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July 25, 2008, an update on the Network and its meaning.
From Barbara Wolf

I founded the Global Meditations Network as an internet tool to alert people world wide to help when help is needed. Mother Earth and humanity often find themselves in trouble. The network’s intent is solving problems. Its technique is simple: use positive energy of Peace, Love, and Light. Basic to this intent is the theory that energy exists whether or not one can see it, and therefore it must be counted.

For example, when positive energies are injected into an area of negativity, the playing field is altered. Most conflicts are between two players, two opposing forces, and both use, whether intentionally or not, negative energy. Because of this, little or no progress is made towards settling the conflict until one side overcomes the other. However, when a third player enters and begins using positive energies of Peace, Love, and Light, this opens an opportunity for the two negative players to begin using positive energy to find a peaceful solution to the problem.

Here is an example of this concept. In July 2008 I sent the Global Meditations Network a reminder that Iran is prominent in the news. War stands on the horizon. We do not need more war. I asked the Network to pray for peace. This would begin injecting positive energies into the conflict.

The method is the same as that initiated during World War II by Prime Minister Winston Churchill when Big Ben, the clock in London, sounded daily at noon. People throughout the kingdom stopped to observe a Moment of Silence for peace.

At the same time as the Network was reminded about Iran, the news had gone out over the internet that July 13th was called The World – Wide

Prophesy of Love Day. For 24 hours people were asked to concentrate on the energies of Unconditional Love to help bring balance and harmony to our world.

Within a few days, I noted that the rhetoric of war in Iran lessened. I attributed this to the massive efforts of people across the world countering negativity.

The key to success is to understand the concept of mass consciousness. The greater the number of those sending positive energies to a specific problem, the more chance there is of solving the problem. The Network is like a lighthouse focusing on the affairs of this age, especially fretful affairs that must be solved before peaceful and joyful conditions can be established.

The Network cooperates with spiritual and scientific members of society to bring to the attention of humanity that mass cooperation can bring about positive results. Its first global effort was measured by Princeton University scientist Roger Nelson who says: “The possibilities that are implied by a subtle but effective melding of our separate selves into a greater consciousness are great. And it seems imperative that something like this begin to occur, for we see signs all around us that we, the human skin of the earth, must begin to care more for ourselves en mass, for the earth as a whole.”

Those who make up the Global Meditations Network are Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Sufis, Hindus, Sikhs, Animists, etc. The Network is blind to race, creed, and color and wide open to Unity in Diversity. By working together to send Peace, Love and Light to places of discord, the Network helps to temper discord, helps to fix what is in disrepair. Again, positive energy IS. It must be counted. For the beauty of the Earth humanity calls home, for the glory of all who live here, when humanity works together humanity makes a difference.

Over the years, the Global Meditations Network has continually worked with diverse projects. One example is the water project of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto whose experiments have proven that water has a consciousness and will try to form a perfect molecular state when positive energy of the consciousness is focused on it. 80% of our planet, as well as our body, is water. Thus, to return water to a perfect, healthy, peaceful state is good for the planet and all humanity.

The Native American has a spiritual saying, ‘All Our Relations,’ which means everything is related, whether it is a physical body, a tree, a stone, a bird, an animal. All has a consciousness including our planet which they call Mother Earth. Because all are related, this means all are affected by actions. When there is arguing and fighting within the human race, Mother Earth is affected. When there is an earthquake, one can ask, is Mother Earth shifting herself to be more comfortable, or, are the negative actions of humans giving her a stomach ache?

A parallel tool to help Mother Earth to receive positive energy is the use of the Peace Pole, of which there are an estimated 200,000 planted throughout the world. The concept is similar to an acupuncture needle that simulates the energy system of the physical body. When the Peace Pole is planted, positive energy thoughts of peace are uppermost within the consciousness of those planting this acupuncture needle. Since all are related, every planting stimulates all peace poles planted throughout the world.

At the top of the Global Meditations Network website is a picture of a hand holding our world. Those who see this picture are encouraged to conceive of themselves as being the hand of Peace, Love, and Light holding our Mother Earth. They are asked to see her as a beautiful but closed flower. The mind is then encouraged to open the petals one by one by using the positive energies of Peace, Love and Light until Mother Earth becomes a fully opened flower of purity. These small but positive acts encourage the mind to think and act positively.

As humanity on an individual basis begins to use positive energy himself, such as greeting with a smile a stranger on the street, the positive energy of others begins to attract him. There is a law: Like Attracts Like. His energy becomes attracted to a mass consciousness of positive energy that seeks peace.

When more and more are attracted to this similar goal, the mass consciousness of peace becomes greater and greater, which leads to a significant potential that peace, harmony and balance may indeed be dominant in our world, for the benefit of all of us and for our future generations.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf