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First edition title: Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!




by Barbara Wolf and Margaret Fikioris



The book is a true account of our spiritual journey to find a cure for Margaret's cancer signals not responding to standard or alternative medical treatments.

We had no maps for our journey to show which roads to travel, and so we began with only our intuition as guide. We took many, many roads, poking here, prodding there, and in the end, we were successful!

We started with two thoughts: Margaret's son-in-law's remark that unloved cells are cancerous cells, and the Native American belief in the spiritual saying, All Our Relations, which refers to relations in all families -- the flowers, the trees, the rocks, Mother Earth, and human beings. All are One, says the Native American.

We joined the son-in-law's remark of unloved cells being cancerous cells with the Native American belief that all are One to conclude that cells have a consciousness and are part of a great family.

With this in mind, in meditation, Margaret attempted to contact her family of cells to ask what was the problem. Not only did her cells respond, but they specifically told her what gave them happiness and what gave them stress -- dis-ease.

Cells are building blocks, they told her. They bring energy; they like music; they distribute fluids. They feel patience, happiness, joy, as well as pain. They are like wind socks, weather vanes, responding to emotional wind currents.

When Margaret specifically asked why her bladder cells were not responding to treatment, the cells showed her an analogy of a broken road with workmen continually trying to repair it. Stress, they told her, is not helpful for the rebuilding of the road.

Make an appointment with us, the cells said. We are your doctor.

She was told to control her thoughts -- to dump the negative and concentrate on the positive. All thoughts are food, her cells explained, and so it is better to feed them positive rather than negative, poisonous thoughts.

Her cells explained the analogy of the road that serves as a good means of communication among the cells. Each cell has its own function and joy within the system, they told her. All are interdependent and interrelated. The system must be kept in top working order so that everything functions in its own time and own rhythm. When there is a disruption in the body, the breaking down of the road system, harmony is diminished, and the road becomes broken. Cells then have to extend themselves to repair the breakage, and so the smooth flow of normal work is lost. Consequently, they become unhappy and dissatisfied -- dis-eased.

Margaret listened and followed the advice to the best of her ability. It wasn't easy to change habits of a life time, and there was some stumbling. The book tells about the advice and the stumbling and the persistance that finally paid off. Her cells became happy and satisfied, and her body returned to normal.
Barbara Wolf,
Margaret Fikioris,