Sent in by: Standing Elk
August 12, 2000


Directs Evolution Into Spirit

I am St. Germaine. I am with you at this time to teach you one of the most important principles that you can learn.

Internalize the Light.

Breathe the Breath of Spirit.

Breathe this Light to yourselves.

Breathe this Light into yourself.

Evolution is simply growing, maturing in rhythm with Universe. Evolution is your pathway back to Spirit. From Spirit you have come, to Spirit you will go. In Spirit you are, even now.

Meditate upon this Spiritual Law.

Call upon the Mercy Ray. Speak to yourself. Embrace the life within yourselves. Understand that you have been created in the image of the Creator.

You are the Universe.

A mirror - your mirror - can be straightened. It can be polished. It can be clear once again. You are an invaluable facet of the Divine.

This principle of which I speak so highly, is the principle of loving yourself, of loving your present situation. You must love it, for, you created it. You called it into being You allowed it to unfold. You were curious to feel it.

Love who you are. Love your environment. When you are done, when you have learned what you came to learn in this situation, then go forward to something else exciting for you.

Carry the same Love vibration. This is how to evolve. For Love feeds the very elements of your being. It feeds that which surrounds you. Love aligns All That Is with the Heart of God, with the purpose of Creator.

Love is all you need. Love is far more than you know. Love is the power of this Universe.

Love is what you see everyday. For Love is also the Gift of Sight, it is the Gift of Sound, it is the gift of all that you experience. Explore the facets of Love. Explore the facets of Self. You will find that they are the same.

As the Masters, learn to apply the Sacred Science of Love. Learn to vibrate, emit, channel, and flow with the occurrence of Love. Know that every aspect of Love from the Creator is within you.

Human being is frocked with mystery. That is why it is so exciting to be human. Each cell within your body has multi-dimensional teachings for you.

So Love yourself. You are your own doorway to understanding. You are connected with everything that is. Loving yourself is loving Universe. And Loving Universe is loving all that excites you. Strengthen this flow of Love within. If you wish to evolve with Spirit, then learn Love.

Love your Mother Earth. For, she is a Being much greater than you. Mother Earth has called you to her at this time. You are part of her great rebirth. Loving yourself is your part in this rebirth.

Now Love is Spirit in Motion. Love is to touch your Starry Nature and to share this True Nature with your Relations. Become all who you are through the practice of loving yourself. Practice your Love for one another. You are mirrors of Self. Prepare for the great energy of our Mother Earth rising into the realms where Love is seen, as well as felt. And in the Clouds of Love you will swim once again.

I am St. Germaine with the message of Love. For this is indeed the most important principle for human being at this time and always. I release to you from my very heart, to all that shall see and experience this Spiritual Growth of Man, my own Love to help you understand what it means to live. I will be with you, as I am the Guardian of the Aquarian Age. And I guarantee to you that Love is the first lesson, the only lesson. Love is the journey for which you came here. It is the journey for which I am here also.

Receive this Love from the Heart of St. Germaine, in the Name of Beloved Immanuel and the Masters and Angels of Light, in the Name of our Father and Mother Universe, I seal you in this Love, in the Love of Being.

Forever, I am.

Saint Germaine
Mitakuye Oyasin
Standing Elk
Canku Woksape Wicasa
Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Winyan