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June 22, 2006


In simple terms, here is the meaning of global meditations.

It is a tool used by mass consciousness to achieve a goal, such as world peace.

The more who concentrate on the same thought form/energy, the more likely is the goal reached.

At the time of the funeral of Pope John II in April, 2005, because of television and other forms of news media, billions sent Love and Compassion to the pope.


The majority were not Catholic, but were ordinary folks who, over a long period of time, saw the efforts of the pope to reach out with love to the ordinary people around the world. Their hearts went out to him when he died.

In effect, the funeral was a means whereby billions performed a global meditation to send love to one person. It was a huge mass consciousness undertaking.

This energy, this particular thought form of six billion people concentrating on the same thing, still exists.

There are some who not only understand the existence of this six billion people thought form of energy, but there are some who know how to use this for the benefit of a billion people meditation.

You see?

The goal of a unified mass consciousness of one billion or more to bring forth the energy of peace is a lofty goal.

Everything that can make a positive difference to reach that goal should be utilized.

Over the years, humanity has been introduced to this concept of huge numbers concentrating on the same thought form to reach a lofty goal.

 For example, Harmonic Convergence in 1987.
This was not only a huge undertaking, but it was very, very successful, and this success has been enormously beneficial for humanity.

On a smaller scale and on a more emotional scale, about ten years ago, three gray whales in the Bering Sea were trapped by ice and could not escape to open water. Via television, for a week, the world, in great anxiety, watched them struggle to survive.

Finally the ice closed in enough so one whale died, and soon afterward a Russian ice breaker ship came to the rescue and led the surviving two to open water.

This event of the whales brought the mass consciousness of huge numbers of people together into one single thought form/energy. It was my understanding that this event was, in effect, a staged event, agreed on by the whales, for the benefit of humanity to experience a uniting of a concept into one thought form/energy. It was like a practice run for later mass consciousness events they would be asked to participate in.

The Solstice of yesterday, June 21, and the day before, June 20, was a huge, and yes, successful uniting of the mass consciousness of humanity.

Additionally, June, 20-21, there was an introduction to humanity to acknowledge and thank the star nations that helped on those two days for the benefit of Mother Earth and humanity. This first introduction was sent out by a Native American chief who is all too well aware of the work other star nations do for Mother Earth. His message was sent around the world.

Much of humanity today has no concept that we are not the only ones occupying this universe.

Now it is time for them to become aware. Kirael ( and his folks of the seventh dimension are breaking the third dimensional ice for the benefit of humanity, and now this new concept of beings Out There is being accepted daily by more and more.

There is a whole universe of brothers and sisters of humanity Out There.

Humanity has the right to ask them for help.
Humanity has the right to ask its brothers and sisters Out There to help with efforts to bring peace to our planet.

When humanity does ask, the brothers and sisters are allowed to help.

By the Native American chief breaking third dimensional ice by pointing out to humanity that Out There is help, humanity can begin to think on the concept that there are brothers and sisters Out There who will help.

When humanity understands the concept that the brothers and sisters of the universe will unite to help, a global meditation will expand to a billion times a billion.

For humanity to cooperate with all those who live in this universe is a lofty goal, a major goal, to bring peace everywhere, whether it is on this planet or Out There.