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Sometimes a dog is called by a whistle whose sound cannot be heard by human ears, yet, the dog hears and responds.

We know there has been a sound but we cannot hear it.

It is the same with the Fifth Dimension. We cannot see it but we are told it exists.

Piano keys are often divided into octaves progressing from low notes/sounds to very high notes/sounds.

When the octaves are played, if one could see the vibrations/energies of the sounds, they would range from coarse to fine.

Dimensions are similar.
Lower dimensions have coarser energies than higher dimensions.

We humans living in the Third Dimension use a body, a hologram, created so true reality, energy, can be contained. This containment has its advantages in that our bodies allow us to see each other as well as to see Mother Earth -- the animals, plants, rocks, etc.

Mother Earth herself has a body, a hologram, created so true reality, energy, can be contained. Unlike humans, she is part of a larger framework, called Solar Body; she is an arm or a leg, whatever you want to call her. Our sun is the head of this particular body.

Mother Earth is the only part of the Solar Body operating in the Third Dimension. The other parts, her brothers and sisters, the planets, operate in the Fifth Dimension.

It is my understanding that the game Third Dimensional humans are playing on the present-day chess board is coming to an end and the next game will be played in the Fifth Dimension. When this is fully operational, there will be an integration of Mother Earth with her brothers and sisters of the Solar Body.

Because the present-day chess game is coming to an end, energies of Third Dimensional Mother Earth are being overlaid by Fifth Dimensional energies. This act affects everything living on her surface -- which, of course, includes humans.

We humans are picking up these Fifth Dimensional energies and we are integrating them into our own energies. Gradually, the Fifth will overcome the Third and the latter will become inactive.

Our energies do operate smoothly and simultaneously in other dimensions. For example, when we sleep, we/our energies leave the Third Dimensional Body/Shell hologram to operate in the Fourth Dimension. At death of the Third Dimensional Body/Shell hologram we take up residence in the Fourth Dimension where we have already made a Body/shell hologram for that dimension.

Now the Fifth Dimension is becoming the field of play for the next round of activity for human energies. This higher dimension will be different from the lower dimensions, as would be expected, for, remember, all is always evolving. The word ‘evolution’ in itself will tell you that things will be different.

Remember, all is One. If Mother Earth and humans evolve, then it is to be expected that our Solar System will evolve, our Galaxy, our Universe. Nothing remains the same. There is always an upward spiral.

Because we are fast approaching a round where human energies will be dominant in the Fifth Dimension, we need to help ourselves move from the Third to the Fifth. This can be done by using the Lower Mind to create fine-tuned thoughts.

The Fifth Dimension is not compatible with energies of negativity such as dishonesty, deceitfulness, wars. Such coarse energies claimed by the Third Dimension will have no place among the finer energies of the Fifth Dimension.

It is asked how can one know what is Fifth Dimensional energy.

I say, stop, look, listen to what is within your hologram, your shell called body. Feel your energies. At this moment, May 4, 2004, as I am writing, the energies are very powerful across the land called Mother Earth. The human shell/body wants to jump. The nervous system feels activated. It IS activated. That is a clue to you that things are different. Fifth Dimensional energies affect the nervous system.

Fill your mind with the energies of Ethics and Virtues. TRUTH.
Program every speck of energy within your shell casing to respond to TRUTH.

Smile. Nod your head to a stranger and know that stranger is no different from you. All are One. All are energy encased in a shell called body. There is no difference betwen us. We are all One.

It is interesting that at this moment, when the Third Dimension is being overlaid by Fifth Dimensional energies, negative energies are being swept from under the carpet. Nothing will be left hidden under the carpet. That is why there is so much strife, so many problems, facing us just now. All must be brought to the surface, examined, deemed unacceptable, cast aside. Again, there will be no room for these negative energies in the Fifth Dimension.

To help with this process, be mindful of what thoughts you yourself create. Will you create negative thoughts or positive thoughts?

All negativity will be dealt with now, and so it is better not to create negative thoughts in the first place.

In the long run, positive energies will be stronger than negative energies even though it may not seem to be the case. A brush fire burns brightest when the fire is nearly out.

Smile. Nod your head to a stranger and know that stranger too is encased in a shell called body, facing a new game on the chess board to be played in the Fifth Dimension. We are all One.


Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf