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Comments from the world.


From Karinna of Hawaii:

Every year in late August-early September the plant (orchid) which is growing on a plumeria tree in our back yard, begins to share her beauty with us. Last year, there were 45 blossoms; this year there are about that many and they are still coming. We donít do much in the way of care except for loving and watering the plant occasionally and , of course, admiring her beauty!

With blessings of aloha,



Emailed by Mara:


They laughed at him and said it couldn't be done.
Nothing could be grown in that salt laden dustbowl.
But Geoff Lawton had other ideas.
He travels the world teaching others how to repair trashed environments that are beyond hope of becoming productive.


From: Renessa Bak

The gardens are the nurseries of Peace on Earth.



The Garden is a place I visit frequently and enjoy deeply. It is simply amazing to see the beauty the world holds. A warm Thank You to Eric!

Standing in the light and shining it brightly with love,



Hello Barbara,

What a wonderful idea.......another suggestion which worked exceptionally well in my garden is placing gemstones and crystals around your garden and/or in and around your potplants (especially rose quartz!).........the beautiful Faeries love them!

Much love, Light and Blessings,
Mary Duff



What a touching and appropriate idea. We are all here in Sweden waiting nearly breathlessly for the first flower - it exists in the States, but I have never thought to worship it until I came here and learned to wait for it and love it! COLTHOOF. It looks a little like a dandelion, and the stem is a little like asparagus; the leaves are large green and pointed. The next flower, and it comes soon thereafter, is a very beautiful creation: a little blue anemone. These grow wild and in their favorite places, so they can't be cultivated very well. My ANEMONE

HEPATICA grow at the foot of a birch in a little grove behind the house.

My garden isn't much to talk about now - it might be later on in the summer.

Agneta Nordmark


From: Sharon Moondancer
Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Subject: Healing the Global Garden

Greetings Barbara and Maggie,

I feel a deep sense of gratitude to be back on line again. Thank you for the story you share about the healing garden. I resonate with the whole sense of overlay.. this tapestry we collectively create and re-create. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and have recently moved to an area where the Earth Mother has held a great sorrow. As we are all becoming aware... many areas like this exist. It is spring time here and a wonderful wee flower grows in amongst the mosses... though you often have to search to find it ... they seem to be cloaked...the fragrance is so delicate and sweet to the senses. As a little girl growing up in this area I recall the native peoples... Miq maq and Maliseet coming to the market selling wee bouquets of these precious flowers all wrapped in moist moss and birch bark. I didn't know it then... I was simply drawn to them... their healing frequency is very profound. My guides, along with members of the devic realm are showing me that an essence created from them is able to heal the soul imprint of the earth, indeed each being who partakes of it. I've been receiving messages for years to create essences and now the time feels right. It's kind of funny really, as my time in this place is very temporary... a year... Hey, but a lot can happen in a year.

Today (April 27, 2006)... a wondrous sunny day I will go into the woods behind the house to pray and gather the blossoms. The " overlay" of which you speak is very potent, I will request prayers for the palace gardens...the nature spirits have a marvellous networking system...My sense is we need to call forward the assistance of the nature spirits and elemental beings, and my experience has been that leaving a gift with loving intention is a doorway to bringing their wisdom back to us. I'm not speaking of a one time deal here but the creating of a relationship. We really need their help now.

Last year during a time of great personal transition I was gifted with a book " Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings" by Marko Pogacnik... Findhorn Press. My understanding is that he travels about connecting with the disturbed elemental world to bring healing. This book is a very helpful guide for all of us doing this work. Marko's reverence simply wafts up from the pages...Mitakuye Oyasin... we are all related...

blessings and thank you.... sharonmoondancer


From Prescott, ARIZONA.

Dear Barbara,

What a wonderful idea. I live in a house which is full of beautiful, healthy house plants, mostly green, which is my garden. I will dedicate them, and the ones I plant in pots each spring on my patios and decks, to the world garden. I will also dedicate the wild, native plants which surround my home to the world garden. Even though the fire department would like me to trim native bushes up from the ground, I have so far insisted on leaving them as they are so that the birds and other critters have somewhere to shelter, and my yard is always full of the sound of birdsong as a result.

My piece of the World Garden is in Prescott, Arizona.

Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony
Nancy Miller



Greetings Dear Barbara,

I simply loved this message, and although at this time I do not have a digital camera to take pictures of our 'Forest Garden', I do have a few that folks have sent me of our Garden from various events that we have here at Stepping Stones. I will attach them below.

We have 20 acres of wood land gardens that we have left natural but opened up the animal trails for easier walking. It's a magical place! Covered in Natural Quartz Crystals with it's own Artesian Spring, and undulating Granite bedrock levels. Lots of moss and trees. We have a 41' Spiral and this fall we are hosting the birthing of a 9 Fires of Truth Medicine Wheel. We are still a small healing retreat by some standards these days, but we have true Earth Magic here at Stepping Stones. If you ever come to the West Kootenays in are so Welcome!

We have named various openings on the Land- one of the is the Grouse Garden. When I first was led to this then, raw land 13 years ago, it was as the result of a vision I had and I came here and sat on a huge out-cropping of rock now called the 'Smoke Rock', and the moment I sat down two Grouse began their mating dance, and drummed, and drummed, and drummed, and whirred! It was spectacular! We have many such special gardens here, but this one is the one that called out to me to join in your Global Garden.

I also wished to thank you for your greeting note to me when I first joined your mailing list! This has never happened to me before and I truly appreciate the loving energy you extended my way - it's so unusual in these hectic times for folks to take the time in welcoming each other towards a common cause.

I love your mailings, and find them so very informative and inspiring! and do-able, like this Global Garden Meditation. I will pass it on to my mailing list as I have your other mailings. I found a link to your site through Raven and Takara's site - Trail Guides for the Soul

Speaking of links! What a fantastic line-up of links from your site! Just wonderful!

Many Blessings to you Barbara!

Walk in Beauty, Amber



Dear Barbara,

I has been fascinated by the idea of a world garden. Since May 2004 I have been living in the country in Sabina, between Rome and Rieti "umbilicus Italiae".

I have enlarged my garden and now, little by little, I'm transforming it: I made 1) an aromatic garden where I want to grow edible flowers, tomatoes, eggplants, aromatic plants such as mint, lemon-balm, origanum, sage, strawberries, etc; 2) I have created a meditation place under an old apple tree; 3) I put 2 stairs in stone in 2 places in order to reach the lower part of the garden and the meditation place. In the garden there were hazel trees and some walnut trees and spear grass. I want to transform the spear grass with bushes and paths.

I think I'll choose for our world garden of perfection a place where are rocks and caves, at the moment savage. I'll send you a photo, as soon as possible, so you can help me in transformating it. It is at the end of my garden and its exposition is north. There is a lot of wind which comes from the valley, but this is the place I would like to transform in my spiritual garden, where to pray and to meditate. I fear snakes and vipers and the place is perfect for them. Should I put some plants that take them away?

I'm looking forward in receiving information by you.

Peace and love.

Reply from Barbara:

Dear Renata,

I have been thinking how to answer you about your proposed spiritual garden which may be perfect for snakes and vipers but you are afraid of them.

If you have a staff or walking stick, you can sharply thump the ground as you walk slowly to the garden. The snakes and vipers will feel the ground vibrations from the thumping and they will understand you are coming. They do not wish to harm you. They strike when them feel threatened. If they want to move away when they hear you coming to their garden of paradise, then they will move away. If they wish to stay, underneath a rock or at a place where they feel safe, then they will stay and you will need to be careful not to disturb them.

Perhaps, if you want to come often to the Viper Garden, you should always go to the same location so the vipers can begin to realize that is your place in the garden.

There is another solution. Perhaps you should allow the vipers to have their perfect garden, the Viper Garden, and you continue doing your meditation under the old apple tree. Trees are wonderful companions and when you sit and put your back against the trunk, this gives you good strength.

Love and Light,


Note from Barbara: This email has helpful information about vipers and snakes.

From: Kahana Shanti Ariel

Greetings dear Barbara -

Thank you for posting my contribution to the Garden website. I have just moved to a glorious place between Mt. Shasta and Montague. The energy here is sublime and there is much desire within the nature realms for people (humans and non) to come together in harmony and create a retreat for teaching/healing and just playing. I am sending out a clarion call through Mt. Shasta and beyond for those who would like to begin community gardens here, among other things. I see children, animals and the devac realms all playing together with the crystals and tree beings holding sway. It will be the first step to bringing the Song of the Dove Foundation into manifested form on the physical plain. If anyone is called to come and participate, I would love to hear from them.

On another note, I read Renata's piece about wishing to have her garden where the vipers make there homes. Having lived in snake country a lot, I developed a loving and appreciative relationship with these beings. Through communication and song I was able to walk and commune with them in great peace and honor. One of my "gfits" is to assist others in coming to this awareness and beingness of those in the past we have feared. It is important to acknowledge that in our reflective universe that the fear "we" have of vipers is a reflection of the viper within us ... the snake is the healer, the kundalini and a source of great inner power when embraced in unconditonal love and balance. It is also the fear they have of us being reflected - as they have been sorley treated by humans for quite some time.

If you are so guided, please share this with Renata and others. The wild ones deeply wish to come into peace-filled communion with humans. It is time.

Om Mani Padme Hum - Hiyaa Gozhoo Dolee -
Kahana Shanti Ariel
Tel: 530-938-1531

Note from Margaret Fikioris:

Beautiful understanding of the snakes and vipers...
sharing understanding.... appreciation... communication...
She takes the fear away... by showing it is our fear projected...

This is a healing...
it is good to be included in the world garden... discussion...
a correct alignment... of friends....

Love, Margaret



Dear Barbara,

My 7:00 am meditation was especially beautiful this Easter Morning. Over the scene was the Resurrection Light of Christ...the stone had been moved away and all the Light was here for us and Mother Earth. We basked in the Light....We basked in the Love Radiance.

I linked into all the people joining the meditation.... and added all the people for healing... all the helpers... and the guardians....circles and circles.....

We all stood in the Light.... of Magnificence of Spring....the flowering Trees... the birds, the Sun, the Glory Time ofEaster..... the return to Life.....

All Love......

I held each Person in that Light....

I held me and my heart in that Light....Athena Sister Heart Strength.....

At 7:20 am I dressed and went for an Easter Morning Walk with the Trees and Flowers, Birds. The air was soft. I greeted my World Garden Trees--the Great Pines, the Gingkoes, the Yucca plants, the Bawa little Golden Rain Trees in a Peace Circle.... 5 trees and the viewer the 6th tree...

I dedicated the Trees to the World Garden.....

I walked with such wonder and joy. I walked down admiring the geese flying and honking overhead -- landing perfectly in the pond.....

I saw the beautiful Weeping Cherry Tree.... and sent Love to Japan....Falling Beauty.... Blossoms.... Pink for the Heart.... the Beauty of Being Alive in Spring Tree....the Tree at Perfection....

I walked down to the stream and blessed the water as it flowed to the Ocean. The constancy.... the origin of the water.... flowing to the sea....

I walked back up the hill and stood under the Weeping Cherry Tree....A Water Fall of Pink Blossom Perfection....

I walked back to the house and started preparing the Easter mid-day dinner....

As I did the food, I was told by my cells to put Joy in everything I do..... I agreed.
I loved walking in the Easter Morning Light....Christ Golden Light of Life.... It was there for all of us..... this beautiful Easter Morning....

Love, Margareta


From USA.

As usual Barbara, this such a great idea, comes at a perfect time to me as I am forming a meditation to use at our May Pole celebration on the 29th, suggesting that gardens are not limited to plots of ground, but can be our body that needs constant care, ( or can be any other project we are involved with, as a Garden) So of course Earth mother is our main focus now, and I will be able to bring your message to the women that day. Thank you again.



 From USA.

The theme of the June solstice World Wide Panorama is "Gardens".

See the project at

I will try to link my entry into the World Garden and tell the photographers and QTVR producers about it ahead of time.

Caroling Geary


From USA.

Dear Barbara,

...the World Garden concept will really catch on -- it sets a Peace Intent, honoring of Mother Earth, one spot at a time.... one garden at a time.

Writing this, I got from Mother Earth that "The Whole World is a Garden."

I answered: Yes it is. this will get the people tuned into the fact.

Love, Margaret


From Food4Peace,

Dear Barbara,

I love your idea of a grand world garden. I have been working on something very similar and perhaps we can coordinate our efforts. My project involves intensive square foot gardens. The square foot garden, as you may know, is a creation of Mel Barthmolew. My organization, Global Coalition for Peace has taken his model and added a few features of our own. We call our gardens, Sattwic Peace Gardens. "Sattwic" is a sanskrit work meaning "pure." The Sattwic Peace Gardens are one component of a three-part program that we call the Women's Self Reliance Program. The goal of the WSRP is to help impoverished women with little or no resources, to gain self-reliance through nutrition education, intensive gardening and micro-enterprise. The gardens are the core of the program because they enable a woman to feed her family regardless of other circumstances in her life. The gardens are only four feet square. They are divided into sixteen one foot square sections and sixteen different vegetables and/or herbs can be grown in this small space. They produce five times the amount of produce that can be grown in the same space using conventional gardening techniques.

We have been implementing this program in a village in Guatemala for the past year and it has really transformed the lives of the women involved. You can visit our website at to read about the project and see pictures.

We have been taking advantage of whatever opportunities we can find to spread the gardens in this country and hope to see them growing all over the world, especially in places where the need is the most critical.

When I read your concept of a worldwide tapestry, I envisioned our Sattwic Peace Gardens as an important part of that tapestry. Do you see an opportunity to work together?

Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. I look forward to hearing from you.

In peace,

Rose Mirabai Lord


From Renessa Bak

How many springs ago did I share my thoughts about the blooming labyrinths . . long walk in small space. .now filled with dreams of USing the various plants. . .like a Valerian, St John's Wort and Lavender one for those in need of relaxation and a good night's sleep.

.......which also leaves us think, those who visit the skunk cabbage patch. . .ah, if it can cleanse the bear's system from a long winter's night. . surely its air washing through every cell of our being, will send cancer on the run. . . run run. . .

. . .and lie back on the tall grass we'll no longer cut. . . let it grow let it grow, let it grow, for each blade of grass, helps produce and inturn, clear the air, of the toxins is a beautiful site. .


 From Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA.

Dear Barbara,

thank you so much for that vision.

enclosed please find a photo of my treasure.....

garden in foreground - 6.30 am on December 05 with smog of ongoing fires in the peninsula in background


Note from Barbara: Please check the world garden family album page for Brigette's photograph.



Dear Barbara

I feel that a response of perhaps a different sort may be appropriate. Some of your readers may be new visitors to England and may appreciate knowing about two open garden schemes here. Best known may be The National Garden Scheme (NGS) which started in 1927 to help fund District Nurses. Now it supports a number of nursing charities particularly those related to Cancer and Hospice care at home and in the community, and also charities relating to gardeners and those who work or worked in horticulture. Each year a Yellow Book is published by NGS Charitable Trust, Hatchlands Park, East Clandon, Guildford, Surrey GU4 7RT. It gives details of around 3,500 gardens open at some time during the year for those Charities.

Information can also be found at including a search and mapping facility Garden Finder.

Many more gardens are open for other charities. They depend on local advertising including at the roadside.

