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Speech given at November 1, 2005, conference hosted by World Brotherhood Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey.


“Peace, Love, and Light to All”


Barbara Wolf


 It is common knowledge that we live today in the technological age of the computer. This fantastic scientific tool sometimes can be frustrating to those, including myself, who use it. Viruses threaten our hard drives. Unwanted e-mails overwhelm our communication programs. Yet, despite this, the computer can be a brilliant addition to our lives. It opens the world to us. In an instant we can connect with our brothers and sisters in far off lands; in an instant we can hear world news, sometimes grave, sometimes good; and, we can even use the computer to buy an airline ticket. ‘The sky is the limit’ used to be a common phrase to mean everything is possible, but today we can say that ‘the sky is limitless’ for us who use computers.

I have used the computer to found the Global Meditations Network, which is now a vast Internet organization reaching millions across the planet. The major purpose of this network is to expand global consciousness, to heal the earth and help with human problems, and to practice the strength of coming together to act as One. Co-creating with the mass consciousness is the technique used to help turn conflict into peace, harmony, and balance. It does not matter whether a conflict is individual, communal, national or global because techniques to defuse all conflicts are similar.

The Global Meditations Network is an organization where strangers work with strangers to co-create with the consciousness. The touchy subjects of race, creed and color stand mute in this network. However, what does stand strong is the concept that everything is energy, either positive or negative, and when the positive energies of Peace, Love, and Light are sent to negative energies, there will be a change.

Allow me to explain. Since all energy exists, all energy must be considered. In the case of a global conflict such as war, two opposing forces are confronting each other. By definition, if one force opposes another, then the energy produced by the struggle will be negative no matter how ‘right’ one side is or how ‘wrong’ the other. In effect, both sides are producing negative energy. However, if another element, that of positive energy is introduced, then there is a change in the parameters of the conflict because now there are three parties to be considered. When the Global Meditations Network puts out a call to send to a conflict a wave of positive energy in the form of Peace, Love, and Light, the co-creation of energy by the uniting of huge numbers of humanity focusing on a single problem will be significant and will help produce conditions viable for a resolution of the conflict.

The Network cooperates with spiritual and scientific members of society to bring it to the attention of humanity that the use of co-creation with mass consciousness can bring about positive results. Its first global meditation was measured by Princeton University scientist Roger Nelson who says, “The possibilities that are implied by a subtle, but effective melding of our separate selves into a large consciousness are great. And it seems imperative that something like this begin to occur, for we see signs all around us that we, the human skin of the earth, must begin to care more for ourselves en mass, for the earth as a whole.”

The Network works continually on world projects, among them the global water projects of July 2004 and 2005 initiated by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto whose goal was to combine water sent from many world locations that was then blessed and released into the Rhine River to begin its journey to the North Sea and to the oceans of the world. Experimentation has shown scientist Emoto that water, when blessed, reacts and begins to change its molecular structure into a perfect state, a golden hexagon. This suggests that water has a consciousness. Since nearly eighty percent of this planet is made up of water, he surmised that it would indeed be beneficial to the planet if the molecular structure of all water were changed to a perfect state.

When messages from Dr. Emoto’s office were sent to the Global Meditations Network asking for samples of water, these samples were sent, and many throughout the world also held local ceremonies to bless the water. Shortly after the July 24, 2005 event, I received from England an e-mail with comments from Carl Youri who said, “This season I have been putting out the intention and hoping for a (crop circle) formation that would reflect the amazing work of Masaru Emoto to draw attention to his discoveries....that our thoughts affect everything in and around us. We are provided with photographic evidence (in his book “Messages from Water”) that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water....The beautiful formation I saw today seems to answer my prayer. Avebury Henge, 24th July....The very same day as his (Emoto’s) ‘Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to the World's Water’....The new formation echoes the geometry of a water molecule from a bottle of water that has had the words 'love and gratitude' written on it!....Water is the most ordinary matter on this planet, but at the same time it is multidimensional and connected deeply with our own consciousness. By sending our Love and Thanks to water, we believe that we can not only purify the water on this planet but also raise our own collective consciousness towards the peace of the world.”

