paranjpe:
Chapter 3:

"When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and on a very subtle level, neutralizes their radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed."


Posted April 6, 2011:

Thank you for concentrating and sending Love yesterday to the water consciousness within you. As you know, 70% of your body is water. Love, love, love, that is what the water within you likes to receive!

I want to tell you about neutrinos. This word means ‘a small neutral one’ which is so small, it has nonzero mass. It is electrically neutral and can easily pass though ordinary matter. Every second, about 65 billion solar neutrinos pass through every square centimeter on the Earth that faces the Sun.

Neutrinos are created as a result of radioactive decay or nuclear reaction such as what takes place in the Sun and in nuclear reactors.

Here is my thought:
Everything, including neutrinos, has a consciousness.
Since neutrinos have neither positive or negative energy, my thought is to program them to the positive.
Specifically, the positive energy of LOVE.

This morning, when our Sun began to rise in the sky, I stood facing it, and I thought of the 65 billion solar neutrinos racing every second to the Earth.
I said, “If it is in the best interest of our Mother Earth, then let the energy field of these ‘neutral ones’, neutrinos, be turned into the positive energy of Love.

Do you like this idea?
If so, do it.

I was particularly fascinated to learn that radioactive decay or nuclear reactions create neutrinos. The Japan reactors, as we all know, are causing worry throughout the world. Last week, we followed Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s suggestion that we give Love to the stricken nuclear reactors and to the water at that place.

I am thinking just now that without realizing it, we were giving Love to the neutrinos at that place!!!!

There is a belief that if 144,000 people concentrate on the same thing at the same time, such as at the Harmonic Convergence at the end of the 1980’s, then what the people want can happen.

With that in mind, I am thinking that every second, about 65 billion solar neutrinos pass through every square centimeter on the Earth that faces the Sun. If we step forward to program them to the positive, I think we are walking in the right direction.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted March 15, 2011:

I am listing here several important events.

1. You are asked to join a free, 30-minute, GLOBAL LINK TELECONFERENCE. PRAYERS FOR JAPAN.
Wednesday - March 16, 2011, 06:00 pm (PST) - 09:00 pm (EST). March 17th - 01:00 am (GMT)

Let us unite our hearts in prayers for the safe recovery of Japan and Mother Earth.

To register for the teleconference, click on the World Peace Prayer Society website,
You can also use this site to send your prayers for Japan.

2. As you know, the earth is strongly shaking.
Click on to see earthquakes at the Ring of Fire.

This website tells you the latest world earthquakes:

3. asks you to light a candle for Japan.
When I tried on the website to light a candle, the website told me 17,361 candles from 134 countries are shining.
I could not find a candle to light and so, with my mind, I lit a candle for Japan, and I united this candle with all the lighted candles.

4. Paula, aka Mariah Red Wind, emails it is a shift in OUR THINKING that will effect positive change.

Her comment joins (dove tails) with the thoughts of James Twyman, Peace Troubadour, who asks people to meditate daily, and with that asks us to light a candle for Japan.

Positive thinking. Positive thinking. Positive thinking.

That will help us ride the waves of anxiety.

Remember, all is energy, and this includes thoughts. If you think positively, then you are adding positive energy to this world. Mass consciousness, all thinking the same positive thought at the same time, greatly helps counter the negativity.

5. Equinox indicates balance, which the world urgently needs.

At the moment, Aluna Joy is preparing the world, all of you, for a great positive event, the joining of the everyone in peace and harmony at the sunrise of the Equinox which will be March 20, at 4:21pm PDT (23:21 UT). will help you find your time.

Her website information is on
and on

6. By the way, I have a personal interest in the Pacific region called the Ring of Fire which is causing concern just now. Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon lists my book, Journal Excerpts from the Ring of Fire.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted March 5, 2011:

SEVEN SACRED FIRES CEREMONY == March 28, 29, 30, 31, April 1, 2, 3, 2011


This event is organized by Native American Marshall Jack, a Spiritual Leader/Advisor, Ceremonial Leader and Healer who has been trained extensively by spiritual and medicine Elders, from the Washoe, Shoshone, Paiute, and Miwok Nations.

To learn more, please visit his website,

He says, Seven Sacred Feminine Fires are being constructed to bring in the Sacred Goddess energies to prevail over the Release of all the Ancient Karmic Overlays.

We are seeking your light energies to connect with this calling for the Burning of Ancient Karma and the Release of Karmic Overlays which have kept us in bondage and fear for thousands of years.

A powerful portal will open in Egypt on March 28, 2011 and will be kept open for seven days and for those seven days, Seven Sacred Fires will be built for the karma to be released from this planet and to go to its place in the ethers.

On MARCH 28th, the FIRST Sacred Fire will be lit in Cairo, Egypt, opening the portal which will be used to release the Karma collected around the World.

On this day, we will build fires in our own communities around the world to collect the karmic realms and release it to the portal opening in Egypt. We will pay attention to the First World’s Ancient Karma and to the Karma that is now present.

MARCH 29th – We will support the SECOND Sacred Fire in Russia to collect the Second World’s Ancient Karma and release it to the portal in Egypt.

MARCH 30th – We will support the THIRD Sacred Fire in Australia to collect the Third World’s Ancient Karma and release it to the portal in Egypt.

MARCH 31st – We will support the FOURTH Sacred Fire in Canada to collect the Fourth World’s Ancient Karma and release it to the portal in Egypt.

APRIL 1st – We will support the FIFTH Sacred Fire in South America to prepare for the New World energies.

APRIL 2nd – We will support the SIXTH Sacred Fire in India to bring within ourselves the energies of the future world.

APRIL 3rd – We will support the SEVENTH Sacred Fire in United States to collect and merge together all of our Sacred thoughts for the next one thousand years, a oneness of

Love, Harmony, Peace and Joy for all living things.
-- Marshall Jack

He further says, please check often our webpage site. Sign up for our newsletter.

From Barbara: Marshall has two excellent photos on his website, one of the brilliant sun, and the other is a burning fire.


Posted March 2, 2011:

James Twyman, the world’s Peace Troubadour, is looking for a million prayers for Peace in the Middle East. These prayers will be put in a 6-foot tall peace pole and planted in Egypt. If you wish to add your prayer to this project, please open and follow directions at

Perhaps your friends would like to add their prayers.

For years, the World Peace Prayer Society has been planting peace poles throughout the world, and James Twyman’s Peace in the Middle East is supported.

Click on to see the latest peace pole projects. Also, click on to read about their other projects throughout the world.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Message from Chief Golden Light Eagle, January 11, 2011


Posted Jan. 7, 2011:

Here are excerpts from

The Angels Are Here - Can You Feel Them?

Master Guide Kirael through the gift of mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: Tonight the angels think you won despite the war. They think you will win every time until you win. The most important thing I can say is: Do not give up. When the angels call, and when all of the other spiritual churches awaken to their love with no fear, by God, we will win. We have to win this one, my friends. It is your Earth plane that we must protect - Mother Earth, Gaia and her love.


KIRAEL: That beautiful light which shines within your heart is gaining strength every day. Some of you can feel the changes right now tonight. How many of you have talked to your fellow spiritualists who are saying, "I feel I am finally changing." How many of you think, "God bless, there is something going on in my life over the last few months."

I will tell you what is going on, and this is why you won. Some of you began to pray so hard to create a world of peace that you awoke to the peace within your own heart. That is why you are changing. That is why your world is changing - because it is healing one heart at a time, isn't it?

Make a demand of yourself. Demand that you can feel. Demand of yourself, "I can feel. I can feel the angels. I can feel the presence of love. I am in love again and by God, I don't have to come home to remember how much I love you. I don't have to come home to realize what your beauty is. I am feeling it right here right now because I got one of your angels standing here with me."

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted Jan. 5, 2011:

Please Ring the Bell of Peace for Pakistan.
The country is facing a serious crisis.
Please Ring the Bell of Peace for Pakistan.

Pakistan's brothers and sisters are the branches of the Pakistani Tree of Life.
Embrace all these branches with love.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted December 17, 2010:

This newsletter has events for the Solstice which occurs December 21, 2010, 23:38 (or 11.38 pm) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and 6:38 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
Comments from the event organizers are included.

World Clock will convert your times:

Information on the Solstice.

Solstice events:

1. From Rev. Terri Newlon,,
Teleseminar, “Winter Solstice/Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse”,
December 21 live from 10 to 11:20 am Pacific Time.

Channeling from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul\ through Terri Newlon on Dec. 6, 2010:

“Winter Solstice is always one of my favorite times. The light begins to increase and the general energies stay positive through Easter time.

This solstice is what I have termed ‘a humdinger’ because of the Full Moon in Gemini at the Lunar Eclipse, heading into Cancer shortly afterward. Mercury in Sagittarius will square Jupiter in Pisces. Of course, the Sun enters Capricorn which adds some determination and will power to the mix.

We’ll celebrate the light together on this call. We will also discuss the best way to use the heavenly configurations as we start to process 2011 “The Year of Challenges and Changes”.

I suggest leaving a light on overnight or safely burning a tall candle the eve of the 21st in honor of the increase of light on Earth.”

Thank you and my love to you,
Djwhal Khul

2. Gong Master Don Conreaux of the Integral Yoga Institute of New York (contact Randee Ragin,, asks you to join the group for a special evening,
22 December, 8 pm. He wishes you health, happiness and peace this season and all the seasons ahead. Address: 227 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011. Tel: (212) 929-0585

3. From: World Peace Prayer Society,
THE WORLD PEACE PRAYER CEREMONY, a 24 Hour Internet PRAYER Marathon - December 21st - Winter Solstice.
You can access through your computer.
English: http://infinitelove.d-j-jp/peaceceremony/
Join us in enveloping the Earth with an energy field of Love, Peace and Harmony!
Prayers will be initiated every 30 minutes in a 24 hour marathon around the world

0:00 - 0:30 - 1:00 - 1:30 - 2:00 - 2:30 - 3:00 - 3:30 - 4:00 - 4:30 - 5:00
5:30 - 6:00 - 6:30 - 7:00 - 7:30 - 8:00 - 8:30 - 9:00 - 9:30 - 10:00 - 10:30
11:00 - 11:30 - 12:00 - 12:30 - 13:00 - 13:30 - 14:00 - 14:30 - 15:00
15:30 - 16:00 - 16:30 - 17:00 - 17:30 - 18:00 - 18:30 - 19:00 - 19:30
20:00 - 20:30 - 21:00 21:30 - 22:00 - 22:30 - 23:00 - 23:30.

4. From: Edna Spennato,
Join us for the Solstice - Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse distant healing event on 21 Dec.

5. Free Global Omm-Wave Telecast--Dec 21 -Solstice-Eclipse.
With live channels from James Tyberonn (Archangel Metatron) and Ronna Herman (Archangel Michael)

“This Solstice is Incredibly Powerful, Paired with A Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse.
Join Us as We Unite in this Energy and Send the Transformational OMM-Wave in a Global Meditation.”

