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Recently I wrote you that everything has a consciousness, including Mother Earth. When humanity living on her surface breaks the code of peace and instead fights and kills and behaves improperly and sends thoughts of fear, Mother Earth will show her displeasure in the form of imbalances, such as forest fires, destructive hurricanes, droughts. If humanity behaves properly, she will treat humanity properly.

We are all different. The flavors of the dishes presented by humanity are distinct and different and many are very tasty. Yet, all of us would not want to eat at the same restaurant.

I want to share with you what happened to Francisco and Cecilia who live at Albericoque House, Elqui Valley, Cochiguaz, Chile. Here, sacred Agnihotra fires have been burning for twenty years. Agnihotra is the process of purifying the atmosphere through specially prepared fire. This healing fire comes from the Vedas, ancient knowledge. Shree Vasant of India is the teacher of Agnihotra.

One of your Global Meditations Network brothers, Franklin Nelson,, has emailed me the words of Francisco and Cecilia.

They say:

---we were in the midst of what is called the....Altiplano winter. February 15...the gardener ran all over the place warning the vacate immediately because an avalanche was coming from the Kankana Mountain....We saw an immense river of mud rapidly coming down towards us. The people started to go up the road and get farther away from that river of mud.

With Francisco, we did the opposite. We got closer to the avalanche, while people were desperately yelling at us to get away from there. Francisco started to chant some mantras, while with our hands we were trying to do some mudras and also saying back, back! in the name of Shree Vasant. Om Shree, Om Shree, Om Shree!!!

---on the side where the mud should have filled the parking lot first and the big cabins after, a three meter tall wall of mud rose up towards us without advancing not even to reach a the parking lot...The back of the car was touching the bamboo-like fence...full of mud on top of it. The car, however, had not received a single stain of mud.

In conclusion, the avalanche literally turned, and because a wall was formed on the side where we were reciting the mantras, the river of water and mud passed by the side of the fence...without touching not even a hair of the place.

The people...could not believe it and they took many photos....The television came the next day. We gave testimony that thanks to the fact that the fires have been done in that place for twenty years, the place has been protected.