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First edition title: Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!



Healing By Contacting Your Cells

by Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris




Page 16. Your son-in-law has said a curious thing -- unloved cells are cancerous cells. This implies that cells have a consciousness. Our spiritual journey can begin with an examination of this thought.

Page 24. All cells respond to the positive or negative vibrations of reading and writing. They are like wind socks, weather vanes, responding to emotional wind currents.

Page 24. Cells live, respond to the emotional environment.....The cells teach me that when my toe cells hurt, the whole body feels the hurt. They say, don't vibrate with terrorism frequency -- unplug from war coverage and discussion. Be happy. Don’t worry.

Page 26. While you are trying to change your abnormal (negative) cells, it is best to keep yourself away from negative thoughts.

Page 35. "Make an appointment with us," the cells just said. "We are your doctor."

Page 45. From the cells, "When your mind is restless, we suffer."

Page 40. Cement in the stomach area hinders the service highways. Blockages and cement hold toxins, not only from food but from worry and fear thoughts you manufacture, and also thoughts sent to you.

Page 46. ...everything abnormal in your body needs to be corrected to relieve stress, that great provider of dis-ease. Fix all the parts and the engine will purr.

Page 51. ...all things can be cured by a special ingredient -- praise.

Page 64. What you do, how you react to people around you, influences your sacred temple, your complex bundle of cells.

Page 76. It is hard to change the Lower Self to conform to the positive.

Page 84. LOVE--LOVE--LOVE--LOVE.....Your cells love you.

Page 88. Once you learn to walk with other shoes, once you learn how to do this, you will be able to show those who walk with shoes that give them disease how to heal themselves.

Page 91. From the Cells: Where there is Peace, there is Light. Where there is Peace (Harmony, Balance), there is healing.

Page 92. What is dis - ease, all dis - ease, but an imbalance, lack of harmony and peace. No ease. End the dis - ease that cells must endure by putting them in an atmosphere of peace and balance, and what happens? Ease. No dis - ease.

Page 97. Fear is removed by ‘picking apart’ in a dispassionate manner what is fearful.

Page 112. The earth is a school house for learning.
If you had not been given cancer, would you have tried so hard to learn what were the wrong things you were doing that caused cancer in the first place?

Page 115. The cells said: "Margaret, think of your body as a beautiful instrument, the most precious instrument in the world."

Page 124. Work when it is time to work and rest when it is time to rest and keep them separate.

Page 130. The Higher Self contains an endless package of high vibrations that are open to you when your Lower Self is ready for them. The endless package is the same for everyone....Up there...down here...everywhere...your Higher Self is everywhere, with infinite knowledge.

Page 145. Listen to the cells, universal teachers.

Page 148. ....eating at proper hours. This is for the benefit of your cells as well as for you. Remember, profound teaching can come during deep sleep, about three hours after retiring for the night. The catch is that the cells must be finished with their digestive chores and more or less at rest. If you eat late and go to bed with lead in your stomach, you will go nowhere.

Page 158. Everything was available. I framed a question and the information was there....I wanted to see the great workings of the factory of the cells, the humming of operations of life. I was shown the spinning of belts and gears, much like the universe spinning of planets and courses of suns and stars. The vastness was the same. The workings the same.