OMM-WAVE Link & Timing (

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5:30pm Pacific - San Francisco, CA
6:30pm Mountain - Denver, CO
7:30pm Central - Chicago, IL
8:30pm Eastern - New York, NY
1:30am London
2:30am Central European Time - Austria
12:30pm Auckland, New Zealand (December 22 - following day)
2:30pm Sydney, Australia (December 22 - following day)

UT-GMT 01:30

If you are not sure what time this event is in your area follow the link below:

Attend via Phone or Inet Webcast -- it's your choice)


Telephone Access:
Phone-Number to Dial: 408-490-3078
Backup Phone Number: 703-344-2171
Use Conference ID: 278730#

USA Local Access Numbers:

6. From: Estaryia Venus,
Free Full Moon Eclipse & Solstice Conference Call & Meditation Teleconference Call ~ Saturday, Dec. 18th at:
2:00pm PST, 5:00 pm EST, 12:00 pm Hawaii Time

To Join the Free Teleconference Call,
Dial: 1-712-432-3100
Enter the conference code: 819412

If you don't already have the Venus & Mars Sound Healing MP3 file, for your free download go to

7. December 18, 2010, Winter Solstice Worldwide Drum for a Sustainable World. Palmer Train Depot, Palmer Alaska and worldwide.
Tel: 907-745-5636,
Whirling Rainbow Foundation, P.O. Box 2822, Palmer, Alaska USA 99645.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted November 27, 2010:

Three lost boys have just been rescued after drifting 50 days in their boat on the Pacific Ocean. What a great joy for their families that they have been found! This is a success story we do not often hear. Our hearts are warm with compassion for the boys and their families.

Just now, our attention is on the Pacific area for another reason. Tensions between North and South Korea are reaching the top of the scale. At any moment, war can begin.

We need to think what we can do to help ease the problem. We need to create a thought form that we can energize as a mass consciousness to help stop belligerence.

I have an idea.

Yesterday, television news said China has spoken to representatives of North and South Korea as well as to the United States which will begin military exercises with South Korea. North Korea does not want these exercises.

Let us frame a thought form that a way is being found to ease the belligerence. We can equate this to the finding of the three boys lost a sea.

We can set our hearts to the warm button as we energize the thought form that a way is being found.

Expressing fear helps to increase tension.
Let us do the opposite. Let us energize our thought form with warm hearts.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Posted September 19, 2010:

Sept. 21 - United Nations International Day of Peace.
Sept. 22 and 23, the Autumn Equinox. Here is an explanation of the Equinox.
Sept. 25 - A CALL TO PEACE , a festival, including a teleconference, In Honor of International Day of Peace - 11:00am - 4:00pm
World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, New York. May Peace Prevail On Earth.
Oct. 8 -11, The 18th Annual Prayer Vigil for Earth. Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. The host tradition is Native American.
There will be an honoring of John Lennon's "Imagine Peace" on his 70th birthday, Oct. 9. and
Oct. 10-10-10, The 350 group asks you to organize an event for 10-10-10.
For example: Organize a Tree Planting, Go Solar, Work on a Community Garden or an Organic Farm,
Go For a Bike Ride, Harness the Wind, Do a trash cleanup.

Read about the 350 group here

Note from Barbara: I will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with my concentration on the needs of the favelas, the many slum communities.
Nov. 11-14, The "WAKE UP ! RAISE THE VIBRATION !" Event: The 11:11 Star Knowledge Gathering. Videos:


Sept. 5, 2010:

New Zealand, a member of the Ring of Fire, has experienced a 7.1 earthquake followed by more strong quakes. Over the past several weeks, strong quakes have registered in different parts of the Pacific, commonly called The Ring of Fire.

Chile continues having strong quakes.

The Global Meditations Network works as a mass consciousness to generate positive energy.

We can influence the Ring of Fire by sending it gentle thoughts.

We need to help calm it by putting our minds together to give it the positive energies of PEACE, LOVE, and LIGHT.


My new book, Journal Excerpts from the Ring of Fire, carries the energies of the Ring of Fire. If you think this book can help your thoughts on the Ring of Fire, it can be ordered online. I checked the Internet this morning and found it listed by Borders, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and PublishAmerica. I noted there are several prices. The least expensive, listed under PublishAmerica, is $7.95 PAperback ISBN 978-1-451-4924-8.

The Internet will give you this description of the book.

“Journal Excerpts from the Ring of Fire relates the author's fascinating experiences in the vast region of the Pacific called the Ring of Fire, location of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis. The author is convinced that humanity can ease today's disruptions by understanding how to balance the earth with peace and love. Eons ago, the Lemurian race lived in the Pacific area, and they knew how to maintain balance and health. The author believes their knowledge is held in the memories of human consciousness and even today this knowledge can be tapped. A ride with the author in the form of her book will take you to these memories.”

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Here is a quick reference to you about Harmonic Convergence, which is the converging, the uniting, of many, in harmony.

Harmonic Convergence is Unity in Diversity, which means, the consciousness of many who are different are concentrating on the same thing.

This is Mass Consciousness at its best.

Diversity. Yes, we are all different,. Yet, we can form a unity even though we are all different.

August 17, 2010, at the anniversary of Harmony Convergence, August 17, 1987, we who are all different, we who are all individuals, will again harmonically converge, unite,
to help our planet and humanity by bringing in PEACE, LOVE, and LIGHT.


August 11, 2010 news:

Harmonic Convergence, August 17, 1987. We are nearly at the anniversary of this remarkable event which bought huge energy to our planet.

Let us observe this anniversary.

This URL may interest you.

Patti Cota-Robles’ website will tell you about a gathering, August 14-19 at The Crystal Gateway Marriot in Arlington, Virginia, when a Portal of Light will be opened to release Divine Light into the physical plane of Earth.

Her website says:

“Lightworkers all over the world will participate in this unprecedented opportunity. Many will have the heart call to serve as the Hands of God on behalf of ALL Humanity. They will travel to Arlington, Virginia, to become part of the mighty transformer through which the Light of God will flow to open the portal of Freedom, Liberty, Divine Justice, Victory, and the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.”

“Some Lightworkers will be inspired to travel to various sacred sites to anchor these patterns into Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System. Others will gather with groups in their own locations to weave their Light into this unified activity of Light. And still others will join in consciousness from the solitude of their own sanctuaries.”

“All of these ways of participating are vital to the success of this Divine Mission. The important thing is that you truly listen to your heart and respond according to YOUR particular facet of this Divine Plan. No matter where you are guided to be, know that we are ALL One”

Patti Cota-Robles Tel: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-751-2981.


July 7, 2010 newsletter:


Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research shows that water molecules physically respond to our emotions. He froze the water he was testing so its crystals could be examined under a microscope. Water given the negative energies of anger showed an ugly structure under the microscope. Water given Love was a beautiful crystalized structure.

Since nearly 70% of our bodies are made up of water molecules, ponder on what your emotions are doing to 70% of your body.

When you fall ill unexpectedly, have you asked yourself why are you ill? Perhaps an anger outburst three days before has altered the structure of your molecules to influence illness.

As I was thinking about Dr. Emoto’s research, my thought was the need to reign in any anger and ugly thoughts. Of course it is much easier to write this now than to remember later!

Well, we are not perfect, but we can try.

At the moment, the thoughts of most of us are on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We wait and we wait and we wait for positive news, but it is not coming.

Two weeks ago, I sent you a newsletter asking you to send Love to the Gulf. We need to continue doing this.

The Global Meditations Network is a big network.
We are a big network of mass consciousness.

When a big network of mass consciousness concentrates on a single thought -- LOVE TO THE WATERS OF THE GULF -- Dr. Emoto’s research indicates that the molecular structure of water will change to the positive.

We cannot test the water at the Gulf. We are not in charge. Yet, we can deliberately concentrate on changing the water structure to the positive. That is what we can do.



July 11, 2010, is the time of a solar eclipse, and this event is at the same time as a Grand Cross configuration of planets, which means that they line up with each other, and this lining up is considered ‘good’ or ‘bad’. For myself, as I mentioned in the June 24, 2010 newsletter, I prefer that the energy of Love be uppermost in the mind, for the benefit of the planet, for the benefit of humanity and the animals and the birds and trees and all that live on this planet

A total solar eclipse will be experienced on Easter Island and other small islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, as well as in southern Argentina and Chile.

Solar Eclipse website:

Another Solar Eclipse website:



July 9-11, at the time of the eclipse, I will be attending a Native American conference near the sacred Four Corners of North America. Mother Earth is calling andthe Native Americans are heeding her call.

Chief Golden Light Eagle is speaking on

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


May 6, 2010 newlsetter:

I have not emailed a newsletter since February, and now it is May. My Peace, Love, and Light work for this planet takes me far and wide. In 2009, I traveled every month of the year. For 2010, I vowed to stay home long enough to take a breath or two. No. It has not happened. My newsletters and website and answering of emails suffer.

List of the contents of this newsletter.

1. May 16, 2010, World Shift Day.

2. May 28-30, 2010, Wesak. Full moon event. Tibetan Master Djwahl Khul channeling.

3. Gulf Oil Spill and how you can help.

4. Archangel Michael March, April, May messages.

5. Journal Excerpts from The Ring of Fire.

6. 7 Fires, Bearcloud book.

Grandmother T. Whitedeer sends you a message. Please open the waterblessings website.

Note from Barbara: The waterblessing information reached me after I sent the Global Meditations Network a newsletter on May 6.




May 16, 2010, WORLD SHIFT DAY

A Timely Transformation Event Leading up to 2012 when all unite as ONE LIFE, ONE MIND, ONE SPIRIT.

A call to unite our hearts as one in prayer and meditation.

Wherever you are, you are asked to join this event.
More information is on:

Time conversion: World Clock


2. The celebration of WESAK, the blending of powerful Buddha and Christ energies, is celebrated annually by many at the full moon of May 28-30, 2010.

David J. Adams,, has emailed me channeling from Tibetan Master Djwahl Khul concerning this Wesak event. I have added his email to the Global Meditations Network website.

Of particular interest to me is the comment in the channeling that our Earth moved into a new dimensional frequency at the Solstice of December 2009, and so there is now an anchoring of energies in both the Third and Fifth Dimensions. Because the time of Wesak is considered to be a very powerful moment of the year, your efforts to bring in Love and Peace energies would be greatly appreciated.


3. Gulf Oil Spill and how you can help.

Lois Hartwick has sent channeling from Thoth, the Atlantean.


4. Archangel Michael March message.

Archangel Michael April message.

Archangel Michael May message.


5. My book, Journal Excerpts from the Ring of Fire, is published. If you want to buy a copy, go to and click on Author Information which takes you to a page with ‘Online Store Search’ on the right side of the page. Type in Barbara Wolf and my book page will come up. Click on the book cover to read a short description of the book.

Here is a Reader Comment from Shirley:

I sat down last night to start your book, to read for a few minutes. I couldn't stop - it's terrific. I felt as if I was traveling with you.


6. Sharon Pacione,, comments on Bearcloud’s new book, 7 FIRES, which concerns The Chameleon Project. Bearcloud has discovered secrets about the ancient pyramids that have lain dormant 5000 years....they are part of a hidden star language very similar to his own ancient traditions...he discovered an obscure ancient symbol from his ancestors of 7000 years ago.....A few years later that same symbol appeared in a field in England, which drew him to the area and then to Egypt....a mystery unfolds with profound messages Bearcloud calls the Seven Fires, and the Secrets from the Stars.

Note from Barbara: I found his book, 7 Fires, on Amazon.
I have worked esoterically with him and he is a great one.


Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


This is a February 2010 posting.


