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From: Raymon Grace,



Hello Barbara,

I have created a new DVD that seems to change the energy in a home where it is played.

It goes beyond that. If a person will write the name of the address or name of a person in the home, [just some way to identify it],

then place the card on which this is written in front of the TV,

they will with INTENT direct the energy of my work on the TV to the home or school or office or whatever. The energy is reported to have changed dramatically in the location where the energy was directed.

 A friend using a QXCI machine, [a radionics machine with a college education] has reported checking schools and then playing the DVD and the level of FREEDOM raised a LOT.

 You can see where I'm going with this idea.

 If you want to use it on Chechnya, I will send you one.

Your Friend,

Note from Barbara: Raymon Grace, in my opinion, is one of the most important healers living on this planet today.