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From: "David J Adams" <>

May 3, 2010

 Channeling, Djwahl Khul through David J Adams

 Hologram of Shambhala

 Greetings Beloved Ones, I am Djwahl Khul , the one you know as the Tibetan. I come to you this evening to embrace you with the light of Shambhala. It will indeed soon be the Wesak time. It is important on this occasion to prepare yourselves well for this special occasion, for although Shambhala is indeed a Citadel of light above the Wesak Valley in Tibet, Shambhala is also a Hologram within the Hearts of each and every one of you.

 As your Earth has moved into a new Dimensional frequency at the Solstice of December last year, you are now working as Light Workers in two different Dimensions, that of the Third and that of the Fifth. You are anchoring energies into the new Fifth Dimensional frequency, shedding those energies of the Third Dimension that you no longer need or require. Everything upon and within the Earth, and indeed in the surrounding Ethers, are also shifting in frequency. So it is important on this occasion to work most powerfully with the energies of Shambhala in both Dimensional frequencies, to allow the Citadel of light to flow with ease and grace into its new orbital frequency with the New Earth.

 So I am here tonight to ask each and every one of you to move into that Hologram of light within your Heart that IS Shambhala. To connect powerfully and deeply with this meeting place of the masters, of Guides, of visitors from other planetary systems, for in Shambhala all come together as ONE, all come together in Peace and Love, and all come together to share their own Light and their own love with each other. By moving within the Shambhala in your heart, you will be contributing your Light and your love to this gathering.

 This is the first such gathering since the Earth shifted in frequency. It is still in a parlous state, not yet firmly in balance in its new vibrational frequency. It requires every ounce of love and Light that you possess to anchor it into its new Dimensional frequency, to anchor the Shambhala into its new orbital frequency. Open yourselves now to the energies of Shambhala, allow your Heart to expand and embrace the Citadel of light, and all those within it. Feel yourself drawn powerfully to the many different areas within the Citadel of Light to commune, to embrace, your Spirit friends, the Angels, the Masters, those that are referred to as Aliens on your Planet, but who are Light beings from other Cosmic Sources, all with a single intent that Love becomes the overwhelming, overpowering energy of the Earth. From that love, Peace will flower in a way that peace has never flowered on this Planet since the beginning of your time.

 Take a moment to focus every aspect of your Being, your multi-Dimensional Being, into that Hologram of light within your Heart – the Shambhala vibration. Feel it pulse within your Heart with the vibration of Love and Peace. Feel yourself meld with those energies, becoming ONE with the Light frequency of Shambhala. Reach out and embrace your friends, look around you, be amazed at how many of the Angels, the Masters, the Guides are friends of yours, Beings that you have spent many lifetimes with, Beings equal, never smaller or greater, Beings of Light that are in ONENESS with YOU.

 At the time of the Wesak in your month of May the ceremonies will be of greater power than ever before. The beloved Buddha energy will expand and flow and connect with the Christed energies, and create new vibrational frequencies of love and Light upon your Planet, and within your hearts.

 It is time for you, within your own Heart, to prepare the way for this gigantic inflow of Love energy, a time when the Blue Light of peace will penetrate every pore of the Earth. The Blue Light of peace will surround and embrace and infuse every Being on the Planet. You will feel, you will notice, and you will KNOW that a greater level of light has been gifted to the Earth at this time, it is a time of coming into ONENESS. Where ever you are, where ever you go in this month of May, you will sow the seeds of light and you will reap the flower of light, you will become ONE.

 So I ask you now to work with the Hologram of Shambhala in your Hearts in every moment of every day, and KNOW that even thought your conscious mind might not be upon that task, your ARE undertaking that task, that the Light quotient of the Planet increases moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, until the time of the Wesak Ceremony, when the Buddha’s energy will FLOW.

 It is time to prepare the way, take your time, rest within the Shambhala in your Heart, expand, allow your wisdom to become a part of the pool of Wisdom of ALL THAT IS.

 Let the Harmonics of the Hologram of Shambhala Sound from your Heart, creating the light through Sound.

 Allow your heart to proclaim, “I AM THE LIGHT OF SHAMBHALA”, and KNOW that this is so and ALL ARE ONE.

 And so I leave you Dear Ones.

David J Adams,