We need to counter the excess energies of fear and shock that have spread across the planet today when powerful earthquakes started striking Chile. We have to expect that more earthquakes, and probably tsunamis, will come.

We are at a crucial moment. We need to act.
We can turn excess energies into the positive.
We have done this many times before.
Let us do this again, and again, and again.

Peace, Love, and Light.
Peace, Love, and Light.
Peace, Love, and Light.

Barbara Wolf


Archangel Michael February message.
Archangel Michael January message.


********** My latest book, JOURNAL EXCERPTS from the RING of FIRE , has been accepted for publication. When it is in print, I will send a notice.

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

HEALING BY CONTACTING YOUR CELLS written by Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris.

Synopsis ....Readers Comments.....Excerpts from the book ....Book Flier....Press Release.....About The Authors.

Published by AuthorHouse. Available in bookstores, online, and on
First edition title: Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!
This book, first written in English, is now translated into nine languages: Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Slovenian, Urdu, and Hindi.


Kahu Fred Sterling channels Master Guide Kirael for the article, “The Day After the Great Shift”. What will life be like? Will our physical bodies change? Find out this and more in this latest article. Here is a short excerpt: The Great Shift in Consciousness is about entering a new world, a new dimension. To enter this new world, or dimension, you must work with that beautiful brain inside your head by practicing meditation and balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that your love is heightened.

This article can be found on at the following link:


Archangel Michael September message.
Archangel Michael October message.
Archangel Michael November message.

Archangel Michael December message.
MESSAGES FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Becoming a Cosmic Telepath. Transmitted through Ronna Herman.

Note from Barbara: At the end of the December message are techniques to help you open to channel: Guidelines To Assist You To Communicate With Your Higher Self, Your Spiritual Guides And Angelic Helpers.


News about Agnihotra/healing fires.


Before the earthquake in Haiti:

Margaret Trost,, President of What If? Foundation,, says the food program for feeding hungry children of Haiti has increased to more than 6,000 meals a week. The education program has increased to 200 school scholarships, and a summer camp. The What If? Foundation is the only source of funding for these programs.

Margaret Trost has written a book, On That Day, Everybody Ate: One Woman’s Story of Hope and Possibility in Haiti. This book is available in bookstores throughout the country and online. For more information, visit


Atif Jamil Pagaan, director of Harmony Foundation, Pakistan, has thanked me for all the letters you wrote to the traumatized children who lost everything in the burning of their family villages in Pakistan last August.

Atif writes:

Dear Barbara,

I would like to thank all those members of Global Meditations Network who wrote letters to the traumatized children of Gojra and Koriyan. The members of Harmony Foundation read the letters in Koriyan and Gojra and the children were so happy to receive the letters. When our members told them that the people who have written these letters live thousands of miles away from Pakistan and they have shown their love and concern by writing these letters, the children were holding the letters in their hands and were tracing with their fingers the words written on the letters.

We are trying to bring the children out of their trauma and we want you to know that these letters helped a lot.

I am very much thankful to those who wrote letters.

Best regards,


Harmony Foundation,



2009 Global Teleconference, A Call To Peace In Pakistan.


Archangel Michael August Message
Archangel Michael July Message
Archangel Michael June Message
Archangel Michael May Message.



August 5 (USA), August 6 (Japan), anniversary of the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. The World Peace Prayer Society asks you to join those around the world who long for peace. Please join this live Teleconference linked with Hiroshima.

Click here for more information

Please register at

Dial in Number: (USA) 1-877-380-7755 ~ Pass Code: 4434733

Japan Time August 6, 8:00am - 9:00am; USA Time August 5, 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST; GMT August 4, 11:00 pm
World Clock

I want to point out why I think it is especially important that many of you join this teleconference.

At this time, the North Koreans, who have nuclear capability, are, in American slang, ‘rattling their sabers’, acting militarily aggressive. They like to show aggression on significant dates, such as July 4, American Independence Day, and July 8, date of the death of their revered former ruler. And yes, they did test several missiles during the 2009 July time period, but the matter passed without incident.

Now the August anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing is on us. Japan is close to North Korea, just across the Japan Sea. We do not want missiles dropping into the sea close to Japan Let us determine right now, today, that August 5/6 will be a time of peace. No saber rattling anywhere.

We are a mass consciousness that can set positive energies.
Let us to this.

We do not have to go to the streets to shout or fly protest banners.
We, as a mass consciousness, can ‘set our mark’ before August 5/6.
We can determine we want the positive energy of peace and we energize what we want -- peace.

A few years ago I was in Hiroshima at the Peace Park standing at a big mound. What is this mound? The ashes of 70,000 cremated people who could not be identified after they died from the nuclear bomb.

My understanding is that fires burned day and night to cremate decomposing bodies lying here, there, everywhere. If family members could not step forward immediately to identify them, there was no alternative but to cremate them.

It is also my understanding that even today, their ashes are being tested to try to find a link with surviving families.

I understand the reasoning that many soldiers were saved because the war came to a hasty end after the dropping of the nuclear bomb at Hiroshima and one at Nagasaki.

Discussion of the reasoning is for others.
My interest has been what would happen if a nuclear bomb dropped on my city. What are the feelings of those who experienced and survived a bombing? I asked to be taken to a Hiroshima cancer hospital still taking in 1945 bombing victims.

I visited an elderly woman vomiting into a bucket beside her bed. She was happy a see me. She had no rancor towards me. She told me she was 12 years old when the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. She was untouched, but she soon found herself with a woman holding in her arms a young child badly burned, crying, crying, crying for water.

Was there no water to give the child, I asked, and the answer was no. All available water was poisoned by the nuclear bomb.

I asked what happened to the child, and the answer was that the child cried and cried and cried in the arms of the mother until the child died.

The woman lying in the hospital bed dying of cancer, a bucket beside her bed for vomiting, told me about that moment in 1945 and this memory was so powerfully etched into her mind, she spoke as if the incident happened yesterday.

I will never forget her speaking to me. I was happy to be at her bedside listening to her. Only love was passing between us, from one human to another.

We are all Love. Let us show it to everyone we meet, and let us remember this especially on August 5/6.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Information about THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK.


July 2009 newsletter:

1. July 25 Global Meditation.
2. July 26 Pakistan Meditation.
3. Iraq Cultural Heritage Project.
4. United Arab Emirates Women’s Conference.
5. Eric Van der Wyk says thanks and has more free CDs.


July 25, 1997, was the first meditation for the Global Meditations Network. Happy Anniversary, everyone!

In the Mayan calendar, July 25 is a “Day Out of Time”. It is the 365th day of the Mayan Thirteen Moon Calendar, constructed to measure the year in thirteen months of 28 days each to total 364 days. Emphasis is on balance.

The Mayans end the year on July 24 and begin the new year on July 26.

This year, will you join to celebrate July 25 as a day of harmony and peace with an intention to bring more happiness to humanity? Certainly, with all that happens daily on a negative basis, we need more happiness, more love within humanity.

On July 25, Elaine of 2009 Gaia Peace Festival invites you to create events on that day to support, amplify and increase with happiness the global grid of energy. She says: “Many people organize events and share their creative energies with the world for the pure reason that it makes them happy to do so. The Gaia Peace Festival is looking to bring them into conscious connection on 25 July 2009 so that we can create a connected energy grid that brings all these events together in agreement to elevate the earth's energy grid in happiness and joy.”


Atif of Harmony Foundation, Pakistan, is a tireless worker for peace in his torn country. He goes here, there, everywhere to bring peace. He emails that tension is high between Muslims and Christians. Recently a mob of more than 700 attacked Christian villagers and burned their homes.

Where there is severe violence, Atif plants a peace pole to ease the tension. In an email to me, he says, “I am a little depressed. My morale is not down but I feel helpless sometimes because of the odds against winning peace."

Atif is organizing a Pakistani-wide peace meditation on July 26 for both Muslims and Christians to participate.

My thought is to ask you and you and you around the world to help increase the positive energies of Pakistan on July 26 by extending your July 25 meditation to the next day.

As I am writing this to you, I am thinking of July 26 as the beginning of a New Year for those who follow the Mayan calendar. Maybe we should think of July 26 as the first day of a new, unmarked slate for Pakistan. When the new slate begins to hold a record of the happenings of that country, let us think that PEACEFUL, HAPPY energies will be recorded on the slate.

A new beginning. A new beginning. A new beginning.


Efforts are underway to rebuilt Iraq’s museums and archaeological organizations hard hit by the war. Thousands of priceless items were looted or broken. Iraq is the seat of the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia that sat on the fertile plains between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works is at the forefront of the recovery effort.

Here is an informative article: Helping other emerging professionals beyond our borders:


From Haya Almutlaq,, who says, ”I would like to promote Insight Dubai Conference, April 4-8, 2010, a unique annual conference held by Dubai Women's College in the UAE uniting 60 female students from universities and colleges around the world with 60 students from DWC to spend an interactive 5-days conference discussing issues on women's empowerment and women's roles in governance and leadership. This conference enables each participant to take an active role in simulations, debates and discussions to share their views and learn from one another.” For more information and the registration form, access the web site:

5. ERIC VAN DER WYK says thanks and asks if any of you are interested in a free CD.

Dear Barbara,

I want to thank you for helping me promote new reviews of my "Wind Chimes in the Rain" CD on iTunes. I found 10 lovely people to send the CD to and so far I have four new reviews on iTunes and I am very pleased. I realize that many of your recipients don't use iTunes and I have decided to launch a second promotion for those who use instead. Here is what I would like to do. I have 8 different CDs available on so I am inviting 10 of your people who are already signed up as regular customers to choose any one of my CDs if they will agree to review it on within a week of receiving the free CD. Please visit to view the 8 CDs, listen to samples, read more about the music etc. When you have decided which CD you would like to receive and review please email me at with the subject "free CD". Please mention in this email which CD you would like to receive and that you understand and agree to review it through your account. Be sure to include your shipping address of course. As with last time, there will be sampler CDs given away as well.
love and light,
Eric Van der Wyk


July 4 is Independence Day for the U.S.A. Businesses close and the country comes to a standstill so families and friends can come together to celebrate For many, it is the beginning of a long summer holiday where normal woes are put aside in favor of leisure and pleasure.

On June 24, 1950, 59 years ago, North Korea invaded South Korea and war began. Three years later it ended in an armistice.

This armistice remains today. There is not yet a formal signing of peace. From time to time, belligerence surfaces.

The U.S. played an important role after the war began and still plays an important role. But today there is a significant difference: North Korea now has long range missiles and it is actively increasing its nuclear capability to reach the U.S.A.

For a moment, let us consider what is the United States.
People. Many people. Millions of people.

I am one of them and probably many of you are. Now, or later, I do not want a nuclear missile to fall on my head and I do not think you want one to fall on your head.

The opposite of negative action is positive action.

We have the ability to unite as a mass consciousness to form a positive thought form of what we want.

Peace, Love, and Light.
Peace, Love, and Light.
Peace, Love, and Light.

You join with me and I join with you. We do not have to stand helpless here.

North Korea could choose to strike on a national holiday, a past preference, such as July 4, U.S Independence Day, or July 8, anniversary of the death of their former leader Kim II Sung. Let us be mindful of this and begin now to counter negativity we do not want.

