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HOW TO HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT IN A COURSE OF MIRACLES - THIS BOOK OF LOVE, by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle, teaches step-by-step how to hear God's Voice within you as a distinct and conversational voice.

My wife and I are authors of an ACIM inspired book about how to hear the Holy Spirit entitled, THE VOICE FOR LOVE. Over the past three years, we have taught 87 workshops around the country on how to hear the voice of God, and we were presenters at this year at the worldwide Course in Miracles conference in San Francisco. Contact:


WORLD WHEEL, ONE WOMAN QUEST FOR PEACE, written by Vijali Hamilton,, is your journey with artist Vijali Hamilton on her global pilgrimage as she is creating art and developing communities along the way. Her book is available for purchase on (then click on Vijali Books).

Note from Barbara Wolf: Vijali is one of the most remarkable women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


PREPARING FOR ASCENSION, written by Australian spiritual author Mary Mageau,, is a new e-book available on the internet. The book is free and all copyright restrictions are removed so it can be shared. Mary only asks that authorship be acknowledged. The link to access the book is:


BRINGERS OF THE GOLDEN BALL: The journey of a Western Seeker is written by naturopath Robert Chamberlain March who has been just that -- a seeker of awakening. He tells his story of awakening in order to help all mankind reach a lasting state of happiness. The book, written in an easy-to-read, casual style, includes his spiritual autobiography while in India where he met Avatars and other spiritual leaders whose knowledge includes the transferring of energy to reach peace and joy.


WHALE WISDOM - DOLPHIN JOY and THE DOLPHIN ONES, two books written by Sananjaleen,; Tel: (540) 364-1282, are transmissions and new concepts from the Brotherhood of Cetaceans that quicken our codings and trigger greater awareness of who they really are. "We (The Cosmic Dolphins) are Living Lights of Sound in form. Sacred Geometry in motion. Motion being the movement of the matrix, the warp and weave of Universal Presence."


KISSING OUR WAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT: LIVING IN FREEDOM, written by Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.,, is a way to help raise the consciousness of the world in order to enable world peace, to have more peace and joy in our daily lives, and to enjoy healthier and happier families. She shares her inner knowing to help make one’s journey towards enlightenment pure awareness, peace, and joy for ourselves and the world.


YOUR LIFE WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE A STRUGGLE, written by Roy E. Klienwachter,, a resident of British Columbia, Canada, is designed to empower you to take responsibility for your life and what you create. His writings are based on spiritual philosophy. Roy’s philosophy is simple&emdash;“You should be able to put a key in it, turn it on, and make it work for you on demand, and the results should always be observable!”


HIDDEN LAWS - ULTIMATE TOOLS FOR DIVINE CO-CREATION, written by Ulla Jacobs,, deals with Cosmic Law exploring it's effects on daily life. It offers many insights into the workings of this powerful energy that binds us all.


TANTRA OF SOUND, a new book written by Jonathan and Andi Goldman,, shows how the power of sound can bring harmony and balance within us so that loving relationships can be formed. Included is a CD.

June 28, 2006 update: The book has just won the 2006 Visionary Aware for "Best Alternative Health Book". If you have not yet read the book, you are invited to do so as well as to listen to an hour-long CD of recorded examples to enhance your ability to utilize sound to enhance love and healing.

From Barbara: I enjoyed reading this book. The two authors use a simple, easy-to read approach as a good teaching mechanism. I loved page 16: Our body is like a wonderful orchestra with each section playing the proper notes for what could be called the Suite of the Self......the basic principle of sound healing as well as any vibrational medicine is this: to restore the correct vibratory resonance to that part of the body that is vibrating out of harmony.


Pierre Sollier’s book, LISTENING FOR WELLNESS, is a comprehensive and easy-to-read explanation that sound can heal. His synthesis covers many unknown aspects of the listening process, and his book gives numerous clinical cases that illustrate the psychological and spiritual implications of listening. Pierre Sollier shows how the personality is defined by the way we perceive sounds. A summary of the book is on and where it can be purchased.


Karin Kinsey has written "DANCING ON WATER", a series of personal stories about communication with dolphins, whales, and animals. She says: "By way of example and through their interactions with us, dolphins can become interspecies "teachers" of humor and relationship, reminding us of our deep interconnectivity with all living things, and of our own role as stewards of a unique planet, with its miraculous variety of life-forms."


Poet Jan Gosen,, has written “GENTLE LIGHT, A TAURUS MOON" , whose words breathe the mystic whisper of the masters from the days of old.

Comment from Barbara: Open any page of this beautiful poetry book and you will be spellbound.
Under search, write Jan Gosen, Gentle Light, a Taurus Moon.


Healer Christan Hummel,, has written "DO-IT-YOURSELF SPACE CLEARING KIT", and here is a wonderful review by Sybil Carey, American Dowsers Quarterly Editor, who writes ...

The cover of this richly-illustrated, spiral-bound book says it all: an apron-clad fairy god(dess) mother sprinkles brightness and order over an animated house and its environs. You can almost see the house smile. The author’s message, of course, is that you can work with nature to energetically clear your home and property yourself. Its pages are packed with information, from the practical to the esoteric, weaving a wide array of subjects and sources into a rich tapestry of knowledge and wisdom. Open any page and find food for thought…and action. Hummel covers space clearing from A to Z, illuminating the personal as well as the planetary benefits of living with nature. It’s a dowser’s delight.


Robert M. Jankel,, has written The Plan, which is about how individuals and the whole world can make positive changes. Central to The Plan are ideas for daily nondenominational world wide prayer using the time zones, world government and a universal language. Moreover, the book may also be a self help book that breaks the conventional "mold" on the genre.


Water healer RAYMON GRACE, , writes about his daughter April in "SEASONS OF APRIL: HOW TO HELP YOUR KIDS SUCCEED", a cheerful paperback that is like no other paperback you have read. Raymon Grace is a mountain man living without most modern conveniences, and he and his wife have brought up their daughter in the old ways. In a simple, loving way, her father writes from his heart about the adventures of bringing up April. The book can be ordered from


MARY MAGEAU WHITE has a new book, "A LITTLE BOOK OF LIVING SPIRITUALLY", that one can take up and dip into during moments of quiet time. It presents a selection of articles, stories, spiritual practices, prayers and poems - all filled with ideas and suggestions on how we can live a more spiritually focused life while remaining both 'in' and 'of' the world.

Her other book, "INSIGHTS - FOR AN AWAKENING HUMANITY", gives helpful suggestions on how to cope with today's immense shift as the earth and all her life forms make a transition into a higher dimension, which expands consciousness. JOURNEY INTO MEDITATION is an optional CD for learning meditation techniques, suitable for individual or group use.

Books are presented on


MONIKA KOCH'S book, HOMA THERAPY: The Ancient Science of Healing, is a Do It Yourself book for preparing and applying medicines made from HOMA fires. Monika Koch, a German pharmacist, practices HOMA fires, and she has done extensive research on the medical applications of Agnihotra and the resultant ash. These folk medicines are now practiced in all continents. Contact: Copperworks, 367 N. White Oak Dr., Madison Virginia 22727; Tel: 540-948-5463 Catalog:


ROBERT MENDELSON'S book, THE WAY OF HOLINESS: A.K.A. THE PATH OF TRUTH, connects Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian scriptures together into the Tree of Life. As it does so it begins the process of a figurative, peaceful, fulfillment of the prophecies of Doom thru destroying barriers to understanding, not people. Available at or


RAMA DEMETRIUS DYUSHAMBEE, The Cosmic Detective,, has written a book, COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Do-It-Yourself Manual. This is A Grass Roots Do-It-Yourself Action Manual for Developing Individual and Human Species Capacity for A Better Quality of Life and a Viable Global Vision & Future.

The Adobe Reader eBook version is available on a CD ROM from or you can download from the YOUtopia INstitute web site. After January 1, 2005, the book will be available through most bookstore retail outlets. The hardcover print version is scheduled for early 2005.


MAGGIE EROTOKRITOU' book, RADIANT WOMAN: EVERY WOMAN'S GUIDE TO HEALTH, HEALING AND REJUVENATION, is published by 1st Books and is available on their web site,

Maggie is the founder of The Global Spiritual Network, and she can be reached at


RAYMON GRACE'S book, THE FUTURE IS YOURS-DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, available on, has this comment: If you don’t like something in your life, by golly, just claim your power and change it! With no affectations, apologies or fancy talk, Raymon Grace, a self-described mountain man, shares step-by-step methods for healing what’s wrong in your world.

You have a constant, direct link to a positive Higher Power, Raymon says in his book, and when you trust in that, set honorable intentions and sincerely desire to do good, miracles happen. Raymon, a dowser, apprenticed with two Native American healers, Rolling Thunder and Chief Two Trees, and also studied with Jose Silva. As he applied his new-found knowledge through the decades, Raymon learned he could do things like heal a painful migraine from 1,000 miles away; remove arsenic from well water; change the weather by driving a knife into the ground and send less-than-friendly ghosts packing.


MACKENZIE JORDAN'S book, SAY WHAT YOU LOVE, asks you to pay attention to what you LOVE, unconditionally -- without justification, reservation, or argument. Words are seeds fertile enough to grow a bounty for you. The book gives wonderful examples of how an individual can achieve inner peace. Multiply hundreds wearing the cloth of inner peace and the tide begins to turn. Global turmoil becomes global peace!

