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June 21, 2006 message

from Native American BEARCLOUD,


Greetings Relatives~~~The spirit is strong in the wind. It keeps coming to me that the Starnations have something big intended on the 21st of June. So I wanted to send a note. It is the day of longest light and brightest in spirit. Visions move with such clarity. It is a sacred time in the winds of the Great Mystery. It is time when our thoughts flow on light beams like water in the Universe. The voice of the sacred wind and visions of sacred light move with great ease on these realms. I would like to ask everyone to please in your own way, whether it be in ceremony or the thought of a friendly handshake, to offer your heart felt appreciation for the gifts the Starnations have given to our planet in their very selfless way. Their gifts have been tremendous for the planet. I would ask that you do this on the evening of the 20th or morning of the 21st. May the spirit blow gently through your heart. Please let them know you care. May the breeze of your sacred thoughts blow gently onto the winds.