And yes, let us send peace energy to those in charge of settling a final peace between North and South Korea. More than 50 years of an armistice is enough. Let there be a signing of complete peace.

Remember the saying: “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not take up sword against nation, nor shall they learn war any more.”

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


We are at this moment experiencing powerful energies entering our planet.
For this reason, it is good to think positively.

Thought IS.
What you think, IS.

At this moment, our planet is experiencing turmoil.
We need to sent forth positive energy in order to offset the negative.

In your own way, please consider joining this coming weekend’s peace events:

Sunday, June 21, 2009 ~ Solstice Day, 05:00 pm PST ~ 08:00 pm EST, June 22nd ~ 12:00 am GMT.
THE WORLD PEACE PRAYER CEREMONY, Global Link Teleconference & 24 Hour Internet Marathon.

In harmony with LiveH2O, Concert for the Living Water, Honor the living water and pray for world peace
Dial-In Number (877) 380-7755 Pass Code: 4434733
June 19-21, Live H20 CONCERT FOR THE LIVING WATERS. Inspired by scientists and healers Dr. Masuro Emoto and Dr. Len Horowitz. This live H2O Concert for the Living Waters will join millions around the world in giving LOVE and THANKS to the LIVING WATERS of Earth. Seven foot, crystal inlaid Grandmother Drum in Jerusalem will set the tone of LOVE's resonant frequency (528 hertz), joined by renowned performing artists from nine global stages and by hundreds of other hosts sites worldwide. For Grandmother Drum information, see
The weekend will culminate as all unite in music, prayer, drumming and song on June 21, 2009 and set a new global pulse of love, prosperity, unity and peace for all life. For more information go to and and
June 20, 4:30 AM – 6:15 AM at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue (at 112th Street), New York City. Paul Winter and musicians celebrate the the dawning of the solstice at 5:07 a.m. This is Paul Winter's 14th Annual Sunrise Solstice ceremony. He says: "When I’m awake in the darkness before dawn – as the birds begin to sing, and the Earth prepares for the Sun – I feel as if life is beginning again. There’s something magical about that virgin time, when we’re free of our habitual patterns and obligations. My dream of evoking this feeling in music was the original inspiration for Summer Solstice. We begin playing in total darkness at 4:30 a.m. within the awesome space and acoustics of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. We embark on a continuous two-hour musical journey, with players stationed in distant corners or moving among the audience. Somewhere near the halfway point, listeners gradually realize that the Cathedral’s great stained-glass windows are beginning to illuminate. The light joins the sound to carry us into the first dawning of summer. I’m thrilled that our special guest this year will be Arto Tunçboyaciyan, the legendary singer and percussionist. His voice conveys the universal yearning of the human heart. Other featured players include Eugene Friesen, cello; Steve Gorn, bansuri; and Tim Brumfield, pipe organ.

To get a taste of what we’ll be playing, download five free songs by clicking the link below. Please join us as we celebrate the sunrise solstice.

Note from Barbara: You will find me here, with Paul Winters and his musical group, at dawn of the solstice.
June 22, 8 pm local time. Global Call for Creative Thinking! Raymon Grace asks you to spend a few minutes to visualize your world the way you would like it to be. Use your emotions and create a 'feel' as if it already exist. Use your 5 senses, make it REAL.
Peace, Love, and Light,


by Pierre Pradervand
An Old Cherokee Story.



Excess Energy Within Mother Earth Needs To Be Changed To Peace Energy.

March 25, 2009

While lecturing in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago, I stopped at the Washington National Cathedral to see a stained glass window that has a moon rock brought to earth by an astronaut. To me, it is remarkable to see this rock. The astronaut said when he was young, he dreamed of going to the moon, and when his dream came true, he brought back the rock.

This cathedral receives many visitors on a daily basis. It is big and it is active with many varying programs attended by a variety of people. I was wandering this big place looking at everything and quite unexpectedly I encountered people in need of help.

They were not asking for help, but there was no question that they needed it. A church open to the public is a good place for the homeless to sit and be warm. It was cold in Washington while I was there.

During this time of worldwide economic crisis, people find themselves out of work, homeless, hungry. Some are too proud to speak about this, and yet, their needs are as great as those who do speak.

My thought is that we need to be ready to help when help is needed, even if all we can give is a smile or a ‘good morning’ or a nod of the head.

This is a time of crisis.
Please open the heart and give love.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


March 16 newsletter concerning THE COSMIC TRIGGER.

More posting, March 16, 2009. THE COSMIC TRIGGER 2009.
Earlier postings on The Cosmic Trigger below.

Galveston Moody Pyramids, March 20-21-22, 2009

Channeled by Earth-Keeper.




March 20, 8 pm, wherever you are in the world, you are asked to FLOOD THE EARTH WITH OCEANS OF LOVE AND LOVE OF THE OCEANS. Contact: David J Adams,
A note from David J. Adams.


Archangel Michael January message
Archangel Michael February message
Archangel Michael March message
Archangel Michael April message
channeled by Ronna Star.


Here is the full story.

If you have been following this heart-wrenching event on television, probably you have seen the dolphins swimming around a tiny circle of water surrounded by ice, unable to escape to open water. The circle of water was becoming smaller and smaller.

For several days, attempts were to find outside help for the dolphins, but no help came, and so nearby villagers used a make-shift icebreaker to force a path through the ice and lead two dolphins to open water. The third was too weak, and so a village boy jumped into the water, held its head above the water and wrapped a rope around the dolphin. When the other two dolphins had been successfully led to open water, the rescuers returned and towed the remaining dolphin to open water.


I am mailing a thank you card to the villagers by way of the boy, Brandon Banks, who jumped into the water.

Mr. Brandon Banks, dolphin rescuer
Seal Cove, Newfoundland, Canada

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


February 9, 6:49 am PST, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. World Clock will help change your time to eclipse time.

Best visibility will be over most of Asia, the Western US, Mexico and throughout the Pacific region. The eclipse will not be visible in the East coast of the United States, South America and southernmost Mexico, Western Africa and western Europe.

We are close to February 14, the day of Love. On February 9, even though you may not be in an area that can see the lunar eclipse, please realize that others will be looking at it, and they have been asked to think on LOVE for our planet, for humanity.

Your thoughts, even though you may not see the eclipse, will, because of the concept of mass consciousness, unite with those seeing the eclipse and thinking on Love.

February 14, Valentine’s Day, the day of Love, 12 noon EST (U.S. Eastern Standard Time), Jonathan Goldman, Director of the Sound Healers Association, asks you to tone the heart sound "Ah" as a Sonic Valentine for Mother Earth for 5 minutes or more.; Tel: 303-443-8181.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


UPDATE ON DECEMBER 14, 2008 TELECONFERENCE: A Call to Peace in India: A Call to Peace in Pakistan.

Here is a email received from Atif Jamil Pagaan of Harmony Foundation, Pakistan, who spoke on the December 14 teleconference.
His e-mail is dated January 10, 2009:

Dear Barbara,

I believe the teleconference on December 14, 2008 went very well and it contributed toward bringing the two nations back from the point of no return.

Dozens of organizations in India and Pakistan have now started a joint signature campaign asking for peace between India and Pakistan. The signatures will be presented to Prime Minister of India and to the President of Pakistan. Harmony Foundation has joined this campaign and has started taking the signatures of the people. Today the volunteers of Harmony Foundation visited more than 23 places in 11 cities to get the signatures.
Comment from Barbara:

Here is more news about Harmony Foundation.

Since October 2008, it has initiated the planting of many, many peace poles throughout the country.

This foundation has recently rescued three little brothers who were sold into slavery. Harmony Foundation stepped in and paid about the equivalent of U.S. $146.00 for their release.

While I was in Pakistan last October, I became aware of things that would not be tolerated in most other areas of the world.

December 14, free half-hour global teleconference, A CALL TO PEACE IN INDIA: A CALL TO PEACE IN PAKISTAN.

I will be speaking briefly on the teleconference. My location will be in Lucknow, India, at the 5th Global Symposium: Awakening Planetary Consciousness. The day before the teleconference, I will be giving a lecture: Mass Consciousness Resolves Conflicts, Brings Peace. This lecture is about you, the Global Meditations Network! “The Global Meditations Network is like a lighthouse focusing on the affairs of today, especially fretful problems that must be solved before peaceful and joyful conditions can be established for generations yet-to-be-born.”

I have posted the entire lecture here.


Once again, there is serious conflict between Israelis and Palestinians at the Gaza Strip.
This is a moment when families gather throughout the world to celebrate Peace and Love, and yet, the Gaza problem flares

There are 9 billion people living on this planet.
Think for a moment how WONDERFUL it would be if today, at this moment, the 9 billion are concentrating on loving each other. Think of the JOY!

Love is the highest positive energy frequency.
Love from the heart.

Thought is energy.
What one thinks, IS.
Think positively and that is the energy sent out.
Today, at this moment, let us send out the positive energies of Love.

I have just returned from lecturing at a symposium in India.
We were given garlands of marigolds to wear around our necks.

Marigolds are grown in gardens to control pests, such as mosquitoes.
Marigolds are pest control.
For a moment, let us modify the thought form called 'marigold' so it is conceived of as a flower of Love, the highest frequency for positive energy.
With the mind, drape the 9 billion people of this planet with garlands of marigolds holding the Love frequency.
THAT is a positive act we can all do.

All acts have to be accounted for.
A stone is thrown into the water, and this stone creates chaos shown to the eye as ripples of water.
When the stone has settled to the bottom and the water has become calm, because the act of throwing the stone has happened, there can never be a return to the original status.

Throw a stone of positive energy/Love into the frequencies of 9 billion by draping them with garlands of marigolds holding the Love frequency and note that the 9 billion can never return to the original status.

That is the theory of chaos.

While I was lecturing at a symposium in India, on December 14, Indian warplanes flew over Pakistani territory. This is an act of war.
The negative frequencies of war were very strong throughout the day.
That evening, 10 pm, was the global teleconference, PEACE IN INDIA: PEACE IN PAKISTAN.

Perhaps you participated in this teleconference of peace.
For l/2 hour, there was an intense concentration on positive energy of peace coming from the world to the two nations, India and Pakistan.

The following day, December 15, the negative frequencies between the two had substantially modified.

It does not take 9 billion thinking positive thoughts to change the negative into the positive. The fraction needed is really quite small.

Yes, we all know what is happening just now in Gaza. Yes, it is terrible beyond belief. My heart breaks, as does probably yours, for what is happening; for what is happening in so many places in this world.

Let us pick up the broken pieces of our hearts and mend them with Love, and then let us send out the Love frequencies to the nine billion.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

December 1, 2008:

The world has just witnessed awful events in Mumbai, India.
Once again, Pakistan and India point fingers at each other.
Will it ever end?
Kashmir is also involved, a land that has had 61 years of continued strife.
Do the people there ever experience joy? I doubt it.

Let us send positive energy to the people of Pakistan, Kashmir, and India.

I have recently returned from Pakistan, and on December 9 I will be going to India.
I ask you to follow me to India with your positive energies.
Let us counter any negativity that has lodged in these places.
Let us visualize that some day all three areas, Pakistan, Kashmir, and India will be areas of JOY!

Native American Elder SilverStar,, says the The 2009 EarthStar MAKA WICAHPI WANIYETU sacred calendar is ready. The Order Form for the new 2009 calendar and 11:11 book is on



Powerful speakers from Pakistan speak about their efforts to bring peace.


Archangel Metatron channeling via James Tyberonn concerning super hurricanes, global warming, and Planetary Ascension.

HURRICANE NEWS, September 2008.
The file is in three parts:
1. a.-- Metatron channeling about hurricanes, b.-- Hurricane Ike, c.-- Typhoon in Japan several years ago.
2. My personal experience with Hurricane Ike.
3. Wonderful emails from you and you and you about how you handle hurricanes.


Archangel Michael July message.
Archangel Michael August message

A Call To Plant Peace Poles In The USA


To reach Homa Health newsletter #28, click on, and at the lower right side of the page, click on newsletter. When you reach this page, you can click to the newsletter written in Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese.

Newsletter #28 tells of healing with the use of Agnihotra, and it gives reports on psoriasis, overcoming alcoholism, using Agnihotra ash to grow plants, etc.

The Green Children Foundation Campaign has invited you to join in supporting The Campaign to Spread the Word About Microcredit. Contact:



GLOBAL MEDITATIONS NETWORK TAPESTRY made from the words of the Network.


A note from Eric van der Wyk who has helped me a ‘million’ times with my website:

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for the invitation to share information with your readers about my new instrument and CD. The instrument is called "Tenori-On" which is Japanese for "Sound in the palm of your hand." It is a brand new experimental electronica instrument that is quite unique in its design facilitating a most intuitive approach to electronic music. Part of the charm of the instrument is the ability to create custom user sound banks which I have taken advantage of to add banjo and tabla sounds to the Tenori-On performances. I have discovered the lights and sounds produced by Tenori-On have the ability to alter consciousness, therefore I have named the new CD "What do you turn on when you Tenori-On?" You can find out more about this CD and listen to samples at A live video performance can be seen at

Please be reminded that FREE CD SAMPLERS are still available of my pure nature recordings at

in Love and Light,
Eric Van der Wyk, King Tet


HERE IS MY REVIEW: I have been following a long time what suddenly emerges from King Tet’s creative mind but this latest, the Tenori-On, beats everything. How can I describe what I have just listened to? A description isn’t easy because I have to talk in futuristic language which is still beyond me. And yet, I need to say something -- like -- it’s delicate. It won’t knock your head off. My mind is trying to catch the music; my mind is trying to understand it, play with it. Tenori-On skips ahead of me, dancing down the beach like ocean foam breaking away and dancing. It can’t be captured.

Barbara Wolf


June 18, Full Moon and June 20/21, The Solstice.

June 3, New Moon. Concentrate on Love until the Solstice.



Throughout May, most of the world has been remembering those who have fallen during previous wars, mainly World War II. On May 31, it is Memorial Day in the United States.

War means a lack of Love.
The consequence of expressing a lack of Love in the form of war means thousands, millions, will suffer.

We do not need more wars that bring killings and hatred and negativity.
Let us turn the tide.. Let us send Love to everyone on this planet with the positive thought that slowly, slowly, as more receive this Love, there will be less of an attraction to have wars.

With your mind, encircle all that you perceive as war and killings and hatred and give that perception LOVE.

I am with you. You are with me.
Slowly, slowy we can turn the tide.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

Will you endorse 10 MILLION CLICKS FOR PEACE already endorsed by Arun Gandhi, Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jack Canfield, and Deepak Chopra?

The WORLD GARDEN PROJECT grows and grows. Eric Van der Wyk,, will add your garden photograph to the World Garden Family album,


May 1-14, I will be inThe Netherlands to lecture on a book I co-authored with Margaret Fikioris, Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win! We healed Margaret's cancer signals and the book explains our technique, including what others can do to help rid themselves of diseases. The book is now translated into eight languages, Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch, Urdu, Russian, Slovenian, and Portugese. If you live in The Netherlands, or expect to be there in May, and you would like attend book lectures, please email.

Also, there will be peace pole ceremonies in Ommen, The Hague, and Utrecht.

Here is requested newspaper publicity sent to The Netherlands for the May 3, Ommen lecture. is the publisher's website with a writeup and photograph of the cover of the book. The title, Genezen Door Contact Met Je Cellen, is different from the English version of the book.

Here is a synopsis of CANCER SIGNALS: Take Charge and Win!, the title of the English version of the book.
Excerpts from the book....Reader comments.....Press Release.....Book flier.....USA Today ad for book.....About The Authors.

WiserEarth . . .serves the people who are transforming the world. It is a community directory and networking forum that maps and connects non-governmental organizations and individuals addressing the central issues of our day: climate change, poverty, the environment, peace, water, hunger, social justice, conservation, human rights and more. Content is created and edited by people like you.


March 12, 2008 -- A dolphin guided two stranded whales to safety after human attempts to keep them off a New Zealand beach failed, a conservation official said Wednesday.

Monthly free, live, one hour TeleWebinar with Archangel Michael/Ronna Herman, and Randy Monk as the moderator.
Event access information is at
You can access this live event via your telephone or listen over the internet.
Click on
You may ask a question.
Time Converter:


From the website: Nordic Living Water Systems brings a revolutionary water treatment system to the world. This system uses the powerful principles of Mother Nature which totally transforms your water making it alive and energized. It is a one time installation and there is no maintenance and no extra costs.

Note from Barbara: Eric Van der Wyk,, has recently installed the system and he says the results are remarkable!

More WATER NEWS: Salva Dut of Sudan has formed Water for Sudan, Inc., to enable him to drill wells and provide clean, fresh water in his homeland. Read about his remarkable background:

WORLD WHEEL PROJECT in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest newsletter from Vijali Hamilton,

Note from Barbara:
Her book on these projects is now available for purchase on (then click on Vijali Books).

HAITI news:

From Margaret Trost,, President of What If? Foundation whose food program feeds hungry children of Haiti. Sixty-five cents pays for one plate of rice, beans, vegetables from the farmers market, and a piece of chicken. Here is a 3-minute video of the food program on the website.

AGNIHOTRA ASH: More testimonials on its healing properties.



From Margaret Card:

Dear Barbara,

I am changing my thoughts now to "praying peace" rather than praying FOR peace. I was thinking that years ago people said we don't pray for rain, we pray rain, then we visualise clouds coming in, dampness feeling, put on rain boots and rain coat, put up the umbrella, to be ready. So I think I can do that with peace, actually the stickers I had made about 25 years age were doing that, "Visualise World Peace". So I think we are looking at a great year in 2008.

Love to you.

THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL LEADERSHIP is a tuition-free, internet based education program which provides a curriculum in consciousness designed to prepare students to become personally empowered, consciously aware, high-integrity and heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world. The study program is open to participants of any age and from anywhere in the world. Contact: Michael Lightweaver,



December 28 message sent to the Global Meditations Network:

Pakistan is in trouble.
It needs help.

Will you join me in creating a great mass consciousness of planting peace poles in Pakistan?

What are peace poles?

Eight-foot acupuncture needles that stimulate the energies of peace.

May Peace Prevail On Earth. May Peace Prevail On Earth. May Peace Prevail On Earth.

200,000 have been planted throughout the world.
Let us, with our minds, plant 200,000 in Pakistan.

The power of mass consciousness when it comes together to create a single thought form is STRONG.

Let us do the act of planting with our minds 200,000 peace poles in Pakistan.

To see peace poles planted throughout the world, click to google and, at search images, type in peace poles.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


December 29 message sent to the Global Meditations Network:

Yesterday I asked you to help Pakistan at this moment of extreme crisis for the country by using the technique of mass consciousness to visualize with your minds 200,000 peace poles planted in Pakistan.

Yes, many of you have emailed answering the call to help. One of you, Deborah, sent the request to Pakistan. Here is the answer from Pakistan.

Fri, 28 Dec 2007

From: James Channan,

Dear Deborah,

There are tears running through my eyes as I have read your email. What a moving idea to give some ray to hope and peace to the people of Pakistan at this most difficult time of the history. We as people of Pakistan are really in a great turmoil. We are faced with so many problems one after another such as: riots, unrest, insecurity, terrorism, fanaticism, discrimination and lack of peace. Maybe that is the test of our faith, our commitment and our zeal to work for peace even more harder in Pakistan.

Yes, Pakistan is in deep trouble.
Pakistan needs your help.

You can help Pakistan to come out of the immense disturbance and lack of peace we are faced with.

You can help the dove of peace stay ALIVE in Pakistan..

I am very grateful to Barbara Wolf for her splendid idea to plant 200,000 Peace Poles in Pakistan. Yes, that is exactly what we need. We would like to plant Peace Poles at every major city of Pakistan and spot and public square, park and children play grounds and schools and colleges and universities to give the strongest message to the world that MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH!

Yes our entire URI team and several other peace, human rights and interfaith organizations will be most willing to carry out this noble project.

I will be most happy to offer my services for this noble cause.

Thanks also to Global Meditations Network! Please join us and help us at this critical moment of our history.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!
May Peace Prevail in Pakistan!

with dream of peace in Pakistan and in the world I am,

sincerely yours,

fr James Channan OP
URI Regional Coordinator Asia and Pakistan
Chief Executive (Prior Vice-Provincial, Ibn-e-Mariam ) Dominican Order, Pakistan


My dear Global Meditations Network friends,

There is no doubt that peace poles, visual or physical, are needed now, at this moment of extreme turmoil. Pakistan cannot wait.

Fr. James Channan is thinking about physical peace poles and we have been thinking about visualization.

How can Fr. James Channan be accommodated?

I have an idea.

After I send this message to you, I will email Fr. James Channan asking him to contact the schools of Pakistan to ask the children to draw peace poles. These drawings can be put on school walls and they can be taken home and given to their parents with a request that the peace pole drawings are taped to the walls and windows of their homes.

I will ask Fr. James Channan to contact his colleagues so they can help him phone the schools and the news media.

Let us change our visualization a bit. Let us visualize that there can immediately be 200,000 peace pole drawings in Pakistan at the height of this extreme turmoil for the country.

Pakistan cannot wait.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

Old news.

I will be speaking at the 4th Global Symposium: Awakening Planetary Consciousness, December 7-10, in Lucknow, India. My topic is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS RESOLVES CONFLICTS, BRINGS PEACE.

There will be participants from 92 countries. I will be representing you. Here is the astonishing list of participants.

Here is the website:

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

--------------------------- has news about the healing affects of the AGNIHOTRA FIRE.
Click on Newsletter to read Newsletter #18 which gives several testimonies of people healed from asthma and other diseases.


 What is the Global Meditations Network?

is an article called “The Great Shift and Our Galactic Heritage.”
Master Guide Kirael, who speaks through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, explains the human connection to beings of other realms; who are the Galactic energies helping with our Great Shift; and what type of help are they already sending us.


This world is in a big mess. We need to help reduce the mess. Join me in thought to reduce the energy of what is not in the best interest of mankind. We, the mass consciousness of One, wish to live in peace.


Eric Van der Wyk,, presents The "Sounds of Our Planet" CD series dedicated to preserving and sharing natural sounds that one might find relaxing, intriguing, and uplifting. Free sampler plus shipping.


Names of Native American Nations read by Grandmother SilverStar, Cherokee Elder, with background sacred singing.
Click here for broadband. Click here for dialup.

