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I have copy/pasted an entire email received March 19, 2003, from Maggie Erotokritou of The Global Spiritual Network,

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Channeled by Doreen Virtue, March 17, 2003


We have promised you that each prayer is heard and answered. Your prayers for peace have not fallen upon deaf ears. They have opened all hearts across the world, like flowers blooming in springtime. And you have gained new-found respect across the universe for the pledges you have made to peace. We have witnessed many of you going about your daily lives with a renewed commitment to peacefulness. Bravo, lightworkers! This is the mission you were born to do.

Do not let the news headlines eclipse the monumental spiritual growth and awakening that has recently occurred. Sometimes it takes a threatened crisis to renew the spirits of men and women who were asleep to their spirituality. Don't downplay or discount the enormity of your collective prayers. Their essence can never be lost nor forgotten. They are circulating your planet right this very moment, as we speak.

The world is braced this very moment in a unified holding of breath. And we say, "Breath, Dear Ones! Breath!" For breath is the essence of Spirit, and we need all of you to go about your daily lives with an even deeper commitment to being the embodiment of your true inner nature . . . which is peace.

No matter what worldly affairs may unfold, keep your breath deep and strong. Engage in even more spiritual practices at this time. Creative projects, walks in nature, sing-alongs, and mutual exchanges of kind words are essential. More now than ever.

Be even more attuned to the voice of Spirit which is eternally peaceful. You have shown much strength and courage in recent months, and you are to be commended for your efforts in the name of peacefulness. Do not discount the efforts, and think them in vain. For every prayer uttered in silence or aloud is collectively circulating the earth. These prayers hold the tempers of men in check, and allow the anger to vent away from the planet. Your prayers are cooling the hot blood of those who seek attack. We see your prayers as the very answer to your own prayers, from our perspective!

This is why we are urging you to renew your faith in miracles at this time. Put all of your energies into focusing upon the knowledge that miracles DO happen, and that they happen many times a day. By constantly affirming the presence of miracles, you usher them into your sphere of awareness. They are the knights in white shining armor you are seeking. They are products of your focus upon love.

When you look back upon your life, you will be most joyful for the moments when you were centered in the sure knowingness that all is well. And that the rest is a dark nightmare of the unwitting lower self. When you focus upon the nightmare, you are literally worshiping it. You pay service to that which you focus upon. And so you are lovingly urged to continue your vigilant focus upon peace.

We remind you of the usefulness of calling upon we angels, and by attuning yourself to the energy of gratitude, you reach the highest of energy planes on which your thoughts are most effective in their manifestations. We remind you of Divine timing, and ask you to have patience with the process which is in progress behind the scenes.

Do what you need to do to take care of yourselves, and do not hesitate to call upon we angels. We are here whenever you need us . . . for whatever you need us for. We stand steadfastly beside you, your loved ones, your world. We are your angels and we seek only for your peace and a peaceful outcome. And we tell you that you are on the brink of a mighty miracle . . . trust, have faith, and hold gratitude in your heart in whatever fashion you can muster. Give us your fears, your anger, your disappointment, your tears. Whatever emotion you seek to reconcile, please give it to us. How? Simply call upon us mentally will do. And we will come along shortly with a scooper designed to alleviate your pain, and replace it with the peace that is still inside of you.

Be not afraid of world affairs. For we promise you an orderly outcome, if you will trust and remain strong in your prayerful commitment to peace. Your planet is ascending, and is doing well, despite any appearances to the contrary.

Those of you who are committed to healing, teaching, and leading, we shall be calling upon you to join us during dream time, where an ever-increasing committee of lightworkers is congregating and doing inside work on behalf of peace. We shall be increasing your assigned committee work and you may notice an increase in spiritual dreams as a result. We especially seek lightworkers who are physically strong enough to withstand this extra amount of work during dreamtime. And if you find yourselves tiring upon awakening, simply ask us for an adjustment in the work schedule, and it shall be done.

Nothing surpasses the mighty power of collective open hearts, who are joined in their unified focus upon a singular goal. And you, Beloved One, are a big part of the miracle in maintaining an unwavering focus upon world peace. See it, taste it, visualize it, become it. It shall come to pass, we promise you.

-- In Love and with great respect for all of you, We are Your Angels

The Global Spiritual Network

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