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 2006 Message:

Hello from my heart, everyone.

Let us begin a World Garden.

You, from Sweden, Australia, Canada, Brazil, wherever you live, we can unify our efforts by weaving a tapestry, a grand world garden. Each of us weaves one piece.

There is a purpose behind this unifying effort.

Long ago Mother Earth was a perfect garden. There was a perfect blueprint for her. Then, fragmentation began and today the garden is far from perfect.

Let us turn the imperfect to the perfect.
We begin small; each of us making one piece of a world garden of perfection. We overlay our efforts, our tapestry, on the energies of imperfect Mother Earth. That is how we change the imperfect to the perfect.

Thoughts running between us is the cement, the unifying factor, that holds the weaving of the tapestry.

Everyone is eligible for this grand undertaking.

If you live in an apartment, you can designate one indoor plant, or all plants, as your piece of the tapestry we are creating.

When you are thinking of your garden, no matter how small or how large, think in terms of perfection, think in terms of Love, the strongest of all energies.

Thought is energy.
Like attracts like.
Your blueprint of perfection joins with my blueprint of perfection to weave a grand tapestry of perfection.

I want to tell you a little story. One year ago, I was staying at a large palace on the Gulf of Finland that had been renovated by the Russian government for conferences and speaker accommodations. Beside this renovated palace was another palace that remained untouched since being destroyed by bombs during World War II. The violence within the vibrations of that destroyed place was unsettling. It was strange to encounter this.

A short walk away was a very large glass-covered conservatory for growing plants. This, too, remained as it was 60 years ago. The glass ceiling was shattered. Some glass was still hanging from framework, but most of the glass was in small shards scattered over the conservatory plants.

I was there during the month of May when the plants were beginning their yearly cycle of growth, just as they had been doing 60 or more years ago. Interestingly, concrete steps near the palace had the year 1910 carved on them, nearly one hundred years ago, and so I knew many plants hadbeen growing a very long time here. It was sad seeing the plants covered with glass shards as they began their yearly cycle of growth. Each plant, and there were hundreds of them, was attempting to grow into the perfection expected of them from the blueprint of Nature.

Today our world garden called Mother Earth may not have shattered glass for the plants to ignore as they grow, but there are many other defects. Let us, in our own way, piece by piece, begin repairing the damage.

Write me about your garden. I will put excerpts on the website for all to read. This is another way to unify our efforts.

Also, I envision having a family garden album on the website so you can send me a photograph of your garden. This photograph will be with photographs of other gardens to reinforce our thoughts that we are working on a world garden tapestry of perfection for our planet.

Mikael Lund of Vancouver has developed a water device that has brought marvelous success for the growing of gardens. He has photographs on his web site,

If you want to use his system for your piece of the world garden, please contact him,

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf