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November 14, 2006

Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.

Father Jean-Juste of Haiti, whose cancer treatments in Miami have been successful, wants to return home to take up his priestly duties.

However, there is a problem. The Diocese of Port au Prince has suspended him from acting as a priest. He has asked the Pope at the Vatican to rescind this suspension, but the Vatican has not yet answered him.

As you know, from early reports sent to you and from postings on the Global Meditations Network website, Father Jean-Juste, whose efforts began a successful program to feed hungry children, was suddenly imprisoned in 2005. He remained there until, when he was near death from leukemia, world efforts successfully had him released. He was flown to Miami where doctors began cancer treatments.

While he was in prison, a Church Bishop notified Father Jean-Juste that he had been suspended as a priest because he had become a candidate for President of Haiti.

Although Father Jean-Juste pointed out that this is impossible because there is a Haitian law saying no one can become a candidate while in prison, his protests were ignored and he remains suspended as a priest.

Father Jean-Juste wants to return home to take up his priestly duties. He knows he has cancer and he may die soon, and he wishes to die in Haiti, on duty, rather than away from his homeland.

The world is being asked to help make his wish come true -- that he return to Haiti and rejoin his congregation at St. Claire. Please consider emailing Bishop Serge Miot,, asking that he re-instate Fr. Jean-Juste as a priest

Also, please consider emailing Archbishop Mario Giordana,, and Bill Quigley,, who has been tirelessly trying to help Father Jean-Juste.

haiti1.htm has emails from Bill Quigley and Father Jean-Juste and Margaret Trost, president of the What If? Foundationthat supports efforts to help the poor children of Haiti.

The What If? Foundation website,, has wonderful photographs and writeups of the Haitian food program, summer camp, vegetable garden, and education program.

haiti.htm has earlier emails about Father Jean-Juste and the Haitian food program.

It is my opinion that Father Jean-Juste is a big LIGHT for the poor of Haiti. There are those in that country who feel uncomfortable with his selfless role.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf