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A HOLOGRAM OF PURIFICATION has been given to Veronique Bloomaart of The Netherlands with the intention that this hologram helps to clean the Self.

This Purification hologram is on her website,, so that all can see the hologram, all can copy it, and all can send it to others to help purify the world.

There is no copyright.

The source of this Purification hologram comes from

Another hologram is ENERGY REALITY that has a sub caption - in recognition that matter is energy and that many higher levels of energy exist in reality. By changing energy, miracles occur. Visit: This hologram is under copyright.

You will have to scroll down quite a distance on the website to reach this hologram.

Here is my description of what you will find.

In the center is a tiny, naked human physical body surrounded by a tiny yellow aura and then an egg-shaped light blue background. Then comes a bright, colored aura, surrounded by an egg-shaped blue background. Then comes a bright orange-yellow pumpkin-shaped aura, and then a circular bright yellow, and from this comes many points of light. The background of the hologram is blue.

When I first saw this Energy Reality hologram, my thought was: I am looking at a Divine Being.

The concept of Divine Being is actively used by followers of now deceased Masahisa Goi, a Japanese teacher, philosopher, poet and author who dedicated his life to peace and humanity.

I have many times been with followers of Master Goi, but I have seldom heard the words Divine Being. Yet, I know the followers of Master Goi continually use them. Quietly, they believe all are Divine Beings.

I want to tell you a story about when I last visited Japan a couple years ago. If you do not want to read this story you can click away this email because I have no more news.

I was with Margaret Fikioris who co-authored the book we wrote about curing her cancer sympthoms. We had been doing vibrational cleaning work on Hiroshima and we were on our way by bullet train to Tokyo where we intended to change lines to go to a suburban station. There, we would be met by Master Goi people.

We arrived at the main Tokyo station, a very big and somewhat confusing place, yet, we managed to find the platform for the subway line to our suburban station destination. But now matters became complicated. Japanese, as can be expected, was the main language and we knew about five words.

An elderly couple speaking no English, but who seemed to be going in the same direction we were going, with many smiles and nods of the head, put us on a train and we sat on long benches facing each other, smiling and nodding. I knew the ride would take about forty minutes.

After a time, a woman sitting beside me asked in perfect English where we were going. I gave her the suburban station name and she said the train did not stop at that station.


She said, nevermind, she will tell us when we reach a transfer station and she will tell us which train to take.

We continued along and she pointed out her stop but she continued riding with us. When we came to a transfer station, she left the train with Margaret and me and took us downstairs and around corners, etc., etc., to reach the proper platform for our train. When our train came, Margaret and I boarded and the woman stood on the platform at the train door announcing to the passengers that they were to take care of us.

And yes, when the train stopped at our station, the passengers made certain that we were off the train!

Very nice people.

Margaret and I expected the Master Goi people to be waiting for us. No.

We waited outside the station over one half hour and no one came. I said to Margaret, there is no such thing as coincidence. What is the plan from the Higher Worlds? What is our work?

Finally, we understood. Throngs of people were continually pouring out of the station. Their daily work was done and they were returning home. I said to Margaret, this station is connected with many, many Tokyo stations, and every station just now, rush hour, is crowded with people.. Maybe there are 16 million of them taking trains just now. With our minds, let us say to all of them: You are Divine Beings.

And we have done this over and over and over again..

We loved it!

When the Master Goi followers finally arrived to pick us up -- I think they were nearly 1 l/2 hours late -- they were very upset for making us wait such a long time, but Margaret and I were joyful. We had had a wonderful experience!

And so, folks, if you have read this distance of this email, think for a moment of the Energy Reality hologram on the website address I have given you. Can you understand my excitement when I first saw this hologram a couple days ago? I remembered the 16 million people, all Divine Beings, of the Tokyo subway system.

16 million people looking like that hologram! Wow!!!

Life sometimes is a lot of fun.

Peace, Love, and Light, you Divine Beings.
Barbara Wolf