It is interesting to note that our physical bodies are also made up of nearly eighty percent water, and thus, for the benefit of our personal health, it would behoove us to follow Emoto’s initiative of blessing the water within us so its molecules can form a perfect state. Perhaps it is time to expand our concepts further to include not only the theory of consciousness of water but also the theory that all cells in the physical body have a consciousness. When there is disease, which is an imbalance in the body, cell consciousness becomes all-important because they are diseased, out of balance. Margaret Fikioris and I have written a book, Cancer Signals: Take Charge and Win!, with the theory in mind that disease must be addressed from the standpoint of cell consciousness. A personal conflict, which is disease of the cells, means they have been subjected to negative energy. In the case of cancer, the cells feel unloved. Therefore, any attempt to rectify the problem must include an examination of why cells think they are unloved.

When seeking answers for why my co-author Margaret was sick, we placed heavy emphasis on what the conscious cells were being fed in the form of thoughts. We knew negative thoughts fed negative food to the cells, and we concentrated on removing the habit of thinking negatively. Our techniques proved successful, and Margaret, after undergoing a thorough review of herself, became healthy. In other words, the negative conflict within her ended and her cells returned to normal. Most importantly we realized they were feeling love and were at peace.

The physical body with its vast complex of millions of cells can be equated to the body called humanity with its millions of inhabitants. Since cells influence each other, it is common sense that there are linking influences among all humanity. The consciousness of everyone influences the consciouness of All. For this reason, the Global Meditations Network encourages the practice of random acts of kindness. Mass positive efforts will help to increase the intensity of global positive energies. A specific example of a world wide effort to encourage this was on September 11, 2005, when the mass consciousness of the Global Meditations Network supported the initative of Gary Schineller who designated that day as Hello From My Heart Day. All were asked to use this greeting on September 11.

The background for this concept is interesting. Several years ago, when Schineller moved to a Florida community, he began his normal daily morning walk greeting those whom he encountered. To his surprise and disappoinment, no one returned his greeting. In fact, no one spoke to anyone. He continued greeting everyone and he began saying Hello From My Heart. Soon, not only did the people he passed greet him, but they began greeting each other. The mood in the community had changed. Even the police department said crime had diminished. Schineller decided to organize a day called Hello From My Heart, and he asked the local media to encourage everyone to use this greeting throughout the day. According to the results, not only did crime diminish, but it continued to diminish. From this first communal effort, Schineller’s concept grew into a global project, Hello From My Heart Day, on September 11, 2005. It is my hope that there will be many more such days, for, in my opinion, love is one of the most powerful tools for bringing peace to our world.

Mother Teresa has been quoted as saying: “Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people.”

Her words remind me of an accumulation of lighted candles. The more candles, the more light. The more people contributing the positive energy of love focused at the same time on one subject, the better is the opportunity for a conflict to be defused and a peaceful solution found. When the Global Meditations Network and all others unite to respond to a given problem, they become powerful lighted candles of intense energy helping to solve the problem. We are free beings who have the right to create what we want. Today our world has a problem of wars and other negative activities. If we want peace, then as free beings we must put forth effort -- positive energy.

At the top of the Global Meditations Network web site,, is a hand holding our world. Those who see this picture are encouraged to conceive of themselves as being the hand of Peace, Love, and Light holding our Mother Earth. They are asked to see her as a beautiful but closed flower. The mind is then encouraged to open the petals, one by one, by using the positive energies of Peace, Love, and Light until Mother Earth becomes a beautiful, fully opened flower of purity. These small but positive acts encourage the mind to think and to act positively.

Sometimes events in our world are tragedies, and certainly the recent Pakistan earthquake and earlier the tsunami of December 26, 2004, were a terrible tragedies. On the other hand, think for a moment of the reaction of those who were not affected. World wide, humanity reacted with compassion and love to the victims, their fellow brothers and sisters. Those who gave with their hearts did not think of race, creed, or color. They gave compassion and love freely, without restriction. This was a wonderful example of unification of mass consciousness.

The death of Pope John Paul II is another example of the mass consciousness of the world coming together to focus on the powerful positive energies of compassion and love. Billions followed the funeral of the Pope on television and radio and in the newspapers. Because all energies must be considered, this selfless act of compassion and love on the part of so many is a magnificent positive effort for our world.

For several years, the Honolulu Church of Light in Hawaii has organized the Billion Person Peace Meditation for New Years, and the Global Meditations Network has participated. The idea is for the world to meditate simultaneously so that one critical mass of energy can light up the entire earth plane as well as the energy surrounding the earth. At first I did not think it was possible for one billion people to be sufficiently informed of this endeavor, but I have discarded that thought. Yes, it is indeed possible. When humanity uses its consciousness in a unified manner to co-create peace, peace, and peace; when the number reaches one billion plus, nothing can stop this positive energy. There WILL be peace.

Peace, Love, and Light,

Barbara Wolf