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First edition title: Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!





by Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris


I feel this is a very special book, created by two very special women. While translating, I discovered that the book is ďaliveĒ: it opens your consciousness and it keeps taking you to a higher level. It teaches you to listen to the signals your body is giving to you. Although it describes the process of healing of one of the authors, it goes beyond the personal and it continuously inspires you, as a reader, to check how everything works within your own being, what are the signals your body is giving you and if you always pay attention to them.

Margot, Dutch translator.


Hello from my heart,

Just like a physical body needs food, water, air, and light, Manís Mind and Spirit needs to be fed (nourished). Although many people in our world seem to have all necessities for maintaining their lives in their physical vessels, still, they are experiencing unrealized thirst and starvation. They are craving for spiritual food.

There is only one thing capable of nourishing and soothing Manís spiritual hunger and that is the eternal objective of ingesting timeless and loving Wisdom. The book you are holding in your hands, dear Reaader, is infused with such wisdom.

My deep reverence to Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris for their compassionate, selfless life filled with Love and Light, and for their devotion and dedication to giving themsevles to humankind.

Sofiya Blank, MD, researcher, writer, crusader, and author of ten bestselling books (in Russian). Among them are: Prayer Heals, Healing Power of Minerals, There is No Death, Books about Angels, and AURA is Our Force Field.


O'siyo! Greetings, My Relatives,

Direct and to the point, Grandmothers* Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris share a Great Truth of Life: "WE ARE ALL RELATED. Everything has consciousness." On their Worldwide Sacred Journey, these two Grandmothers "Walk their Talk."

Great Spirit teaches every single Relative on the Sacred Tree of Life is alive and is conscious -- from the Atom to the Star, from the Cell to the Heart -- and we are connected to All Our Relations heart to heart with a SilverCord of Light and can communicate and send love to all on the Circle of Life.This is the Power of One.

-- Mitakuye Oyasin. Os da dv.

Grandmother SilverStar, Cheokee Nation.
Heart of the Dove. Grandmother Turtle Island . Mother Earth. Solar System. Seven Stars. Milky Way Galaxy. Universe.

* A grandmother is a wisdom person.


What a wonderful book! What a wonderful teaching about Healing Yourself by Talking to the Cells!

The book arrived and I started immediately to read. It is with great and deep pleasure that I read about Margaretís complete healing. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! I need to learn how to communicate with my cells in order to heal my left foot, my right knee, my neck. I wish I had a mentor like you, Barbara, but I am confident that your recipes can be applied to my own specific needs. Please keep your fingers crossed that Iíll make it!

Annelies Kessler, Switzerland, Planetary Healer and Light Worker.


I don't even know where to begin, but I have been so happy. My energy has changed -- even my husband has noticed. I knew there were patches of darkness that I could not get rid of. I am so grateful. I have so much to put into practice, all of which I know I can do and will do.

I am starting "new" with my beautiful body and the gifts becoming manifest. I have seen the darkness and know that it is not possible to live there. I know that I can move forward.

I feel so much clearer. I have energy to do what I want to do and to do the things that need to be done in a timely manner. Resistance has mellowed.

"Just Be." Such a simple directive -- I do understand what it means.

All is well.

Maruta Skelton, Museum Scientist, Physicist, USA.


Dear Barbara,

I wish to express my gratitude to you and Margaret for writing the book. I believe that it is a turning point for me in learning and connecting to my body. I have been meditating on and off for several years always thinking that somehow I might be able to bring about physical healing for myself. The book was the inspiration to return with commitment to those meditations. Margaret has already been very helpful in giving pointers that make me feel more confident about the information that is presented. Just recently she commented on the importance of humor and how the spiritual energy flows around humor. Yesterday in my meditations, humor and silliness presented itself and I was able to see it as part of the healing process and not just automatically reject it.

I saw little pacman type cells filled with fear and stress going crazy and attacking my insides. While meditating I was taught to get down with these little creatures and roll around and play with them and not be repulsed by them - much like one would do in playing with a small hamster or puppy. It was a most extraordinary meditation and mirrored the outside world for me as well.

From Mickey Robertaccio, Herbalist, Pennsylvania, USA.


Your book just came! And I LOVE it! The format of the e-mails bouncing back and forth between the two of you over 200 miles of communications lines is quite wonderful!

Of course I dived right into the book. There are places where I can see you, Margaret, making turning points. At Barbara's urging, you stopped worrying about everyone around you and you started to take care of MARGARET! Would that all of us learned this lesson. The e-mail format has such an immediacy to it. As I read it, I thought, I wonder what is going to happen next. What is Margaret going to do? -- and will it WORK?