Another organisation is The Quiet Garden Trust, which promotes people making gardens which are suitable for quiet meditation accessible for those that seek such solace.

Love and blessings to all




I talk to rocks, water and flowers....thru my photography and they reveal interesting things back to me.


Note from Barbara: Please look at Heide's photographs on the world garden photo page.


From Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.

Dear Barbara, I am so happy and grateful for your idea of the world garden. Now I know why I have put off creating my garden for so long! It is on my list for May and now I can incorporate the intent and the wonderful ideas of the people who have offered them on your website. I am so excited.

Thank you!!

I would love to visit the photo album, but couldn't find a link - does this exist yet?

With love,
Julie Brisbane, Australia, re-creating the tapestry.

Answer from Barbara, April 21, 2006:

Hello Julie, and thanks for emailing.
Am happy you are enthusiastic about the world garden!

Within the past hour, Eric Van der Wyk has phoned to say he has created a website for the world garden photo album.

The first photos are already on it!
I will this afternoon notify the Global Meditations Network about the new website, and if anyone wants to send one (two maximum) photos to Eric for the album, please send them directly to him at with the subject as: World Garden.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


From : Ontario, CANADA

Dear Barbara,

It is always inspiring to read your messages; the special concept of creating a World Garden to honor our planet Earth is just magnificent.

This is my garden story I like to share:

20 years ago I moved to Canada and missed my native land Italy not even realizing until a friend said: Anna, your body is split, you are fisically in Canada but your spirit is in Italy.

I was so surprised that I wanted to close the 20 years cycle of a fragmented life with a ceremony that reconnected my self and created a new beginning. I decided to create a garden project.

The city of Torino, Italy, where I was born represented my masculine side: work , power, strenght - Venice, Italy, family origin, my feminine side: beauty, art, love.

I connected my self with the elements of the planet and redesigned the front and the back part of my garden representing my body landscaped with curved , shapes, rocks, flowers symbolizing two rivers: Po river in Torino meeting the Grand Canal in Venice Laguna and be united.

I also plant ed a map in the garden and let go.

In February of 2006 Torino held the Flame ot the winter Olympic games. Torino, for 20 years was called the invisible city, totally unknown.

The Olympic opening ceremony theme was:

- Past, history - The elements: fire, wather, metal, air - The present: life, passion - The future: to be recreated -.

Just to seal it all at the closing Ceremony, Torino, Italy passed the Olympic flag to Vancouver, Canada.

My redesigned garden gathered my self and the two Countries.

I am open to any comments.

Love and blessings


Greetings all -

This is a wonderful movement towards creating Heaven and Earth laced with gardens for all to enjoy on many levels. Please share and join in the creation of abundance for all.

Om Mani Padme Hum - Kahana Shanti Ariel


From UK.

Beautifully said Barbara and what a great idea to connect people up who are creating the new reality of beauty and perfecting Life. Count me in for sure, even though it may not be a literal garden, the home and all the places in which we live, work and play with sing with the notes of cosmicious perfecting.

Lots of love


From Cheryl Binstock


Isn't it incredible the number of souls who have been inspired to build or rearrange their gardens and dedicate parts of their property or personal space to the natural world. There seems to be a wave of humanity that is welcoming nature back into their lives!

Last summer I had a similar experience and found myself making a heartfelt plea to humanity and to spirit to rebuild our world as the Garden of Eden it once was and realizing in my corner of the world I was already doing just that.

I began through inspired nudges to write a blog, which helped me learn some web design skills and learning how to play with photographs to create graphics for the site.

This bloomed from there into a website, which now has it's own registered domain and can be found through a "google" search; Our Enchanted Garden at Just recently a discussion forum "A Forum For Nature" has been added as a link from the site and is only just beginning it's precious new life! It is "a place for Nature on the internet - to discuss gardens and gardening and also to discuss other aspects of nature and the outdoors in general.

