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Note from Barbara:

This page is in three parts.
1. a.-- Metatron channeling about hurricanes, b.-- Hurricane Ike, c.-- typhoon in Japan several years ago.
2. My experience with Hurricane Ike.
3. Wonderful emails from you and you and you about how you handle hurricanes.


HURRICANE NEWS, September 2008


1. a.-- Metatron channeling about hurricanes, b.-- Hurricane Ike, c.-- typhoon in Japan several years ago.


Hurricane Ike has just ended its visit to Texas and now it is racing northward. Tomorrow it arrives at my doorstep, which is at Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes, and then it turns toward the Adirondack Mountains of many, many lakes and rivers.

You will read in the Metatron channeling, that the purpose of hurricanes is to charge the oceans with energies for the benefit of the planet. The intention is not to draw them to the lands. What attracts hurricanes to the land is fear, negative energy. The news media stalwartly kept humanity up-to-date on every move of Hurricane Ike as it approached the Gulf Coast, speculating continually on where Ike would land. This speculating helped increase the fear of humanity for this hurricane, which in turn helped increase the attraction for coming full force to land.

Archangel Metatron suggests that once humanity understands that these powerful storms are for the benefit of the oceans rather than of the land, then humanity, if it wishes, can pray that hurricanes remain at sea, which means they can weaken substantially if they will reach land.

This advice has prompted me to begin sending the energies of Love, the opposite of fear, to Ike as it approaches my doorstep.

Several years ago, I was at Mount Fuji, Japan, when a typhoon was in full force. I was staying in a modern, wooden house with about two dozen people, including indigenous people from northern Japan, and we were all bedded down on mats to sleep out the night. In the morning, everyone, for one reason or another, left except me. I watched the typhoon as its sheets of water came down to the land. I had never before seen so much water coming down.

I knew the typhoon was extensive, a super typhoon. I thought about the zillions of water droplets. It was impossible to imagine how many were coming down. I sat at a window watching the zillions of water droplets, and then I had an idea. I would program them with Love, remembering the concept that All is One. To program one meant programming all of them.

I imagined these Love water droplets coming down and touching the land, giving Love to the land. I imagined Love water droplets coming down into the ocean very close to me at Mount Fuji, and then, because All is One, I imagined that all droplets of water in the ocean, and the other oceans, were being programmed with Love.

I programmed with Love the water droplets in the clouds overhead that would not come down to the land or the ocean near me, but instead, the wind would take them across the planet to drop them here, drop them there.

Hurricane Ike is coming to my doorstep tomorrow, so say the weather forecasters. I am ready. I have already begun programming with Love its water droplets so that when they come down, some in the Great Lakes, others on the land and in the rivers and lakes of the Adirondacks, these droplets will spread Love for the benefit of our planet.

You see what can be done?
Spreading Love.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf



2. My experience with Hurricane Ike.

September 15, 2008

Yesterday I emailed you that Hurricane Ike would soon be at my doorstep. He was expected in the late evening of September 14 and would stay several hours. About 10:30 pm, Hurricane Ike arrived with powerful winds. I was in bed and I stayed in bed. I greeted his roars of wind with Love. I did not look out the windows.

Over and over I told Hurricane Ike, I love you. I love you. I love you.

I felt the fear that raged in Ike. Fear that came from so many, many people.

I continued sending him Love, and then I went to sleep.

This morning I woke, and I got out of bed and I cautiously pulled the drapes to look out the window. I expected the affects of much rain, and I expected broken tree limbs and debris on the ground..

There was nothing. No branches, no debris. The ground was dry. Ike did not bring rain. Last night, the local weatherman said we did not need rain.

After breakfast, I walked in my neighborhood. The next street showed damage of big branches down, twigs and leaves everywhere.

Thank you, Hurricane Ike, who has come with a mighty roar, but who has walked a gentle walk to my doorstep.

Peace, Love, and Light,




3. Wonderful emails from you and you and you about how you handle hurricanes and other storms.


From Ariel Ky:

Wow! Your Hurricane Ike encounter is amazing. What an affirmation that we really can communicate with the spirit of the wind.


From Agnes:

Dear Barbara,

Thanks you so much for sharing your experience with Ike. A while back we had a big thunder storm and my dogs were frightened, so was I a bit. Then I started to sing to the storm- gentle wind, gentle rain, gentle, gentle thunder and lightning, gently through the ether, gently upon the Earth. I sang it over and over and over and the storm subsided into a gently falling rain shower. After seeing tv predictions about Ike, I sang this song to him and didn't watch anymore tv predictions. Next morning I saw on tv that destruction was much less than predicted. I also sang this song to Gustav. In the future I will follow your lead and acknowledge that it is all Love for the Earth. Thank you. Blessings, Agnes


From Laurien:

Dearest Barbara,

I am so happy to hear this news. I read your email yesterday and began praying WITH you immediately – even last night as I went to sleep here in Los Angeles, I sent loving thoughts to you and Ike (and any other ‘storms’) and that we welcome their blessing without harm!

I know it’s been ‘ages’ since you and I have talked – but I want you to know I am so grateful for your emails – for all the wonderful and inspiring work you do and how beautifully you keep us all connected around the world!

I send you infinite love and blessings and am so grateful for you!



From Lois:

Hi Barbara, I love your story about Ike. I heard a similar one about hurricane Hugo that devastated parts of Charleston, Spith Carolina. A woman went around before the hurricane arrived and hugged all her trees. Every one of her trees stood while there were many around her that did not. Before a big storm I go out and talk to the trees on my property (too many to hug!). I send them light and tell them I love them and to be strong and bend with the wind. In almost 15 years we have had only one tree damaged by storms.

Love and blessings,
Lois in Atlanta


From Corky:

Dear Barbara: Thanks so much for your wisdom on how we can each participate in shifting the energy of hurricanes, storms, etc. I, too, was traveling to St. Louis when the first hurricane (Gustav) was heading for New Orleans. A friend called and asked how our other friend from New Orleans was doing. I said she's been watching the weather pretty consistently since it was headed that direction. I then told my friend that we can participate in helping calm the storm, which at that time was a category 4. By simply imagining the storm calming down and holding the idea of the hurricane changing course, we can then be part of the solution rather than part of the problem or fear. I also shared this idea with my book study and we have agreed to be "channelers" of positive loving energy directed at any storm we hear about it. I see this becoming a natural and immediate response for millions of people worldwide in helping to shift the energy of so many things rather than being overwhelmed by the fear our television personalities spew at us. Blessings!!! Corky Cayton


From Myriam of Pakistan:

I am happy that Ike has weakened, and your treatment of the situation with Love, is remarkable, and the way you explain it. I am also reading Archangel Metatron's message about the purpose of storms and hurricaines. Thank you for all the wonderufl knowledge you pass on.

It makes so much sense that humatinity's collective feelings have so much influence in Nature and in our beloved Gaia.


From Barb Meyer:

Thank you, Barbara, for this follow-up "Message of Hope". It's encouraging for us to hear what didn't happen!

If you can do it, so can we! I had never thought of using my mind like that with something so very powerful of nature. I now wonder why not! I especially like the fact that it takes the anticipation with fear away.

Warm regards,
Barb Meyer


From Lynn:

Hello from my heart barbara

you truly are an inspiration of the highest levels!! thank you and bless you ... this is how i felt things may pan out if folk stayed in their hearts, prayed and blessed rather than feared .. what an awesome example of the power of trust in loving gratitude and blessing!!

big hugs and much love


From Constance:

love love LOVE stories like this!

reminds me of when the fires were in LA some months ago they showed a photo on TV of a prayer pole where the fire had come around it in a perfect circle to maybe 50 ft or so, and had stopped dead around the circumference

if that’s not an indication of the power of prayer I don’t know what is!



From: Suzanna Joy!


I will share with you a story that happened to me many years ago when Hurricane Andrew came through my area. I live in Fort Lauderdale in an evacuation area (close to the Intracoastal and ocean), so we had to leave.

Before we left the house I surrounded the house with Angels of Protection and Love. Well, 3 days later when we came home, all up and down my street were giant piles of tree debris, large limbs, and entire trees uprooted (we think a tornado must have gone through) and house damage. When we got to our home there was hardly a leaf off a tree! The Angels really did their job! I am happy to say.....! And every night as I go to sleep I still ask them to surround the house.

I work with the Angels during the Hurricanes....seeing the coast lines with shoulder to shoulder, wing to wing Angels....and I put Angels and Love around the hurricane too.

We are on the same wave length, along with thousands of others!

Love and Angel s!
Suzanna Joy!


From Louise:

Dear Barbara, Thanks for encouraging sending lots of love to Ike to counter all the fear spread by weather bureau, 24 hour accounts on news stations, etc. Grace and I have been watching and sending prayers, as we were there in July and could recognize buildings, bay, beaches, wall, etc.