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CD Available

E-mail from Eric Van der Wyk,

 I have ready my new CD, River Meditation, which is part of the Sounds of our Planet series dedicated to preserving and sharing natural sounds that one might find relaxing, intriguing, uplifting and fascinating. For those who love to meditate by the side of a river, I have a special treat! In March 2006 I took a journey to the Cleveland National Forest in San Diego County, California, to capture the sounds of the San Luis Rey River.

I know you will enjoy the sound of the water rushing by, lapping on the shore and splashing over the rocks. The constant, steady flow of water traveling by is an ideal soundtrack for meditation, deep relaxation and rejuvenation. This 3 dimensional recording puts you right at the bank of this lovely river!

For more information, audio samples and a video clip of the San Luis Rey River, please go to