A synopsis as well as an endorsement of Mackenzie's book.


ELKE SCHOLZ has written a book, LOVING YOUR LIFE, for your enjoyment and "to increase your awareness that one of the best things we can do for this planet is to heal ourselves so we can raise the life condition of everything around us."

Elke lives in Canada and has been a member of the Global Meditations Network for nearly eight years, which means, she has been with the Network from the beginning.


TOM KENYON and JUDI SION’S book, THE MAGDALEN MANUSCRIPT: The Alchemies of Horus & The Sex Magic of Isis, is a channeled, detailed account of Mary Magdalen’s relationship with Yeshua ben Joseph, also known as Jesus Christ. Also, the book extensively covers Egyptian alchemy practiced at that time.


CLAIRE HEARTSONG’S book, ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS: A Message of Love, is written from the heart in a gentle, compelling manner as it reveals many of the lost pieces of history during the time of Jesus, his family, and the Essene community of Mount Carmel. Contact: S.E.E. Publishing Company, (for information only).


SHARON SHANE'S book, THE RHYTHM OF THE COSMIC PULSE, is a guide book for those seeking a greater, spiritual understanding of the multidimensional levels of consciousness and the metaphysics of the creation process. She is a channeled intuitive as well as a spiritual teacher, and she has been seeking to integrate the teachings of indigenous healers from South America, Greenland, Mongolia, and North America. Her other book, GARDEN OF THE GODDESS, is a dance of creation between the universal feminine and masculine principles. Both books can be bought from the Liquid Light Center.


MICHAEL MCCARTY emails that his poem For The Buffalo and his poem Rainbow Dawn are now published in a book of his own, LOOKING OUT FROM WITHIN. You can see the book on his publisher's web site,

The book can also be seen together with a poem written about his best friend who died:

Michael McCarty says, "I have dreamed of being published for 36 years and it finally has come to pass."


HAVE YOU THOUGHT of LEONARD PELTIER LATELY?: A Living Memoir with Artifacts, by Harvey Arden, edited and compiled by George Bowe Blitch. This is a book illustrating the life of Native American Leonrd Peltier. Contact: Also, Have You Thought, 1410 Blalock Road, #420, Houston, TX 77055.


LOIS M. GRANT'S book, YOUR JOURNEY OF HEALING, A WORKBOOK, tells of her diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in 1975 which progressed to a clinically severe case. She experimented with alternative modalities while working from the inside out on the spiritual and emotional issues that had co-created her illness. Lois Grant counts her healing as complete in July of 1997 when she took her last prescription drug. You are invited to visit her web site to read about the book as well as "Twelve Steps for Healing" and other books.


MARILYN TAM'S book, "HOW TO USE WHAT YOU'VE GOT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT", published by Jodere Group, has been rated an average of 5 stars by all Amazon reviews. Enterpreneur Magazine recently picked the book as one of the top five books by women entrepreneurs for women executives, saying it "educates and inspires."


SHIRLEY ANDREWS' book, "ATLANTIS: INSIGHTS FROM A LOST CIVILIZATION, is in its fifth printing and has been translated into thirteen languages. This book, as well as her new book, LEMURIA AND ATLANTIS: STUDYING THE PAST IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE, combine information from scholars and psychics to describe these ancient civilizations.


JANE EGAN'S book, "THE MOTHERSHIP CHRONICLES: A WIDER WORLD OF HOPE AND JOY, is written by an unusual author who can travel forward into The Unknown and not jump back in fear. Jane Egan has the admirable courage to write about her travels. Specifically, in her book she writes about her adventures aboard a Pleiadean mothership whose commander has urged her to write for the benefit of the human race. She learned there are inhabitants out there in the Unknown who want to be friends with us, but they cannot initiate close relationships until we stop being fearful and reach out our hands in greeting. Jane Egan has done just that -- she has held out her hand and they have greeted her with open arms. Her book is unusual, exciting, wonderful to read!


HIDEO TAKAHASHI's book, ONE LIFE: Healing Poems of Higher Awareness For the Earth and Humanity, guides the reader towards a goal of knowing that all is from one great divine source, that all follows a universal law of harmony. Takahashi's poetry attempts to bring down the barriers of separation so a feeling of oneness can be felt.

Available on


TAMAR GEORGE'S book, REBORN IN TIME FOR 2012, explains the wisdom of Atlantis and the knowledge its citizens handed down to the Mayans, Celts and Egyptians about manifestation, healing, and earth history. Tamar has visionary artwork and paintings of the ancient cultures on her Atlantis pages as well as an Egyptian healing meditation.

Available on


JOSIE RAVENWING's book, THE BOOK OF MIRACLES:THE HEALING WORK OF JOAO DE DEUS, is a firsthand account of daily miracles of healing that have taken place at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people daily go there for healing.

Available on


CLAIRE HEARTSONG'S book, ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS: A MESSAGE OF WISDOM AND LOVE, tells of a remarkable woman who birthed a spiritual lineage that changed the world.

Available from S.E.E. Publishing Company, c/o The Share Foundation, 1556 Halford Avenue #288, Santa Clara, CA 95051-2661 Tel: 408-245-5457; Fax: 408-245-5460; Email:


CAROLYN EVERS' book, CONVERSATIONS WITH CAESAR, is channeled work from Caesar himself, one of the greatest generals who ever walked this earth. He discusses what he found on the other side after his assassination, how he missed his mission, and how the new energies coming to earth are connected to sunspot activity. This is an important part of his message as he traces how these energies come from the cosmos, how linking through the sun affects the core of the earth and eventually our DNA, and what this really means to us.

He evaluates his life from a spiritual perspective. His mission was to bring in the Roman peace to make way for the teacher that we know of as Jesus Christ.


MASTER KIRAEL'S book, "TEN PRINCIPLES OF CONSCIOUS CREATION", is available in spiral-bound hardcopy and in downloadable PDF format as well as Ten Principles audio recordings. Contact:


LEGENDS AND PROPHECIES OF THE QUERO APACHE: TALES FOR HEALING AND RENEWAL by Maria Yraceburu. ISBN 1-879181-77-0. To order: Inner Traditions International / Bear and Company, July 2002.

From: White Star, a White Mountain Apache. "I read Maria Yraceburu's book and found it very traditional and also a book that rarely gets written for apaches. I am the co-founder of the United Indian Nations and I love my people and my culture. Maria's book is wonderful for all natives."


NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY: A WALK IN THE WOODS by Rainbow Eagle, an Okla-Choctaw American Indian. He is a Wisdom Keeper, honored with the responsibility of an Ancient Native American Peace Shield, and he is a revered storyteller and teacher.


MARIANNE WILLIAMSON, internationally acclaimed author and lecturer, has published eight books, four of which - including the mega bestseller A RETURN TO LOVE and the newly-released EVERYDAY GRACE - have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. Her titles also include ILLUMINATA, A WOMAN'S WORTH, and HEALING THE SOUL OF AMERICA. She also edited IMAGINE: What American Could Be in the 21st Century, a compilation of essays by some of America's most visionary thinkers.

Ms. Williamson also co-founded the Global Renaissance Alliance (GRA) whose mission is to harness the power of non-violence as a social force for good.


CRAIG HOWELL and MARJORIE MUSACCHIO have a giftbook called A FLOWER UNFOLDS, channeled by Marjorie, in which she gives spiritual and inspirational verses from Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, along with Asian art.


CONARI PRESS,, founded in Berkeley, California, in 1987 by Will Glennon and Mary Jane Ryan, is best known for having published Random Acts of Kindness, Attitudes of Gratitude, The Art of the Pilgrimage, and Wonderful Ways to Love a Child. The motto of this publishing company is Books for a Better World...Timeless Wisdom for Troubled Times.

RED WHEEL/WEISER has recently acquired Conari Press. Contact: Lucine Kasbarian,; Telephone 1-617-542-1324 . Conari publisher Glennon says, “It’s always difficult to hand off your creative children to someone else, but in this case it is with a very real sense of excitement, knowing that our beautiful family of titles and authors will join with Red Wheel in creating an even more dynamic publishing community."


DEVI PRESS publishes books on spiritual and metaphysical topics. A recent title is "The Mystic Christ" by author Ethan Walker III who writes, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus are one. The book explores non-duality and the path of love in the life and teachings of Jesus as a way to liberation. Parallel quotes from Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu and other great teachers. Contact:

Note from Barbara: This website has extensive spiritual and metaphysical links, especially links on


CAREN GOLDMAN,, invites you to read her book, HEALING WORDS FOR THE BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT: 101 WORDS TO INSPIRE AND AFFIRM (Marlowe & Co. 2001). She is a breast cancer survivor, and a percentage of all the sales of her book goes to cancer research and cancer related causes.


RICHARD BRYANT-JEFFERIES,, has written PROBLEM DRINKING: A Person-Centred Dialogue. This book provides a new realism in understanding the world of alcohol counselling. It uses fictitious dialogue as a method to enable the reader to appreciate the nature of counselling a person with an alcohol problem through the application of person-centred counselling theory.


OLIVER JOBSON,, has written EXPANDING THE BOUNDARIES OF SELF: Beyond the Limit of Traditional Thought. Discovering the Magic Within. Its contents will appeal to the religious, agnostic and atheist. Readers are progressively guided to increase awareness, rediscovering dormant truths lying within. This is the Magic Within! An in depth overview maybe read on