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Hello from my heart, everyone.

I would like to share with you emails to and from Margot of The Netherlands about cranes of Peace.

From Margot,

Did you also receive Hagit's message about her work with the children in the northern part of Israel? And about the folding of 1000 cranes to make the wish for Peace for All the children of the world come true?

Well, I was watching the photo's of these children when Nathalie, our middle daughter of 5 years old, asked me who they were. So I told her and Deborah, our eldest of 6 who will become 7 next Wednesday, about the conflict between Israel and Lebanon (just a bit) and how Hagit and children were going to fold 1000 cranes for Peace. Deborah immediately asked if we could help. Nathalie asked me to make a crane for them so I visited the website about the Japanese girl Hagit mentioned and started to fold my first crane.

Then I taught Deborah and Nathalie how to make one, made one for Aymara (our youngest child) and soon Deborah had made 5 or 6 cranes all by herself. Then Deborah said: "Mom, can we make lots of cranes and then send them to Hagit to hand them over to the children in Israel? Just to help them make their wish for Peace come true?"

I wrote Hagit about this and we sent along some of the photos of our girls my father had just scanned for us, with the message to the children that somewhere far away in the Netherlands, there are children who care deeply about them and wish to help them and everyone involved to make the wish for Peace come true..Hagit was delighted and so were we.

Well this all happened soon after we received the first message from Hagit. In the meantime we've sent her a box with 48 paper cranes which Deborah and Nathalie (who now also manages the art of folding cranes) have made and decorated with hearts, rainbows and the words Love and Peace. Even little Aymara of only 3 years old has helped with decorating the cranes!We also sent Hagit the photos (real ones, for we don't have a scan) of the girls folding cranes and blowing Peace into them and she promised to take them to the children in the North part of Israel.

Reply from Barbara:

Dear Margot,

What a beautiful email you have written about your children and the paper cranes!!!

In the Peace Park at Hiroshima is a monument to the school children who died when the atomic bomb fell on their city. 17,000 identified bodies were recorded as students.

A few years ago, when Margaret Fikioris and I were attending a peace conference in Hiroshima, we were walking in the Peace Park and suddenly we came face to face with a friend from America. We were very surprised!

Our friend said he was ready to perform a little ceremony at the monument to the children and he asked us to be with him for this ceremony.

We walked a short way, no more than one minute to the monument, and our friend took from his backpack 1000 paper cranes he had made before he came to Japan.

He told us his aunt had been very ill and was in the hospital before she died. Because she liked candy bars, when he visited her, he brought candy bars to her. Beside her hospital bed, he made cranes from the wrappers. After a time, he counted how how many he had made - 350 - and he decided that if he had made that many, he surely could make 1000, and so he did.

And then he brought them in his backpack to the Peace Park. While Margaret and I watched, he draped them at the monument with many other paper cranes others had brought there.

While in Hiroshima, Margaret and I visited the hospital when even today victims of the atomic bomb come to be treated. They have developed cancer.

At the hospital, a woman told us her story of what happened many years ago, when she was a young woman. Her memory was so vivid, it was like the terrible event had happened yesterday.

Margot, again, I am very happy your daughters have made the cranes of Peace. With love and joy in their hearts, they were practicing PEACE, that which we so desperately want for our world!

From Margot:

We are still making cranes. After sending the cranes to Hagit and when we were on the Isle of Schiermonnikoog where we spent a week during our Summer Holidays, Deborah and Nathalie made two cranes for the woman (and her husband) who rented their cosy little apartment to us, just to let them know how much we'd enjoyed our stay with them, and she was delighted with their gesture. When I told her about how we came to fold cranes, her eyes sparkled and she said she would give them a very special place in their home and show them to her daughter of 23 who would love to hear about this.

The children also made cranes for our parents, who were moved to tears when they heard about their wish to help the children in the shelters and bring about Peace in our World.

Nathalie is a little artist. She is starting to make a whole family of paper cranes. She has already folded a big mother crane, two 'children' and a tiny baby crane of only 2 centimeters long!

When a child has its birthday here, it may treat its classmates to sweets. Deborah is going to give every one of her 24 classmates a little cake and a paper crane. For every one a little wish for Peace and Happiness.


Peace, Love, and Light to all of you across the world.

 Barbara and Margot