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BRAZIL REPORT from Barbara:

October 3, 2004:

My suitcase sits on the floor waiting for me to unpack from my latest visit to Brazil where I lectured at a conference for a second year in Sao Paulo at the very active, wonderful peace center, Pax Universal Fraternidad, directed by Carmen Balhestero.

I co-lectured with Margaret Fikioris, who wrote with me the book, Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!, now translated into Portugese and available to the large audience that came to the lectures.

The topic of the conference: Co-creating with the Consciousness.

This topic was perfect for the book lectures because Margaret and I used the consciousness of her cells to cure her cancer. In the lectures, we pointed out how the solution to any disease, and in fact, any problem, even if it is not a disease problem, is aided by the technique of co-creating with the consciousness, multiple consciousnesses.

Another lecture given at the Peace Center concerned a new book ready to be written -- Essential Body Armor for Peace Activists. This book will also use the technique of co-creating with the consciousness/multiple consciousnesses.

After the lectures, I went, as I did last year, to Rio de Janeiro, to visit the Christ statue on the mountain overlooking the city. These Christ energies are used to help and to protect the city.

Then I went, as I did last year, to Sugar Loaf Mountain which overlooks Rio De Janeiro. This mountain is a recording mountain. Recording of history. I call this moutain and its neighboring brother and sister mountains, the talking mountains.

Peace, Love, and Light,

Barbara Wolf