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This paper was presented at a large Metaphysical Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on September 27, 2003, at Pax Universal, a powerful peace healing center directed by Carmen Balhestero who channels St. Germain.


 by Barbara Wolf


Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Some of you are members of the Global Meditations Network, and so, whenever you wish to add to what I am saying, please feel free to comment.

In the meantime, before the first comment, let me tell you my interpretation of what is the Global Meditations Network.

It is an Internet-based organization whose purpose is
1. to help expand global consciousness,
2. to help heal the earth as well as help with human problems, and,
3. to practice the strength of coming together to act as One.

Emphasis is on The Positive.

The Network’s web site states:
When the world comes together to meditate on The Positive, a well of positive energy is produced.

This positive energy can be used to help change the parameters of conflicts in order to bring forth a solution to the problem.

Let me be clearer.

An act of conflict, by simple definition, is usually two opposing forces confronting each other.

The energy produced by the struggle will be negative energy.

No mater how ‘right’ one side may be, or how ‘wrong’ the other, in effect, both sides are producing negative energy because the concentration is on hostility.

However, if another element, that of positive energy, is introduced , then there is a change in the parameters of the conflict.

Yes, there are still two forces producing negative energy, but, there is a third, and this one is producing positive energy.

All energies must be considered, and thus, with the introduction of the third, that of the positive, with a concentration on Peace, Love, and Light energies, this can produce conditions that bring a solution to the conflict.

That is the theory on which the organization called Global Meditations Network is based.

When people world wide inject positive energy into conflicts the effect is analagous to candles being used to produce light, which is energy.

The more candles, the more light.

The more people contributing positive energy focused on one subject, which, in the case of a conflict, is two negative forces, the better chance to find a peaceful solution to the problem.

The Global Meditations Network, via the Internet, makes it possible to bring large numbers together at the same time so their energies are coordinated and focused on a given problem.

And thus, the real thrust of the Network is to put out a call for help so all consciousnesses can concentrate on positive energies at a given time to help create a well or wave of positive energy.

In other words, the Network coordinates, integrates, focuses.

Today, because of the Internet, the Global Meditations Network can reach an estimated quarter million within a very, very short time.

Speed is important for resolving conflicts before they escalate in intensity and complexity.

Here is an example of the success of speed, attributed to the Internet, which the Global Meditations Network used to play an active roll in a global conflict.

I want to point out here that there are other Networks that call the people to action, and very often these Networks cooperate with each other to spread messages quickly to as many people as possible.

The example I am about to give has to do with Iraq in February 1998.

NATO forces were poised to strike Iraq.
Numerous diplomatic overtures with Saddam Hussein had failed, and now NATO was ready to begin bombing.

Once again, the world watched helplessly.

At this crucial moment, James Twyman, called a Peace Troubadour, was asked to go to Baghdad to sing peace songs to Saddam Hussein.

An alert was sent out via the Internet and the Global Meditations Network joined this alert.

People were asked to say peace prayers and to meditate at the momet James Twyman would be singing in Baghdad.

The theory behind this call to action is that a surge of positive energies in the form of Peace, Love, and Light would help break negative energy blocking a resolution of conflict.

When the call went out over the Internet, thousands, millions, responded throughout the world. From Norway, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, the U.S.A.....From every corner of the world, people responded.

What happened?

James Twyman sang his peace songs in Baghdad on Wednesday, February 19, and the people joined to make a great well of positive energy.

The following day, Thursday, Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, announced his intention to go immediately to Baghdad to resolve the conflict.

Friday, he arrived in Baghdad.
Two days later, Sunday, he and Saddam Hussein signed an agreement that defused the confrontation.

An atmosphere of positive energy in the form of Peace, produced by a great number of people, had been injected into the negative arena so there was an opportunity for a resolution of conflict.

This is exactly what happened February 1998.

 t is logical to make the assumption that what happened in February 1998, can be repeated over and over again. And yes, it has happened over and over again.

But, in the case of Iraq, four years and one month later, March 2003, despite the desires and the efforts and the coordination and the integration, and the focus of millions of people, this was not enough to stop the invasion of Iraq.


My personal opinion is that the current Iraqi conflict began as a one-sided affair. The Iraqis were not interested in engaging in a conflict.

Furthermore, the United Nations, unlike in 1998, when it took an active role in Iraq, had, in 2003, been dismissed as irrelevant by those intending to invade Iraq.

Thus, there was no role for the Secretary General to play in order to stop the invasion.

Was there anything the Global Meditations Network could have done to stop the conflict?

 I do not think so.

 We tried our best. We failed.

However, this does not mean that we will stop our efforts to bring peace to the Middle East and to any other place needing help to bring peace.

I want to tell you my personal story of where I was when the new Iraqi war started in March 2003.

I had been invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to attend an annual ceremony of the ringing of the peace bell, at the moment of the Equinox on March 20.

Before the ceremony, I was on the sidewalk across the street from the tall United Nations building with its many, many windows. I know you have seen photographs of this stately building.

It was a fierce, stormy night, and the rain was coming down so hard that my umbrella turned inside out and I was soon drenched.

Whenever I go the United Nations, I follow a ritual.
Before entering the tall building, I stop at a wall, an unabtrusive wall across the street, and I read the writing on this wall,

“They will beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up swords against nation, nor will they train for war any more."

In my mind, this is the motto of the United Nations. Every time I read it, I feel the deep meaning of these words.

March 20, 2003, on that dark and stormy night when my umbrella has turned inside out and I was drenched, when I stoppped at that wall, what did I see??????

The writing was covered by a tarp.
The United Nations motto was hidden.

This was a shock!
I stood there in that fierce weather and looked at the tarp covering the sacred words, and I thought, how appropriate!

The United Nations was being described as an irrelevant organization by those who wanted war. Even its motto was covered!

I went into the building, to the meditation room, and, as usual, I checked the United Nations energies, always so powerful, so vibrant there.

I found the energies shattered.

Whenever I am in the Meditation Room, it is my habit to send strong, positive energies up the tall building, to all the offices.

The United Nations may not be perfect in many ways, but it is the body created so all nations can come together to share the joys and sorrows of our world, and to help fix what is not right.

 Harmony. That is what it is all about.

When there is disharmony, the members of United Nations can work together to fix the problem.

I want to point out that today it is only six months after the covering of the motto and the shattering of the energies of the United Nations, and I can say that the United Nations rupture is being mended.

Furthermore, the momentum for positive energies is growing and growing and growing!

I feel confident that some day positive energies will be so great that those who desire the negative -- war -- will put down their swords.

Recently, on August 27, when our neighboring planet Mars was so close to Earth, the Global Meditations Network was asked to put aside usual thoughts associated with Mars, those of war,and instead to concentrate on the other side of the coin -- the powerful LOVE aspect of Mars.

It is my opinion that humanity itself has two sides of a coin -- one with Dark, negative energies, the other with Light, positive energies.

It is also my opinion that positive energies are more powerful than negative energies, and so, if the Dark side is given enough exposure to the positive, this Dark side will turn -- and that is exactly what we want!

For peace and harmony, humanity needs to know and to understand itself.
With this in mind, the Global Meditation Network is e-mailed a newsletter of upcoming world events at the beginning of each month.

One can say that the newsletter is a tool to help shrink the world so that its readers can begin to realize that all are brothers, no matter where they live.

Familiarity breeds tolerance, then Love and Understanding, and this leads to Peace.

This September’s events include a ‘Big Sing’ gathering near Melbourne, Australia; a trip to ancient Greek power and sacred places; a sacred journey in New Mexico; World Healing Day, a global event; in Miami, Star Knowledge teachings by Native American spiritual teacher, SilverStar; in Mexico, activation of the pyramids though the crystal skulls; in Bali, a sacred peace journey to sacred sites; in Pennsylvania, a gathering of women hosted by Wind Daughter, Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe; in New York City, a Spirit of Peace Youth Summit; on September 22, a call by water healer Raymon Grace to Heal The Earth; Sept. 23 a global marine meditation.

Many reading the newsletter will not be able to attend the September events, but they can understand the thoughts of their brothers and sisters across the world.

Again, familiarity breeds tolerance, which leads to Love and Understanding, to Peace.

