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December 7-10, 2007,
Lucknow, India


Lecturer: Barbara Wolf, U.S.A.
Founder: Global Meditations Network.


 To bring peace to our world, it is important for all, young and old, to unite with one thought, peace. Today we have a tool, the computer that can unite us. It opens the world for all of us. In an instant we can connect with our brothers and sisters in distant lands; in an instant we can hear world news, sometimes grave, sometimes good; and, we can even use the computer to buy airline tickets. ‘The sky is the limit’ used to be a common phrase to mean everything is possible, but today, because of the computer, we can say that ‘the sky is limitless’.

 I have used the computer to create the Global Meditations Network, which has become a vast Internet organization reaching across the world. The major purpose is to expand global consciousness, to heal the earth, to help with human problems, and to practice the strength of coming together to act as One.

 This Network uses the technique of co-creating with mass consciousness to help turn conflict into peace, harmony, and balance. It does not matter whether a conflict is individual, communal, national or, global because techniques used to defuse all conflicts are similar.

 It is like a lighthouse focusing on the affairs of this age, especially fretful problems that must be solved before peaceful and joyful conditions can be established for generations yet-to-be-born.

 Because of the computer, the Global Meditations Network is a faceless organization where strangers work with strangers. The touchy subjects of race, creed and color stand mute. However, what does stand strong is the concept that everything is energy, either positive or negative, and when large numbers of humanity form a great pool of mass consciousness to concentrate at the same time on a particular positive thought/energy, such as Peace, Love, and Light, this creates a possibility for change.

 Peace, Love, and Light. Peace, Love, and Light. Peace, Love, and Light.

That is what the Global Meditations Network strives to reach. Its main tools are meditation, prayers, and love.

Change from the negative to the positive becomes possible when the positive supplants the negative. The reasoning is simple: Since all energy exists, all energy must be considered.

 In the case of a global conflict such as war, two opposing forces/energies confront each other. By definition, if one force opposes another, then the energy produced by the struggle will be negative no matter how ‘right’ one side is or how ‘wrong’ the other. In effect, both sides are producing negative energy. However, if another element, that of positive energy is introduced, then there is a change in the parameters of the conflict because now there are three parties to be considered. When the Global Meditations Network puts out a call to send to a conflict a wave of positive energy in the form of Peace, Love, and Light, the co-creation of energy by the uniting of huge numbers of humanity focusing on a single problem is significant and helps produce conditions viable for a resolution of the conflict..

 The Network cooperates with spiritual and scientific members of society to bring to the attention of humanity that applying the technique of mass consciousness can bring about positive results. Its first global meditation was scientifically measured by Princeton University Professor Roger Nelson who says, “The possibilities that are implied by a subtle, but effective melding of our separate selves into a large consciousness are great. And it seems imperative that something like this begin to occur, for we see signs all around us that we, the human skin of the earth, must begin to care more for ourselves en mass, for the earth as a whole.”

 The Global Meditations Network has yearly worked with the Masaru Emoto concept that water is a living entity, and therefore, on a specific day of the year, usually in July, the mass consciousness of the Network will concentrate on blessing and sending love and gratitude to the 80% of the world that is water. Scientist Emoto has proved in his laboratory that water molecules when blessed will try to form a perfect hexagon. It is to be remembered that the human body consists of nearly 80% water, and so you can understand that when the mass consciousness of many unite to bless water, that which is within us will also be affected.

 When we expand the theory of water consciousness to the concept that everything has a consciousness, including the cells in our physical body, we can begin to realize that health is an indicator of cell consciousness. Margaret Fikioris and I have written a book, Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!, addressing this theory and pointing out that disease is an indicator of an imbalance within the cell consciousness. Cancer, for example, is an indicator of unloved cells. Our book explains how all conflicts, whether they are within the physical body, the communal body, the national body, or the global body, can be resolved in similar ways to return balance and harmony.

Again, the concept of the Global Meditations Network is to unite the mass consciousness of great numbers of humanity on ways to bring peace, harmony, and balance to our planet.

The Native American has a spiritual saying, ‘All Our Relations’, which means that everything is related, whether it is a physical body, a tree, a stone, a bird, an animal. All have a consciousness, including our planet, which they call Mother Earth.

 Because all are related, this means that all are affected by actions. When there is arguing and fighting within the human race, Mother Earth is affected. When there is an earthquake, one can ask, is Mother Earth shifting herself to be more comfortable, or, are the negative actions of humans giving her a stomach ache?

 An interesting tool to help Mother Earth receive positive energy is the use of the peace pole, of which there are an estimated 200,000 planted throughout the world. The concept is similar to an acupuncture needle that stimulates the energy system of a physical body. When the peace pole is planted, positive energy thoughts of peace are uppermost within the consciousness of those planting this acupuncture needle. Since all are related, every planting stimulates all peace poles planted throughout the world.

 At the top of the Global Meditations Network website is a picture of a hand holding our world. Those who see this picture are encouraged to conceive of themselves as being the hand of Peace, Love, and Light holding our Mother Earth. They are asked to see her as a beautiful but closed flower. The mind is then encouraged to open the petals, one by one, by using the positive energies of Peace, Love, and Light until Mother Earth becomes a beautiful, fully opened flower of purity. These small but positive acts encourage the mind to think and to act positively.

 As humanity on an individual basis begins to find small ways to encourage positive energy within himself, such as greeting with a smile a stranger on the street, the positive energy of others begins to attract him. There is the law that Like attracts Like.

His energy becomes attracted to a mass consciousness of positive energy that seeks peace. When more and more are attracted to this similar goal, the mass consciousness of peace becomes greater and greater, which leads to a significant potential that peace, harmony, and balance may indeed be dominant in our world, for the benefit of all of us and for our future generations.