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June 27, 2005


Ring of Fire


Tectonic plates at the Ring of Fire, land encircling the Pacific Ocean, are shifting;

This causes bottled up energy that will release in the form of earthquakes.

For the past week, our news media has been telling us about earthquakes along the Ring of Fire on the edge of the continents of South America and North America. In particular, California.

We have the ability to help release bottled up energy.

With our minds let us visualize we are planting thousands and thousands of acupuncture needles into the Ring of Fire to help release bottled up energy.

For assistance with this visualization, here is a map showing the Ring of Fire.

As you are planting the acupuncture needles, visualize you are hearing the releasing of this energy.

And then, with your mind, visualize that this released energy is turning into peace energy and you are spreading this peace energy over the entire planet!

You can do it. We all can do it.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf