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Sent: Wed, 23 Feb 2005

Our Dolphin friends communicated in February 2005 through Dr. Barbara Carranza, Cancun, Mexico about the state of the Earth:

Greetings, greetings, today we shatter the blocked air waves with a high C note...Yes, we are the dolphins giving our promised State of the Earth message.

It has been many years since we have publicly made this evaluation. Re-membering that we have a view from above the earth vibration is a good idea.

From our view, the earth is in a state of chaotic vibration. The general population is not aware of this, You know and we know that this is true.

The preparation was made some fifty years ago, and the energies are aligning for the Cosmic shift in vibrational level. This will not occur over night as you humans are apt to say. This is an on-going process with an unknown completion date.

HOW CAN THAT BE? Keep in mind that the number of Light Workers determine the completion date. And so, the more the merrier.

Much movement has been accomplished. Those working on personal soul development contribute as well as those working in groups for the upliftment of the planet. Of course doing both is the greater service.

As for the conglomeration of global corporations, they are aligning their path for the shift. We spoke some years ago about the importance of co- operation in groups. International corporations are indeed doing this. The opportunity for people of different cultures and societies is definitely in action.

Oh, you say, But they are all motivated by greed and power. And that is true. In time, this will change....yes, with more and more Light. It is inevitable.

As for pollution,,,,,the situation is critical once again. At the time of Chernobyl, at the time of the Gulf war, steps were taken, with permission from the Galactic Counsels, to ameliorate these critical situations. The time for another cleansing by your space brothers and sisters is very close. This permission will be granted because of the Light Workers devotions.

We would say, that the visual effects of pollution are now far greater than ever before on the planet. We would say that the leading powers are less concerned with the problem.

We recommend renewed public efforts, globally, to bring awareness to this situation.

As for the general health of the people. It is better than 100 years ago and worse than 50 years ago....Before the addition of preservatives and development of chemical foods.

World hunger is less, but not to be neglected. Every where, there is a problem obtaining simple, basic wholesome food. This is where the international corporations are doing the most serious damage.

But, dear ones, there is Light, there is Hope and there is work to be done. As we have said many times, you are in the driver's seat. Put the pedal to the metal and go!

We thank you for this opportunity to be with you. We are the Dolphins.