This vast Network focuses on co-creating with the consciousness of great numbers of humanity to help bring about peace, harmony, and balance to the planet.

Meditation, prayers, and love are its main tools.

The Network cooperates with spiritual and scientific members of society to bring to the attention of humanity that mass meditation can bring about positive results. Its first global meditation in 1997 was measured by Princeton University scientist Roger Nelson who says, “The possibilities that are implied by a subtle, but effective melding of our separate selves into a larger consciousness are great. And it seems imperative that something like this begin to occur, for we see signs all around us that we, the human skin of the earth, must begin to care more for ourselves en mass, for the earth as a whole.”

The Global Meditations Network works continually on world projects, among them, the recent July 2004 project of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto whose goal was to combine water sent from many world locations that was then blessed and released into the Rhine River to begin its journey to the North Sea and to the oceans of the world.

Experimentation has shown scientist Emoto that water, when blessed, reacts and begins to change its molecular structure into a perfect state, a golden hexagon. He reminds us that not only is our planet made up of nearly 80 percent water but the human body is also.

Barbara Wolf, founder of Global Meditations Network, has written with Margaret Fikioris a book, Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!, which points out the need for dis - ease, an imbalance, to be addressed from the standpoint of consciousness, including the consciousness of the cells in the human body. All conflicts, whether individual, communal, or global, have similar patterns and thus can be resolved in a similar way to return an imbalance to peace and harmony.


Barbara Wolf