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Note From Barbara: This is requested newspaper publicity sent to Ommen, The Netherlands,
for the May 3 lecture in Ommen.


Genezen Door Contact Met Je Cellen



Authors Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris of the U.S.A. will lecture on their book, Genezen Door Contact Met Je Cellen, May 3, at The Dante Zaal, in the Carrousel, 1500 to 1730 hours. Admission is free.

The book is a true account of their spiritual journey to search for a cure for Margaret’s cancer signals. Standard and alternative treatments failed to heal her. The authors asked themselves, why is Margaret’s body refusing to heal?

Margaret says, “We knew the Native Americans believe all has a consciousness, and so we decided to use this concept. I attempted to contact my cells for help and a lively, spiritual journey began.”

Barbara adds, “For our spiritual journey, we had no maps to show which roads to travel, but we forged ahead anyway. There were many twists and turns, but ultimately we were successful.”

The book is their journal, written in an easy-to-read, e-mail style between the two authors. It can be viewed as a road map with pointers to help create healing spiritual journeys for others no matter what is their disease.

Dutch translator Margot Gosen-Wolff says, “I feel this is a very special book created by two very special women. While translating the book into Dutch, I discovered that the book is “alive”: it opens your consciousness....It teaches you to listen to signals your body is giving you. Although it describes the process of healing of one of the authors, it goes beyond the personal and it continuously inspires you as a reader to check how everything works within your being, what are the signals your body is giving you and if you always pay attention to them.”

The book, written in English, is now translated into eight languages: Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Urdu, Slovenian.

Sofiya Blank, MD, researcher and author of ten bestselling books (in Russian). says: “Just like a physical body needs food, water, air, and light, Man’s Mind and Spirit needs to be fed (nourished). Although many people in our world seem to have all necessities for maintaining their lives in their physical vessels, still, they are experiencing unrealized thirst and starvation. They are craving for spiritual food.

There is only one thing capable of nourishing and soothing Man’s spiritual hunger and that is the eternal objective of ingesting timeless and loving Wisdom. The book written by Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris is infused with such wisdom. My deep reverence to them for their compassionate, selfless life filled with Love and Light, and for their devotion and dedication to giving themselves to humankind.”

During the May 3 lecture at the Caroussel, Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris will hold a small ceremony for a peace pole to be planted later in Ommen. A peace pole, they explain, is an acupuncture needle to give positive, healing energy from the minds and hearts of the people to our planet. The authors help plant peace poles throughout the world. Today over 200,000 have been planted.