Barbara, there is more than one place where I felt that you were talking right to me.

A lot of times when I get a new book, fiction or one on health, I will want to race right through it. On this one, though, I have made myself stop, think, listen and plan. I need to take more time to think about what is happning in MY body as well. It is our Vehicle, -- the only one we've got and we have to take good care of it, if it is going to take good care of us!

Thank you both for an inspiring book!

Kathleen Keith, Kentucky, USA
Energy Healer for humanity and Energy Healer for Mother Earth.


I followed suggestions in this book when I accidently poured on my breast broiling hot turkey juice. I immediately told my cells that this was not going to be a problem. When I said that, I no longer felt any pain. I phoned my doctor to get salve for the burn and I was told to come right away to the office. When I got there, the doctor, two nurses and a physician assistant came in to look at my burn, which they said was first and second degree. They could not believe I was not in pain. They gave me salve and told me not to wear a bra for two days. Instead, I put on a bra the next day and went back to work. A week later, I returned to the doctor's office and they were astonished to see how fast the burn had healed. They told me I would definitely have a scar. I have only a very little scar. Hurray for Margaret Fikioris and Barbara Wolf! Their book really helped me.

Theresa Watson, Pennsylvania, USA


The book arrived yesterday. It looks wonderful - the cover is perfect! I have just started it and find it hard to put down -- it is very well written.

Shirley Andrews, Massachusetts, USA. Alternative medicine follower and author of two books, ďAtlantis: Insights From A Lost CivilizationĒ and ďLemuria and Atlantis: Studying The Past To Survive The FutureĒ.


Hi Barbara. I would like a book for each of my children (5). I have read it, and I think it's a must for them. I find I am very often sending nice thoughts to my cells. The book is such a marvelous contribution to humanity!

Louise, Wisconsin, USA


Your Book IS fabulous, I love it. The way You talk to the cells is so wonderful and so really You. I think it will be good for many People.

Sandra Snider, Pennsylvania, USA


I do not have cancer but I have heard certain cells in my body talk to me. Yes, I absolutely believe what you both found to be true and that is every living cell has its own consciousness. Thank you for sharing that wisdom to the world. My grandfather, who was a medical doctor, said that our thoughts were what caused disease and that we were going about things all wrong by trying to find drugs to cure disease for the bugs would eventually get stronger and then the drugs would no longer work. It is happening as he believed. He said more...humans create disease by negative thoughts and emotions. Anyhow I am so thrilled that you have had the courage to record the information you both learned and to get it out to others.

IN the light of God's love,
Sharilyn, USA


Barbara, if it applies to cancer, it can apply to whatever the body's malady happens to be!! I am going to use it for newly-diagnosed heart ills~!

Penny, USA


In July of '85 I was given the word I had the big C; I went out and bought all 33 books available on Cancer and the bottom line of what I read was that it is a result of 'hidden resentments', so I went to work on that and immediately, in addition to fruit and vegie juicing and coffee enemas and colonics in between and by May of '86 it passed from my body in four pieces that looked like waded up pieces of chamois.

I sent Barbara and Margaretís book info to my NA list, which is over 2000; we are always so surprised and grateful for the honor. Looking forward to the feedback from the list.

Still holding the vision of any and all misqualified and miscreated energy being transformed right here and right now.

Phyllis, Washington State, USA


Yes, this dis-ease has certainly touched so many that I know and love. Thank you for showing us that there is another way to heal.

Jane, NYC., USA


This is an interesting account of a fight and win against cancer....the book...I found very interesting. It is an exchange of emails between Barbara and Margaret on how to overcome Margaret's fight against cancer and the response and healing of the cells. It is written simply and easy to understand and gets right to the root of the problem.

A review by Maggie of The Global Spiritual Network


October 2004, from Margaret Fikioris, co-author of the book:

Dear Barbara,

I went to the What the Bleep Do We Know movie.

I kept feeling this movie is our book!!!!! Our premise, all have a consciousness, was there in the movie. My cells and I were sitting there enjoying the movie. It is all about consciousness. It is all about choice. It is all about the cells and how the thoughts impact their being.

A vast movie. It points out that we are 90% water and look at the possibilities if we give love and gratitude to ourselves. No more aging. No more arthritis.

It is all about thought, patterns of thoughts, addictions.

Change the synapse and there will be no more connections.

The movie had beautiful discussions on perception, i.e. we are God and Co-Creator. There were interviews with scientists and doctors paralleling the story of a depressed young woman, divorced, showing cells, nerves, brains, atoms, universe animations. I thought of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the water scientist who is so excited because of his understanding of Water Consciousness.

Yes,! The movie parallels our book!!!!!

The cells speak with one consciousness.