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September 7, 2006
From Barbara



Some of you have emailed saying you have not been able to access the World Garden site,

Eric Van der Wyk,, who maintains the site, says a cyber-attack took down all his websites, including the world garden site, and he apologizes. He wants to assure us that everything is all right now. He says, when sending him a photograph for the garden, please send one picture and make it the largest version of the image you have. He asks that your email program does not shrink the image.

I have always been thankful that Eric seemed to have materialized from nowhere when I first began the Global Meditations Network. My knowledge of the computer world was nearly zero. In July 1997, for the first global meditation, Eric constructed a family album web page for those participating. Although years ago the album was deleted from the Global Meditations Network website, I remember it well. One woman was standing at the top of the Himalayan Mountains; a well-known musician was performing in a studio; and, I was fascinated to hear squealing sounds of dolphins coming from the album. To me, anyone able to do this was a genius. Even to this day, when I flounder at my computer, this man who lives 3500 miles from me and whom I have nevermet, quickly is able to return matters to normal.

I would like to take a moment to tell you what drives Eric. He loves to convert records and tapes to Cds. Perhaps some of you would be interested in reviewing and and

If anyone needs low cost, reliable web hosting and domain registration, Eric also provides this service.

His original music and pure nature recordings, linked to, can be accessed by typing in Eric Van der Wyk or King Tet.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf