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How to manifest help by creating the future.



May 7, 2006, I was attending an early afternoon lecture at the 14th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution, St. Petersburg, Russia. The speaker was Ali Solgiriev of Chechnya, a student who, one knew immediately, would one day be a leader. I estimated his age to be in the mid-twenties. He was a good speaker -- composed, direct.

As he spoke, every word was punctuated by a negative shake of his head. I knew he had seen terrible, terrible atrocities. He told us that the Chechnen fighting has been going on for a dozen and a half years and there was no solution in sight.

He said this was mainly a political fight, and he called it a humanitarian war rather than a civil war. He said it was more bloody than a civil war. Seventy percent killed were civilians -- children, woman, old people, others. Homes were destroyed with people in them. Kidnapping was prevalent.

He said because officially the struggle is not called a war, and the affected people are not called refugees, they are called displaced people, and he added, displaced people in their own country. He said before the struggle approximately 1.2 million lived in Chechnya, and now only 600,000 remained because of the deaths and the fleeing.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, when blocks within the union began to declare themselves independent, there were those in Chechnya who also sought independence, but this desire was unfulfilled for political and economic reasons. Russia wanted Chechnya to remain under its thumb for oil reasons: clans within Chechnya vied for political control. The people have been suffering, a dozen and a half years and they continue to suffer. The problems remain unsolved. extensive background of the problem. has maps of the Chechen area as well as

I listened to Ali speak a long, long time, his head shaking negatively as he spoke, and then I had a thought and I raised my hand. He saw me and asked me to speak.

I told him he needed to make a slogan for Chechyna, a slogan of what he wanted -- PEACE.

I told him to send that slogan to the world so the world could help energize what he wanted.

He looked doubtful and said he did not know how to tell the world.

I pointed to myself, and I told him to GIVE ME THE SLOGAN and I will give it to the GLOBAL MEDITATIONS NETWORK.

I told him I would ask the people to print out the slogan and to keep it close to their computers so they can be reminded of the slogan every time they came to their computers -- so they could ENERGIZE what is wanted -- PEACEFUL CHECHNYA.

I saw hope come into his eyes.

I knew he did not understand clearly what I was saying about the Global Meditations Network, but I saw hope come into his eyes.

For the next few days of the conference, I spent much time with him and the Chechens. They are wonderful people. We did not speak the same language but we enjoyed being with each other.

We did not speak about what I had offered Ali -- hope -- but I knew that he and those who heard me speak at his lecture, did not forget for a moment.

And so, folks, I have committed myself and the Global Meditations Network to help the suffering people of Chechnya.

Let us manifest a future for them by creating a slogan -- PEACEFUL CHECHYNA

That dissolves the barriers that stand between the present moment and the future.

We do not have to carry signs of protest to Chechyna.
We do not have to sit in council to try to solve the problems.
That is the work of those who are fighting each other.

Our work is to create via mass consciousness a perfect place -- PEACEFUL CHECHNYA -- and to hold this energy in place until the other, the negative, fades.

You see?
It is not a difficult job that stands before us.
It is an easy job; yet, it is very, very important.

Please, I ask you, make a sign called Peaceful Chechnya and put it near your computer to remind you to energize this slogan whenever your turn on your computer.

Know that when you are energizing this concept called Peaceful Chechnya, there are many of your brothers and sisters across the world, living in Sweden, South Africa, Australia, France, U.S.A., Canada, many places, energizing this same manifested concept, Peaceful Chechnya.

By helping, you are joining a powerful tool of mass consciousness

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf