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From Ronna Herman
November 25, 2006


Hello, dear friends, a dedicated Light Worker sent out this compulation of some of AA Michael's past messages to his Email list (I received it also since, apparently, I am on his list also). After reading it, I was inspired to send it out to all of you, for it is very timely and a good reminder of how powerful we are and how important it is that we stay centered and "Walk the middle path of balance and harmony," during these rapidly changing, uncertain times. As usual, I will also be sending you AA Michael's December message, as close to the first of the month as possible. As another year swiftly comes to a close, know that together we are an unbeatable force for good. I send you all my deepest love and bounteous blessings, Ronna






Beloved masters, we wish you to know how much we look forward to our time together each month. Even though you may not realize it, we are aware of each and every one of you even as we monitor what is taking place on Earth moment by moment. We sense your frustration, your fear and your pain, and in every way possible under the law, we send you hope, inspiration and guidance to assist you during your testing times. We create small miracles and gently nudge you back on the path when you falter and move out of your center of love and peace. We also bask in the aura of your loving thoughts and radiance. Just as you draw strength and inspiration from those of us in the higher realms, we also draw forth the accumulated positive thought forms of love from your prayers, meditations and unselfish acts of kindness. In the past, we have explained how all the positive energy sent forth by humanity into the ethers is harvested each year and added to the allotment of cosmic life force energy for the coming cycle.

The time of harvest is during your months of October, November and December and during the times you call January, February and March we are very busy assessing the state of the world and taking inventory, you might say. First, there is the energy of the collective consciousness of all humanity on Earth and then it is broken down by country, regions, and finally individually.

The God Source is constantly radiating forth from within the core of Itself streams of primal life force energy. The Earth, just like every other planet, star system, galaxy and universe, receives a predetermined allotment of this life-sustaining energy of creation.

Envision yourself coming before the great Cosmic Board bearing the fruits of your labors of love for the past year. What does your gift basket hold, beloveds? Is your cosmic bank account overflowing or do you have what might be seen as a debit balance, whereby you have overdrawn your account? Those of you who have stored your riches in heaven while going about your worldly life, will draw forth great gifts from your spiritual storehouse: gifts of wisdom, inspiration, assistance, and miracles large and small to smooth your path.

Those of you who have almost depleted your account will be shown in many ways that a time of accounting is at hand. That is what is taking place all over the world at this time. You can no longer ignore the signs and portents before you. Energy is energy no matter what form it takes, be it electricity, natural gas, oil or water, these are all forms of primal life force energy which produce power of various kinds. Even though there is an unlimited amount of life force energy from the Creator, there is a limit to the Earth's allotment and if you continue as you have in the past, it will not be too long before that allotment is depleted.

The blackouts, shortages and rising prices for energy resources around the world are all warning signs. It is only the beginning if you do not take heed and begin to conserve and preserve your energy resources. The solution is not further pillage and depletion of the Earth's resources; the rape of the Earth must stop, no longer will it be allowed. Not only is it critical that you add your loving energy via your thoughts and deeds to replenish your personal cosmic account, but you must join together to stop the depletion of the Earth's energy resource account as well.

You all know what to do: become conscious and grateful for the water resources that are so readily available and affirm that you will take steps to conserve in every possible way. Use your power resources sparingly and make a concerted effort to use 15%, 20% or even 25% less than in the past. Return to the simple pleasures of nature and develop unique ways to use or spend your "cosmic resources." Know that each and every spark of loving life force energy you use in a positive way or radiate forth from within will be duly noted and recorded, and then returned to you at least one thousand-fold.


At various times, we have of spoken of how it was in the higher realms when you were in your shining Spirit form, and we have told you many stories of your early adventures on Earth. During some of the seminars held by our beloved messenger, we have spoken of your journey to Earth as a Light Being and how you gradually assumed your cloaks of flesh. We also related to you how it was during the beginning times on Lemuria, and what eventually took place when the laggard souls were allowed to come to Earth. Many of you have expressed a desire to know more about these events. In some of your personal messages, we have told many of you that you were there, and that you did not fail. Even though the story must be given in a very condensed form, we think it will give you an understanding of how all of you have been affected by what took place on Lemuria so many aeons ago. Even if you were not there, it has still had an effect on you because of the heavy influence of the mass consciousness belief structure.

Lemuria was the third Golden Age on Earth. Wise, experienced souls from many far-distant galaxies and even other universes volunteered to be a part of the grand experiment, along with the newly-awakened holy innocent souls. These souls, taken from what you might call the cosmic incubator, were bestowed with individualized consciousness, and then were given an opportunity to have their first experiences as conscious Beings on planet Earth.

The Earth was the Garden of E-don, a shining planet of unsurpassed beauty. All of you who were there in the beginning times reveled in the joy of creation and the wonder of physical sensations as you gradually created your perfect physical vessels. You lived in joy and spontaneity with the innocence of children. There were wise guardians, later to be called priests and priestesses, who guided, taught and protected you as you became acclimated to your new home and gradually incorporated your physical emotional nature/desire body. The Mother-Goddess was the overlighting influence of the Lemurian race, which emphasized the intuitive, nurturing, inward-focused facets of human nature.