In graditude to the American Indian Ancestors of Grandmother Turtle Island.
May Peace Prevail On Earth. Heart of the Dove.Star Knowledge Circle Grandmothers.
For more information, contact

The Lamb and the Lion.


From: Sean White,

I Love Mother Earth - 12:12 Daylight Meditation

I invite you all to join with me and many others to say a prayer for Mother Earth at 12:12pm every single day. If you have the time and the inclination, please say the following prayer, so that we may weave the maximum benefit into this project: I call upon the Creator, the Masters and the Angels and Guides to witness our gratitude in ALL THAT WE ARE AND HAVE. We ask that you bring our Higher Selves together this day to weave a beautiful healing light for Mother Earth. May it be so in LOVE. If you forget the prayer, or need something shorter, just say "I love you Mother Earth" at 12:12 in the afternoon, in your own time zone. Just that in and of itself would be enough to send a beautiful wave of love energy around her, encompassing her every day.


A channeling.
Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling.
A plea from a Lebanese.

Hathors message concerning 'extreme wave activity'
given to Tom Kenyon.
--------------- opens with a beautiful home page, and the next page, is even better. On the latter you will find links to Inspiring Audio, Healing Arts, Cosmology, Secret of Creation, Festivals, Global Meditations, and more.
---------------------- is the web address of the Padmacahaya International Institute of Inner Study, an Indonesian non-profit organization holding workshops around the world to teach healing meditations. It also operates free walk-in Reiki Tummo clinics.
The Universal Flag, dedicated to spreading the truth of who we are. We are all one.

This universal flag represents no borders or boundaries. It is different from national flags and the world flag because it shows the seven energy (chakra) colors within a human body. Regardless of race, creed, or color, all humans have this programming within them.
Sent by Karen Clayton:

"Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are." Hafsat Abiola


Slovenia and United Arab Emirates report.


May 21, JERUSALEM. James Twyman will lead a group of Spiritual Peacemakers to join THE JERUSALEM HUG PROJECT when thousands of people will share a massive hug around the old city of Jerusalem. Contact:; Tel: 800-206-TOUR.


The International Institute For Global Leadership, is a tuition-free, internet-based education program which provides a curriculum in consciousness designed to prepare students to become personally empowered, consciously aware, high-integrity and heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world. The study program is open to participants of any age and from anywhere in the world. Student Progress: 34 students from 17 countries completed a total of 55 books during the month of February.


PURE DIVINE LOVE, the new website of Lynn Paterson and Isaac George, is beautiful. Take a look. They channel messages from Archangel Ariel and other Beings of Light, plus, they give tools for awakening, healing and transformation. Contact:



Jean Carfantan of France invites you to join a group giving Prayer, Meditation and Care to those people requesting help, with the understanding that union of intent creates power for healing. If you need help, you can request help. Please visit here.


February 20, I fly to the Balkans and then to the Middle East to lecture. Usually I say nothing to you when I go somewhere to lecture, but this time, yes, I am telling you because I need you. Please read further.


Feb.17, 11 a.m., New York Standard Time.
You are invited to join a free GLOBAL LINK TELECONFERENCE:
Details here.


Mar. 10, 9 am Pacific time (noon NY Eastern time), Dr. ROBERT MULLER, former Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations, who is turning 84, will be celebrating with a special teleseminar. For a little inspiration from an 84 year old Wisdom Keeper, you are invited to ask him a question and hear him live via phone . To sign up, click on

You can subscribe to the Good Morning World's Idea Dream Email List maintained by Robert and his wife Barbara Gaughern by clicking on and following directions.


Favorite wise sayings.
From Eric Van der Wyk,


PEDI -- PEACE EVERY DAY INITIATIVE -- is an effort based on creating peace by daily committing during meditation the visualization that all the people doing this are holding hands and generating a light surrounding the planet. Contact: Michael A. Bedar,


The 2007 EarthStar Ceremonial PEACE Calendar is ready.
Printable order form at: Sacred Star Knowledge

Note from Barbara: If you have never seen The 13 moon ceremonial EARTHSTAR Peace Calendar of the Galactic Federation, A Sacred Earth Moon Sun Dance with the Stars, you will be surprised!


Master Kirael State of the Planet Address 2007


In Praise of the Tree

Note from Barbara:
This wonderful Palden Jenkins of England web page was sent to me by Antares of Malaysia. And so, folks, here is an example of the good effects of the computer age -- instant communication anywhere in the world.


Excerpts from several of Archangel Michael's past messsages: A Time To Reflect, transmitted through Ronna Herman.


An Act of Kindness.


Father Jean-Juste of Haiti Needs Help.

Emails pertaining to the need for help.

Earlier Haiti emails.


Native American flute player MARINA RAYE, accompanied by cellist Ron Clearfield, has a new CD, Being Peace, which is a celebration of peace in every moment.

by Tellis Papastavro
Recommended by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The latest HOMA HEALTH newsletter has an interesting
report, with photographs, about the Effectivity of the
Homa Supertechnology at El Cerezo, Peru.


From Raven: All people smile in the same language.



Today I rescued a small hummingbird. My neighbor just erected a large sunscreen over his porch. I spotted a hummingbird on top of the screen flapping madly, going nowhere. It looked like he was standing on the screen from where I could see. I thought he might be mating from the looks of the motions he was making, it seemed there was another bird under him. I went into Andy's yard, pulled up a step-stool, stacked some wooden blocks on top and climbed up so I could see what was happening within arm's reach. A hummingbird was stuck in the fabric by the tip of his beak, about an inch or more and a larger hummingbird was trying to pull him out of the screen. When the large bird moved away (and waited and watched) I reached out and the bird stopped flapping so I could grab it and pull it free. I let go as soon as it was free and it flew off chirping thank you thank you thank you, they both stopped at the bird feeder and then flew away. whew!


Paper Cranes of Peace.

They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation. Neither shall they learn war any more.

From Margaret Fikioris:


To view a photo of Mother Earth seen from space,
click on

Then, right click on the image and print.

Print out flags of nations needing peace.

Combine Mother Earth and flag pictures with flowers, crystals, ribbons, prayers, and love.

You have created a peace altar..

May Peace Prevail on Earth.
Love, Margaret

The WORLD GARDEN PROJECT grows and grows. Eric Van der Wyk,, continually adds wonderful photographs to the World Garden Family album, He wishes to assure you that the cyber attack he has been been experiencing with all his websites, including the garden site, is over and all are up and running smoothly. Please read more about Eric by clicking on Eric Van der Wyk.

Your comments about the garden.
Here is a comment submitted by Mara.

They laughed at him and said it could not be done.
Nothing could be grown in that salt laden dustbowl.
But Geoff Lawton had other ideas.
He travels the world teaching others how to repair trashed environments that are beyond hope of becoming productive.

The CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, which has special gardens growing produce within city neighborhoods, joins the World Garden Project.

Here are URLs links to The Philadelphia Green City Harvest Project, also called Philadelphia Green.

Philadelphia will use the NORDIC LIVING WATER SYSTEMS hose attachment.

Near the end of this web page, is a wonderful photograph of CELTIC PRAYER FLAGS in a garden.


We came to the vision of creating products that would send vibrations into the world that would hopefully uplift people's spirit and contribute to wholeness, beauty and health. During one of our forest journeys we hatched the idea of Celtic Prayer Flags that would disperse positive messages on the wind.

Agnihotra update. ...... .....
Online newsletter re homa therapy published by Dr. Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan of Peru.

Swiss born healer KATHARINA BLESS, founder of the Silver Dove Network and Soma Center in Thailand, has a new website,

Please add your prayer to the BOOK OF PRAYERS FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

EARTHDANCE, Sept. 16, The Global Festival for Peace, 10th Anniversary, uniting over 250 locations in 50 countries through music and dance in celebration of peace. Contact:

Dr. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak of The Academy For Future Science,, request prayers for the Middle East.

Daily, 5 pm your local time, until peace is achieved, you are asked to pause one minute to send a silent prayer for peace in the Mideast. This is a request from the The Mideast Peace Prayer Foundation

From Barbara: You are asked to send Love to the Middle East. 

The DailyOM, a daily source for nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Every day, DailyOM will send you inspirational thoughts for a happy, healthy and fulfilling day.


Emotional Healing -- Your Pathway to a Life in Balance
Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

HO'OPONOPONO, an Hawaiian healing method.


July 26, emailed by Patricia Hooper,

When I saw the crop circle made on July 22nd (last Saturday)

I felt that the message from the stars was telling us to "use love" ... I think this could be a very powerful way of taking action, replacing hatred with love, both within and without.

Just one breath of Love each night by a million people could change the nature of what's happening in our world! We can continue the action until we see Love actualized everywhere around us! Please join me,and share this with your friends... We can do it!

from One Heart,




Attila Kovacs,, of The Honolulu Church of Light asks you to join a global meditation on the 11th Day of Every Month at 9 pm your time for 15 minutes. The aim is to reach one billion people.
Raymon Grace healing technique for Chechnya.

THE GLOBAL ONESNESS COMMITMENT is a project with the goal of uniting people around the globe to mutual actions in order to not only save what we have, but to transform the planet thru an increase in spiritual awareness - a new consciousness creating a joyful home for all its inhabitants and sincere respect for all forms of life. The eight-year project is initiated by the Global Oneness Foundation based in Stockholm, Sweden, in association with the Times Foundation based in Delhi, India.

Nic Askew makes short films featuring extraordinary people from many walks of life. All are viewable free at the monday9am project site, Behind the films, Contact:; Tel: +44 (0) 845 838 6755; Mobile +44 (0) 7770 944698

The Whale Protection Project - The Flight of the Humpback. On the web site at certain times every day, live whale and/or human songs/talks. Short 2 to 5 minute mini documentaries.

Kosmos Associates Inc is an international journal committed to the birth and emergence of a new planetary culture and civilization. Writers address diverse cultural values, new spirituality, global activism and global political, economic, social, institutions.

Vijali has returned from the World Wheel project, Amazon Refuge. has news and wonderful photographs.

Global Meditations Network concept update, June 22, 2006.

Lighting a Candle for Peace.
3,956 candles from 71 countries are shining on this website. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this website.

From David,
The Foundation for Global Community is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to reconnecting people, the planet, and prosperity. Recognizing that natural, social, and economic systems are all parts of a single interconnected whole, the Foundation has been promoting cultural change, facilitating personal development, and strengthening community connections for over 50 years.

From the Global Meditations Network book listing:

TANTRA OF SOUND, a new book written by Jonathan and Andi Goldman,, shows how the power of sound can bring harmony and balance within us so that loving relationships can be formed. Included is a CD.

June 28, 2006 update: The book has just won the 2006 Visionary Aware for "Best Alternative Health Book". If you have not yet read the book, you are invited to do so as well as to listen to an hour-long CD of recorded examples to enhance your ability to utilize sound to enhance love and healing.

From Barbara: I enjoyed reading this book. The two authors use a simple, easy-to read approach as a good teaching mechanism. I loved page 16: Our body is like a wonderful orchestra with each section playing the proper notes for what could be called the Suite of the Self......the basic principle of sound healing as well as any vibrational medicine is this: to restore the correct vibratory resonance to that part of the body that is vibrating out of harmony.

BEARCLOUD June 21 message.

Homa newsletter,

The Healing Music Organization supports the natural healing that happens when the mind, spirit and body begin to harmonize together and resonate with the Oneness of the furthers the work of visionaries, researchers, scholars, artists, historians, healing practitioners, scientists and spiritual teachers in realizing a healthier world.


How to manifest what you want.

Chechnya needs your help.
How to manifest help for Chechnya by visualizing the future, by creating a slogan -- PEACEFUL CHECHYNA -- and energizing it daily.

Note from Barbara: I am receiving emails from you asking that another slogan is energized -- PEACEFUL WORLD. I like this idea and I hope you like it also.


Water Meditation CD available.

Earlier version, with more info. May 13-14, GLOBAL MEDITATION for PEACE at the time of the Crescent Moon.
Message from Bennie LeBeau, Blue Thunder.

13 Moon EarthStar Ceremonial Peace Calendar for 2006 is ready.

Projects that may interest you.........Links
Time Converter.........World Clock......... Tours........ Updated Book Listing....... Music, Radio, Film, Art.

Native American page........Drum Circles and why they are important.

Energy Waves, an explanation....We are all Divine Beings.

The Importance of THE VIOLET FLAME. by Patricia Cota-Robles.
Violet Flame and St. Germain by Barbara Wolf.

Mother Earth and Agnihotra fires.

Véronique Blommaart of The Netherlands,, has on her website,, a hologram sent to her by Janosh,, who has been instructed to send world wide this hologram of Purification to help with the cleaning of the Self. The hologram has been sent without copyright, without ego, without publicity, in order to help purify the world.

The goal is for 80,000 people to agree to become Catalyst sfor Peace.

PLANETARY NETWORK FOR EARTH ENERGY MEDICINE & ANGELIC HEALING, called Pneemah, initiated by Joseph-Mark Cohen, is devoted to Planetary Healing at pivotal astrological and galactic moments that initiate magnetic field fluctuations affecting the Earth's grid. If you wish to be a part of this new endeavor, please email

FREECYCLE: CHANGING THE WORLD ONE GIFT AT A TIME. This network is a grassroots movement of many individual groups across the globe giving things for free and receiving things for free.

PARTNERS IN KINDNESS, has the aim of encouraging people around the world to do an act of kindness each day Contact:


May 13-14, GLOBAL MEDITATION for PEACE at the time of the Crescent Moon.

Native American prophet Bennie LeBeau is calling for councils and sacred ceremonies on May 13-14, GLOBAL MEDITATION for PEACE at the time of the Crescent Moon. Councils are being formed for the guardianship of Mother Earth, and humanity will be working with the dolphins.

Two websites concerning the dolphins, and

OUR LIVING EARTH AND SCIENCE , an e-mail from David A. Anderer, pertains to the May 13-14 event.

As you may recall, Bennie LeBeau organized the global meditation of May 8, 2004 to activate the GREAT MEDICINE WHEEL.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


WORLD PEACE EMERGING website, gives you feature stores of ordinary people helping people, people cleaning up messes, people creating solutions where hope has been lost.


Posted Jan.18, "Today I smile..."
Sent: by David A. Anderer,

A good friend sent me this poem today.
It made me smile. I thought I would pass it on to those in need of one.

"Today I smiled, and all at once things didn't look so bad.
Today I shared with someone else, a bit of hope I had.
Today I sang a little song and felt my heart grow light,
And walked a happy little mile with not a cloud in sight.
Today I worked with what I had and longed for nothing more,
And what had seemed like only weeds, were flowers at my door.
Today I loved a little more and complained a little less,
And in the giving of myself,
I forgot my weariness."



Forwarded by dskeehn,
Sent: 22 Dec. 2005
Note from Barbara: I am not certain who first started emailing this story.

If you read the front page story of the SF Chronicle today--Thu, 15 Dec 2005 -- you would have read about a female humpback whale who had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines. She was weighted down by 100s of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat. She had 100s of yards of line (rope) wrapped around her body - her tail, her torso, a line tugging in her mouth.

A fisherman spotted her just east of the Farralone Islands (outside the Golden Gate) and radioed an environmental group for help. Within a few hours the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so bad off, the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her - a very dangerous proposition; One slap of the tail could kill a few rescuers. They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her. When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, and nudged them, pushed them gently around - she thanked them... some say it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives. The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth says her eye was following him the whole time, and he will never be the same.


BECOME A CATALYST FOR PEACE, a World Peace Experiment.

Forwarded by Elise,

This world effort seeks 80,000 people willing to be part of an experiment to see if the perception of good and evil can be shifted to a perception of love.


THE SEVEN ATTITUDES OF IMMORTALS and THE MECHANICS OF HEALING, two articles on the website of Gabriel Naga Ra.


144 POINTS OF LIGHT ~ Enlightening Planet Earth, an article on the website of Steve and Barbara Rother.

Note from Barbara: This article, channelled from The Group, begins with The Challenge of Igniting 144 Points of Light.

Above the article is a world map showing lights.


Chris James,, says his CD, SLEEPING ANGELS, to put babies to sleep, is actually being used by people all over the world and it goes well beyond putting children to sleep. He says it is touching the hearts of people everywhere.

Testimonials are on


Barbara Wolf speech, "Peace, Love, and Light to All", given at November 1, 2005 conference hosted by World Brotherhood Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey.


AUSTRALIAN SOUND HEALER CHRIS JAMES,, has been giving workshops in Norway. He says: I was holding level 3 workshop for my graduates and one of the men, school teacher Odd Nielsen, told me a wonderful story. As he teaches in an ordinary school in an ordinary town and is doing extraordinary things, I asked him to write down the story. I found it so delightful, I am passing it on to you.


Morning massage. A story of what I do in an ordinary school in Norway.

At the school where I work, we have for several years started the day with morning massage for the youngest pupils. (6-9 years). I do not know how common this is in Norway, but I know about some other schools, where the teachers are doing it. It all started some years ago in Sweden, where some scientists found out that children in kindergarten who give each other massage, beat each other less. The scientists made a course, called "Small children massage". Some of the teachers at my school have participated in this course. In my class we had regular massage until last summer. We started the day with the morning massage for three years. It is done as a gentle touch or massage on the surface of the clothes. The music in the background most commonly is "Morning mood" by Edward Grieg.

The massage went like this:
We sat on the floor in a big circle (on pillows), in pairs behind each other. When the music started, we put our hands on the shoulders on the person in front of us, and let our hands gently move down and up on the persons arms. After a while the hands stopped on the shoulders, and the thumbs started to make small circles at the back of the shoulders. Then we made small light raindrops, by drumming very gently with our fingertips down and up on the persons arms. The raindrops moved to the neck for a while and then continued to the top of the head. We moved around on the head before we let one hand rest on the forehead and the other hand on the back of the head, we pressed gently and changed the hands. Doing this we send our partner good thoughts or energy. Then we drew a big sun on the back of our partner, with eyes, nose and a smiling mouth. In the end we whispered good morning and the name of our partner, and gave him/her a gentle hug. We changed places without talking, and started at the beginning. When everybody had received massage, the partners told each other how the massage felt like.

The whole massage took less than 10 minutes. The time used on each part of the arms/head is from 30 to about 60 seconds. Doing the first part we use the time necessary to calm down. We can tell from the children's body language, that they really enjoy the massage. Some take their sweater off and sit in the T-shirt to feel more comfortable, those with long hair move it away from the neck….

The teacher may tell and show how to do it during the massage, after some time it is enough with one word for each part.

After participating on Chris James Level One Course in summer 2004, I wanted to use some of the things I learned, with the morning massage. At a meeting with the parents I told them what I wanted to do. Luckily, I could show them a book written by a Norwegian doctor, "The musical medicine" (Den music medicine). The name of the doctor is Audun Myskja, and he has done some scientific work with music and sound as therapy. He received a prize from The Norwegian Doctor Union for this work. Sound and music has much more influence on us than we have thought earlier.

The music we use and the sounds we make for the massage are very good for both our body and our soul.

Last year we started the massage in a different way, and the music is the CDs of Chris James. Sitting in the circle, we close our eyes and let our arms hang low. Then we take three BIG BREATHS. I told the children this helps our brains to relax. After the breaths we tone for a little while. I told them that our bodies like this sound. The first days I started the tone, then I asked one morning: "Does someone want to start?" Lots of hands were put up! I had to make a list of the tone starters to make sure they all got the chance. After some months everyone had started the tone, and I think that is great.

The first two months we were humming instead of toning. I thought it was more safe to start with something they knew. When we had changed to toning I asked after a few days: "Does someone feel a difference from the humming?" An eight year old kid put his hand up and answered: " I feel more light and fresh in my head when we are toning!!!" The only thing I told them when we changed to toning was that toning was even better for our bodies. In spite of this the boy had experienced those great feelings! I was really amazed, I thought THIS IS IT.

The music we use now, Silk in the clouds, is composed by Chris James. Chris´ voice goes right to our souls!

I have had a wonderful time in this class. Some mornings, when my meditation at home was particularly good, I felt a very good energy in the massage room. The faces of the pupils were then extra soft and relaxed. It was so touching then, that I felt it was difficult to speak when the massage was done…….

This class got a new teacher this autumn, she wanted to continue with the massage. The older pupils usually do not use the massage. "Are we not too old for this?" they asked. The teacher started up three times a week, and now they say: "Can't we do this every day?"

I have started with a new class, with 5-6 year old kids. (The beginners) The second day they were at school we started to do the massage. A privilege I would say, it is to lead the kids through this. I feel great every morning, and I look forward to every day at school. We have not learned the whole massage yet, but during the autumn I think we have. At a meeting with their parents we did the whole thing, and they also enjoyed the massage. I think the half of them joined in, in the toning.

Last week we had a meeting at our school with all the teachers in the first class from the town. (It's not a very big town.) We did the morning massage together, and I told them a bit of the theory behind it. I think everyone joined in, in the toning! Some of them wanted to do the massage in their own classes this autumn.

The snowball has started to roll, I hope it will be BIG!

From Barbara:
Please check the websites of Chris James,
and where you will find information on Chris, his music, and his schedule. Email:; Telephone: + 61 3 9844 3933 Fax: + 61 3 9844 1277.


 Preparing for the Influx of Divine Light by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles. This extensive message contains BREATHING EXERCISES for you and AFFIRMATIONS OF HEALING for yourself and for all the world.


(Joya) Owl Woman's photography (Visual Essence)


SIGNATURE CELL HEALING WORKSHOPS by Kahu and Kirael. New postings on
What is Signature Cell Healing?
From the Kirael website: Signature Cell HealingTM is a non-invasive touch healing modality which focuses energy on the "signature cell," or God cell, which lies within the pineal gland. This all-important cell holds the memory of our cellular perfection and our original life blueprint. The reawakening of this signature cell allows for a return to optimum health and balance.

From Donon Regan,
I had a Near Death Experience about 8 years ago and it transformed my life. It is my goal to provide information on intuition and the near-death experience to medical professionals, thereby spilling into the mainstream. My intention is to get people out of fear and cause them to look inside themselves and to have more compassion and dissolve boundaries. The idea has been met with resistance. It has been hard finding sponsorship. Any ideas you have to help bring my dream to fruition are appreciated.

From Jodieanne and Keith English of England,
We started a non-profit company called OAKAPPLE ART to help working artists to be able to become successful through their art without being exploited in any way. markets and sells their work without taking any commission from their sales. We are open to working artists and photographers throughout the world, and we now find ourselves with over fifty artists from Israel, Germany and the USA, not just the UK. Each day we are contacted by new artists making enquiries. The public does not yet know about the website. We are asking for help on how to inform the public or to help our artists through donations that would be used to advertise the website. We are asking all to contact our artists and see for themselves what we are trying to accomplish.

Releasing of Energy

Trauma and Solutions

What is the Global Meditations Network?

Kirael Photon Energy Forecast - March 2005

Dolphins Message.

Near Death Account.


At the top of this page is a hand of Peace, Love, and Light
holding our world, Mother Earth.

With your mind, imagine you are the hand of Peace, Love, and Light
and Mother Earth is a beautiful flower, closed.

Imagine you, as a hand of Peace, Love, and Light, are beginning to open this pure flower.

The petals open and open and open
and now you have a beautiful, open, flower of purity.

This is what we want for Mother Earth --
Peace, Love, and Light so she opens like a flower of purity.

Just now, we and Mother Earth are being bombarded with negativity.
It is the darkness swept under the carpet that is being exposed for us to deal with.

We are free Beings who have the right to create what we want.
Let us be the hand of Peace, Love, and Light that holds our Mother Earth.
Let us open Her so she becomes a beautiful flower of purity.
When we are finished, the darkness that has come up from under the
carpet will, because of the strength of our determination, be turned to Light!!!

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Hello From My Heart.

Since the consciousness of everyone influences the consciouness of All, I propose we practice Random Acts of Kindness whenever possible. Your positive efforts help to increase the intensity of global positive energies.

Here is the background on Hello From My Heart.
Gary Schineller,, used those words and he influenced the mood of an entire Florida community.

Gary Schineller said that when he moved to a community near Tampa Bay, Florida, and he began his usual morning walk, to his surprise, no one returned his greeting as he passed. No one spoke to anyone.

He continued greeting everyone and he began saying Hello From My Heart. Soon, not only did the people he passed greet him, but they began greeting each other. The mood in the community had changed.

He learned from the police department that crime had diminished.

A Hello From My Heart day was chosen and the news media spread the news that everyone was invited to participate. Not only did crime diminish according to the results of that day, but it continues to diminish.

I think you will agree that Love is the most powerful energy for us to use to change the world to a peaceful one.

On September 11, 2005, Gary Schineller will conduct a Hello From My Heart global meditation.


E-mail from Lynn:

Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people.

~ Mother Teresa

The Gentle Art of Blessing.

Books, new listings.
Music, Radio, Film, Art.

Lyndia Radice invites you to view spiritual artwork on her web site, She says many of her works were inspired from the time she spent with an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon helping the woman start a kindergarten.

Artist Josephine Wall has painted Earth Angel and this is included in a 2005 calendar. To see it, open and click on 2005 calendar. Under the picture called Celestial Journeys, click to enlarge the picture.

Techniques For Surviving Earthquakes.
You are asked to help save the dugong, rare sea animals of Okinawa.



Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto water ceremony report at Leichtenstein on July 23, 2006. 

Due to the state of emergency in The Middle East, Dr. Emoto postponed the July 25, 2006, water ceremony in Israel.

I think we should perform our July 25 water ceremonies. Click here to read my proposal.

July 23 and 25 WATER PROJECT. You are invited to help scientist Masaru Emoto with this project.

Earlier news:

Many of you helped Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto's efforts on July 25, 2004, by sending samples of water to Liechtenstein where all waters were combined and blessed and then put into the Rhine River to begin a journey to the North Sea and to the oceans of the world.

Experimentation has shown scientist Emoto that water, when blessed, reacts and begins to change its molecular structure into a perfect state, a golden hexagon. He reminds us that not only is our planet made up of nearly 80 percent water but the human body is also.

I have received an email from Dr. Emoto's office telling about the establishment of a new organization called the International Water for Life Foundation. A festival, November 27 and 28 in Tokyo, is being held to celebrate the start of this foundation. The movie, What The Bleep Do We Know!? will be shown as well as water crystal photographs from Dr. Emoto's book, "Messages from Water", and the film "Gaia Symphony No. 5". Dr. Ervin Laszlo, founder of the Club of Budapest, will speak on his latest book, "Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything." The premise is -- because everything is connected with each other in this Universe and all other universes, we can naturally reach the conclusion that we can change the world by changing our consciousness.

Click here for more information about the festival and theories regarding consciousness.

Love and Light,


Artist Josephine Wall has painted Earth Angel and this is included in a 2005 calendar. To see it, open and click on 2005 calendar. Under the picture called Celestial Journeys, click to enlarge the picture.

I do not think you will be disappointed.


November 1 e-mail from Sune of SWEDEN:

Dear Barbara,

I would like to share with you a short moment of beauty:

Yesterday, October 31, my wife and I were at a café on the westcoast in the south of Sweden. The café is situated on a hill overlooking a bay with a small mountain in the backgrond. We were watching the sunset, seeing the sun -- partly hidden behind clouds -- going down behind the mountain. The colors were incredibly beautiful: the golden sun, the dark blue/indigo colored clouds, the rose colored sky, and a silver ray beaming down from the sun through an opening of the clouds, on to the sea.

On our way home through the open landscape we saw the whole sky around us with many beautiful colors.

When we got home I found that AA Michael´s November message already had appeared on the website When reading through it I found this passage:

"We can inspire, direct and assist you, but you and you alone must take the action that will result in Heaven on Earth. Watch for the signs in the sky and the beautiful clouds and sunsets that the angels paint for you."

At the same time I got a news letter from you (Global Meditations Network) , where I found this: "Artist Josephine Wall has painted Earth Angel and this is included in a 2005 calendar. To see it, open and click on 2005 calendar. Under the picture called Celestial Journeys, click to enlarge the picture. I do not think you will be disappointed."

No, I was not disappointed!

Very best regards,
Sune Svensson

PS We live just outside a small town called Ängelholm or Engelholm (in English: Angel´s Isle)



Synopsis, CANCER SIGNALS: Take Charge and Win! ....Excerpts from the book....Reader comments.....Press Release.....Book flier.....USA Today ad for book.....About The Authors.


October 11, Peace activities at Onondaga, heart of Iroquois Confederacy.
Brazil, September 2004 report.
Washington D.C./Native American, September 2004 report.
Haiti hurricane report......Rare Blue Iguanas in the Cayman Islands Survive Hurricane Ivan.
Japan 2004 Report.
Japan 2000 Report.

You are invited to join The Spiritual Cinema Circle in order to monthly receive on DVD 3-5 movies representing the spiritual cinema and art.

Explanation of Fifth Dimensional Energies.

Charles Lightwalker and Serena LaSol of The Family of Light bring you an extensive web site of links. Take a look!


From Bearcloud:

I have created a new calendar this year with the top Star Glyph (crop circle) formations of the year. This calendar is very unique in that it is circular, which is the nature of the Star glyphs. It has the phases of the moon for each day and all astronomical events of the year. It has the sunrise and sunset times and many other interesting features.


PEACE, LOVE, AND LIGHT is positive energy.
Energy IS.
It must be counted.
You are invited to help spread these positive energies throughout united humanity.

Thank you.
Barbara Wolf


TAPESTRY OF WORDS: THE FABRIC WE WEAVE WITH OUR HEARTS, made by the Global Meditations Network, can be read by Acrobat Reader. Free download of Acrobat Reader on

A MESSAGE OF PEACE & REASSURANCE FROM THE ANGELS. Channeled by Doreen Virtue, March 17, 2003

" Walk with the Spirit of a Warrior and Teach with Peace."

"They will beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up swords against nation, nor will they train for war any more."


Crop Circle appears on Water Day, July 24, 2005.

JULY 24, 2005

SENDING LOVE AND THANKS TO WATER, July 25, 2004, initiated by Japanese water scientist MASARU EMOTO who asked everyone world wide to send Love to the water.
Final July 25, 2004 Water Project report.
Full message about the July 25 Global Water Project.
July 25, 2004 Water Ceremonies.

Saving a Manta Ray, a beautiful story.
A Hare story.

WATER PAGE with information on purifying water.

July 25, 2003 water report.

WHALES are our brothers in the sea. Here is their page.



May 8, 2004, 12 noon, Creating a GREAT MEDICINE WHEEL, a spiritual event based on the visions of Bennie LeBeau, Sr., of the Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Reservation, Wyoming, that involves people of all colors and spiritual traditions sending forth peace energy, focused well-being, and Unconditional Love. Locations: 20 sacred sites in the American West, and at many other sacred sites elsewhere around the world, including Australia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Middle East. The Grand Teton peaks in Wyoming -- The Four Grandmothers Standing Tall -- will serve as the center of this Medicine Wheel. Simultaneous prayer ceremonies at other sacred sites around world will help to re-activate and re-attune the web of subtle energy pathways that wrap around planet earth. Contact:

******* Dan Shaw's web site:
Click on N. America map to see nineteen significant mountains and bodies of water form a nearly perfect circle around the Grand Tetons. *********

Original Medicine Wheel story with maps and photos: Medicine Wheel Sites and Contacts:

Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Note from Barbara: lists locations and contacts for Medicine Wheel ceremonies.

May 8, 2004, MEDICINE WHEEL CIRCLE news:

Hopi Elder, dee see mana, Katherine Cheshire sends you words of wisdom regarding the Medicine Wheel Circle you will be making for the sacred day of May 8. She explains the need to dismantle the circle, close the door, before leaving the sacred space.

You may recall, at Harmonic Concordance, November 8, 2003, dee see mana, Katherine Cheshire offered prayers to Mother Earth sent to her from the world. Perhaps you sent a prayer to her.



The Angel of the Presence is present amidst the seeming chaos with a message of divine truth -- the shadow must be faced with the light, we must not be distracted by the Dweller, the dark forces of involution. The heart of humanity is afire with the desire for unification. Let the light, the love, and the power of God reveal our Divine Destiny.

Hold the line.


From The Global Village News and Resources,
Hello Shalom, Hello Salaam, ... Hello Peace!

Israel/Palestine - There is a new conversation breaking out between Israelis and Palestinians thanks to a new, toll-free telephone service. Large numbers of Arabs and Jews are picking up the phone and talking to people "on the other side" about reconciliation, tolerance and peace. Over 48,000 calls were placed in less than three months.

Full article on


Dec. 20-22, 2003, 48-Hour Songfest For Peace.
Barbara Wolf's speech on live telecast World Puja is posted here.


What Is The Global Meditations Network?
This paper was presented at a large Metaphysical Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on September 27, 2003, at Pax Universal, a powerful peace healing center directed by Carmen Balhestero who channels St. Germain.
Near Death Experience.
Fascinating and well-documented.
Kirael Report about Angels.
"The Gentle Art Of Blessing"

Many news items.

Peace Organizations........More Peace Organizations

Purpose of Global Meditations.

The Peace Pilgrim

September 11 page
April 26, 2002 message about Chernobyl.
Chernobyl and ways to combat radioactivity.


Note from Barbara: My life was busy busy with no time to enjoy Nature's gift to Man, whistles and songs of birds, until Eric Van der Wyk brought this simple pleasure to me with his CD 'The Birds of Verona'. I still must rush rush, but now I'm combining it with the wonderful whistles and songs.

Click on to read about The Sounds of Our Planet Series. Here is more that he can do.