The Network is made up of Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Sufis, Hindus, Sikhs, Animists, and others.

It is “blind” to race, creed, and color, but it is wide open to Unity in Diversity.

The goal is for all to work for the same purpose, to help resolve problems that arise within the human family no matter what the circumstances or belief of those being affected.

Here is an example of how the world came together to help with a local problem rather than a national or international problem.

In Miami, there is a place with an ancient stone circle, sometimes called Miami Stonehenge. This place is sacred to the Native American.

Incidentally, astrological computations indicate that this circle is aligned with the Great Pyramid and other sacred world sites.

Land in Miami is expensive, as we all know. This particular land was sold to a developer to build a multi-million dollar apartment complex. The sacred stone cirlce was slated to be destroyed.

Numerous attempts to stop this were ignored, and finally the developer’s bulldozers were ready to begin work to clear the land in preparation for construction.

One last attempt was made to save the sacred Miami Circle. A meeting was arranged to include government officials, the developer, and those who wanted the stone circle saved. If no agreement could be reached, then the bulldozers would begin work the next day.

Less than 24 hours before the convening of this important meeting, I received an e-mail asking the Global Meditations Network to support a petition to save the sacred site.

The petition was posted on the Internet.

I e-mailed the Network immediately explaining the urgency of the situation and the shortness of time, and I asked everyone to sign the petition, for their friends to sign the petition, and for those who could, I asked that my message be posted on Internet bulletin boards.

The call to sign the petition was answered immediately!
In fact, so many tried to sign the petition at the same time, the Internet system started failing. I began receiving e-mails from people frustrated that they could not access the petition. Good! This told me that many were responding to save the sacred Miami Circle.

I e-mailed the frustrated ones to persist with trying to sign the petition.

The next day, at the meeting of the government officials, the contractor, and those who wanting the sacred site saved, the petition was presented.

Shortly afterward, I received an e-mail saying that the response in that meeting to the world signing the petition was immediate and overwhelming. It was so impressive that this contributed heavily in the final decision -- to save the Miami Circle.

And so you can see what can be done when people come together to help. Less than 24-hours of world action helped save the Miami Circle.

I began receiving interesting e-mails from people beginning to realize the power of the tool that was in their hands -- global action.

Here is one response, from Peta of New Zealand:
“It was so good to get this news (of the Miami Circle being saved), and (to) experience the power of networking through the Internet....I was one of the people who encountered the crashed server, and I had to email the web site administrator to get my message (of signing the petition) through! The news (of saving the Miami Circle) has made my day.”

From Carl-David, who is remarking on the number of people who signed the petition:
Barbara, that on-line petition is astonishing and quite beautiful!....It’s an awesome display of the grassroots power of the Internet to bring people together quickly.”

 From Louise:
“You have an amazing network of people ready to respond.
Congratulations. What a wonderful victory.”

 From Keith Austin:
“Dear Barbara, Thank you for allowing us to partake in a successful “saving” of the Miami Circle -- The Miami Circle was a necessary initiation for us all on how we can make a difference and how the Internet can project intent and power.”

And so you can understand, the Global Meditations Network can be used to help resolve conflicts on a national, global, personnel level.

Wherever positive energy is needed, the Network can give it.

I want to end by reading a most unusual e-mail received from an American while the Global Meditations Network was working on calming the conflict in Kosovo a few years ago.

He said, during the first days of the bombing, he dialed a government phone number in Belgrade, and a woman answered.

He heard many voices in the background.

When he started to speak, she said in English, “just a minute”. Then she put down the phone. When she returned, she asked sharply, “What do you want?", and he replied, “I just want you to know that the American people do not know why they are fighting you.”

He said there was a stunned silence, and then the woman said with great emotion, “Your words have affected me very much.”

Less than one hundred years ago, it would have been impossible to pick up the phone and call Belgrade from the United States. Now look what we can do.

Communication -- modern communication -- we can put the broken world together with modern communication.

Many Native Americans call the Internet the great spider web in the sky.

That spider web is there for us to use, for the benefit of Mother Earth, for the benefit of all humanity.

The Global Meditations Network walks across the sky via the great spider web to help put Mother Earth back together again.