Many thousands of years later, during a time much like the present, a cosmic event took place. It was decreed that it was time for another solar system within your galaxy to spiral forward/upward into a more refined frequency level. There was a planet, much like planet Earth is now, which was lagging behind the rest of the planets in its solar system. The souls who inhabited this planet were a very aggressive, militant race who had strayed far from the path of Light. There were not many options and the cosmic hierarchy and karmic board did not wish to see the planet destroyed, leaving the souls allotted to itwith no place to continue the process of evolution. Many alternatives were discussed, and the Earth was often mentioned as a model of perfection, whereby the souls had made astounding strides in cocreation and had enjoyed great success over three major cycles of time (three Golden Ages). Finally, it was decided that some of the great masters would visit the guardians on Earth. The grave situation would be explained to the Lemurian leaders and a possible solution proposed. They would ask the guardians of Lemuria if they would agree to allow the leaders of the laggard planet to come to Earth to be taught and reintegrated into the Way of Light.

They would be given much guidance and assistance from the higher realms, and if the rehabilitation and integration of the few proved successful, gradually more and more of the laggard souls would be brought to Earth in great ships of Light. And eventually, they would be introduced into the Lemurian race via the birth process.

A great conclave was called and all Lemurians of influence made the journey to hear the proposal and cast their vote. They gathered in a sacred place which is presently called Maui, Hawaii, where the majestic Haleakala crater graces the land as one of the last remnants of Lemuria. After many days of lengthy discussion, out of great compassion and concern for their fellow souls, it was agreed to accept the laggard souls on Earth and to make every effort to rehabilitate them into the ways of Light. For hundreds of years, the Lemurians were successful as examples and teachers in the ways of peace, harmony and loving co-existence. But gradually over time, the negativity of the laggard souls began to contaminate the Lemurians, and more and more people began to display signs of impatience, anger, greed and a desire to dominate others. Everything possible was tried by what were now called the priests and priestesses of Lemuria, but to no avail. Also, dismayed by what was taking place on Earth, the Beings of the higher realms implemented everything allowed within the Universal Laws of Creation to assist humanity to overcome their very dire predicament.

All of this took place over many thousands of years, and by this time the fourth Golden Age of Atlantis was at the height of its glory. Many Lemurians journeyed to Atlantis and merged their gentle loving natures with the more mental Atlantean race. The Father-God was the overlighting influence of the Atlantean race: the will to create through dynamic, forceful, outwardly focused action.

As we explained recently, many more Lemurians, nudged by their Higher Selves, left the main continent of Lemuria in the Pacific ocean and were directed to many areas along the North and South American coasts, Australia. New Zealand and Japan. This was done to ensure that the purest, best attributes of the Lemurian race would not be lost. The Beings of the higher realms were now resigned to what must eventually take place. When there were no options left, they knew that the only solution was to end the age of Lemuria and stop the scourge of the laggard's influence which had contaminated, to one degree or another, the entire Lemurian race.

Those of you who were still attuned to Spirit were told by your Higher Selves what was taking place. You desperately tried everything within your power to save your beloved continent and its people. And ultimately, when you knew there was no hope, you either withdrew into the higher realms or journeyed to safe lands as an observer, watching helplessly as the cataclysmic event took place and your beautiful homeland sank beneath the ocean with all its remaining inhabitants.

Most of you reading this were there, and we bring you this information in order to help you heal and release the past. Beloveds, you all experienced great sorrow and overwhelming guilt brought on by a sense of failure. You felt betrayed and abandoned, and you have carried all of those negative energetic emotions and thought forms within your auric field and memory-in every lifetime ever since that time.

Will you listen and heed what I now tell you? YOU DID NOT FAIL! IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT! YOU WERE NOT ABANDONED OR BETRAYED!

As brave and loving souls, you agreed to a great sacrifice by accepting the laggard souls among you. Yes, there are times when even the greatest of plans from the higher realms go awry. Remember, only the Prime Creator is perfect. And that is the reason, because of your loving, unselfish actions, we will not let you fail now; why everything and every means within God's creation is being implemented to help you to succeed as you strive to reclaim your place among the shining sacred stars of your galaxy. Because of the complexity of the experiment on Earth, and the fact that the Earth holds the Divine Blueprint and historic thought forms for all this universe, it is a key player in this grand march or accelerated spiral of ascension. Is it any wonder that we are here in such great force to assist you; to show you the way and insure that you reclaim your Divine Birthright as a shining Being of Light?

Beloveds, as you integrate more and more of your divinity and gain a galactic consciousness, you must begin to view the world and its events in a more expanded way. As you become more compassionate, loving and selfless, many of you may fall into the trap of trying to assume the burdens of others and the world. Under the law of non-intervention, we are not allowed to do so, nor are you. Your goal is to become compassionate and non-judgmental in every situation, and to rise above the imbalances of conflict and strife. Your task is to create a center of unshakeable peace, harmony and love within your heart center and then radiate your God-Essence to ALL. Remember the beautiful pyramid of Light you are building in the higher dimensions where you join with your soul families (those who are on Earth and those from the higher dimensions). See those for whom you have concerns joining you there, and see the situation in question being placed in the Violet Flame of Transmutation that blazes forth in the center. The secret is to release the situation and its outcome to Spirit for the highest good of all. Remember the key words we have given you: RETURN TO CENTER when you feel off-balance, and RETURN TO SENDER when you feel any discordant energy that is sent your way by another soul (always wrap it in love to diffuse it).

Now we add: I AM AT PEACE, knowing that you rest in the hands of God. May all your golden promises be fulfilled and angels light your path. You are loved most dearly. I AM Archangel Michael.

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