Still all in its' infancy this project has been something that has been inspired, as if my higher self havs led me through a series of learning stages to arrive at this wonderful time and ready to begin the story of the life of our garden as it progresses through the seasons ( I just got my camera late last year!)

The garden has provided me with inspiration, calm, whimsy, fresh air and exercise, interaction with the natural world, a re-connection with what's important to me, etc. I enjoy sharing what that does within my life, within my world. I also enjoy sharing the stories of little miracles and magical happenings that unfold so effortlessly.

On a personal level, I have been unemployed durring this same time frame and have been hoping I have located the "path" that is my path and leads to the service I might grow into. And I have sensed that Photography work and photoshop work and graphics and website work may be where I'm headed. Or The website and it's added features may already be right where I need to be and may progress on its' own from here. Some things I just allow to "be" and then watch to see what happens - it's one the most important things the garden has taught me.

Note: Feel free to visit the website and the links to blogs, photos and the Forum For Nature, if your shedule allows, and let me know your impressions. I've sent one photo to eric so far but have no "entire garden" photographs as yet. Once the garden begins its' growth in earnest though there will be many to share, and in the meantime I get to practice and improve my interaction with a trusty camera and learning to let spirit help guide my eye!

A lovely adventure and to see it connected in a "world garden" is a fabulous idea. My heart feels the strength of purpose that will grow through such an endeavor, it will be important for large numbers of people as an anchor of solace in a world seemingly anchor-less!

Here are some of the links; Note these are listed on the website and can all be accessed from there to eliminate the need to type them all up.

Our Enchanted Garden;
A Forum For Nature;
Our Enchanted Garden Blog;
Garden Poetry;
Photo Gallery at Flickr (view "sets" for best shots)

I look forward to hearing your feedback if you have the time and hope you enjoyed the visit!

Best of all things!


From Sharon Shane,,
Liquid Light Center.

I want to share this wonderful visionary project of unity from our global worker friend, Barbara Wolf. I got to meet Barbara in Istanbul this past November, and she is a deLight.

I had already started planting my spring garden a few weeks ago with some dahlias and a friend gifted me with purple pansies, and so now as I plant more and enJoy the blossoms of multidimensional colorful array, I will be uniting my consciousness with all the gardens of the world through this invitation from Barbara Wolf and I invite you all to be the Gardeners in the Garden of the Goddess.


From Steve Roberts.

Dear Barbara,

I was blessed today to have been forwarded your lovely message about the World Garden. As one who "gardens in stone" as a way to honor all those who have lived on the Vermont mountainside I call home, I too enjoy the magic and love of the Earth Mother. My website is a gallery of "garden" images. Thanks for your contribution to beauty. Best wishes, Steve Roberts


From: Nancy Miner Flowers in Her Bones,

Dear Barbara Wolf,

I just now received your postings via Maggie Erotokritou and GSN. Your world garden is something I would like to stay in close contact with.

When I became part of Brooke Medicine Eagle's Wakantia the name that came to me was Flowers in Her Bones. Ever since then I have been doing my part in bringing about the "reflowering" of Mother Earth and the life that we all share here. One of the ways I was shown was to encourage everyone I knew to keep flowers, even images of flowers, by their front doors so they could be seen every day. Also to encourage gardens. Your idea called to me, and I'd like to know more about what your intent is for it.

I am going to forward the GSN postings to the Wakantia egroup to share with them.

Thanks for a grand idea,
Nancy Miner Flowers in Her Bones


From: Maggie Erotokritou,

I just came back from a few beautiful days in nature (it was our Greek Easter this weekend) and I appreciated it so much and felt so wonderfully nourished. I stayed with a friend who has a wonderful herb garden that is full of lavender coloured flowers that smelt divine, so I will ask her to post a photo of her herb garden on the World Garden website.

This is an amazing idea, take a look at the photos that have already been posted, and if you have photos you can add them too. Pass the messages on about the World Garden, to your garden and nature loving friends.

Wishing many blissful days, love and light.

Co-ordinator of The Planetary Awakening Network