News From Earlier Newsletters


News Items 1: Earth Song, a poem; How Positive Energy Can Influence Conflicts; Purpose of Global Meditations; List of earlier Global Meditations; "The Gentle Art of Blessing"; "Acts of Kindness"; A Few Symptoms of Wellness. Crop Circle; Agnihotra fire; Malaysian Nature Spirits; Hawaiian wisdom; Elephant wisdom; To the Sun, a poem.

New items 2: 1. Greenstar, the company that transforms isolated villages 2. The Ambassadors Magazine. 3. Peace Pilgrim. 4. Shine a Light for Peace. 5. Thousand Crane Peace Network. 6. North Ireland Wall of Peace. 7. Peace web site. 8. Translation service. 9. Who's Who URLs & Information Services URL. 10. Charity Anywhere Foundation. 11.The Housmans World Peace Database.

News items 3: 1. Dutch Healing Group. 2. Balkan Volunteers. 3. Mediterranean Marine Sanctuary. 4. Whale and Dolphin Channelling. 5. Manatee adoption. 6. Foster Child Adoption. 7. Creativity Cafe for Kids. 8. Native American events calendar.

Decemer 31, 2001: radio interview.
A Hiroshima survivor report of what happened to him on August 6, 1945.
Pictures and explanation of sacred sites of Japan.
My report as an International Election Supervisor in KOSOVO.