When photon energy penetrates the earth on January 31, 3 am GMT, which is January 30, 10 pm New York time, this energy comes as ‘raw’ energy. Thought forms have not yet been assigned to it.

Do you see the potential here?

To create from this ‘raw’ energy the thought forms of PEACE and BALANCE helps to bolster PEACE and BALANCE on our planet.

We are at a moment of great potential.
85% of the world is CRYING for Peace, and yet war clouds continue to gather.

If you and you and you and you, at the moment of January 31, 3 am GMT, take the incoming ‘raw’ energy to create PEACE and BALANCE with it, you add to the POTENTIAL for war clouds to fade.

You see what you can do?

Think of the moment as a great GATHERING OF EAGLES, mighty birds so revered by the Native American.

Think of yourself as being a mighty eagle, a commander of the skies, and then think of yourself as being one of MANY eagle commanders, who, all at the same time, are using the incoming raw energy to shape the thought forms of PEACE and BALANCE.

Think of the POTENTIAL.

Here is a quote from one of Archangel Michael’s messages emailed to me over a year ago. “Envision the Earth’s Magnificence from a vantage point in space completely permeated by the golden light of transformation and a blanket of light workers and spiritual entities holding hands completely covering the globe, all with the same vision of Peace and Balance Energies.”

We can hold this vision on January 31, 2003, 3 am GMT.

World Clock can help you convert 3 am GMT to your local time.

An example: January 30, 10 pm New York; 9 pm Chicago; 7 pm Los Angeles and San Francisco;January 31, 4 am Paris; 12 noon Tokyo.

No matter where you are at January 31, 3 am GMT, please know we all are with you. We spread our hands across the globe to hold your hands to make PEACE and BALANCE from the raw energies coming to our planet.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


Here is January 31 message I sent last week to the Global Meditations Network email list.

January 30/31, Mother Earth will receive intense photon energy into her electromagnetic energy fields. Exact time is January 31, 3 am GMT.

You are needed to help stabilize this process.

Please send her your Love.
Please send her global peace prayers.
Please send her healing sounds.
Please send her whatever your intuition tells you to send.

You can click on http://www.geocities.com/aloha3003/ and play Amazing Grace for Mother Earth. This song is coded with Love.

World Clock will help you convert the time to January 31, 4 am in Paris, and 12 noon in Tokyo. It will be January 30, 10 pm New York time, and 7 pm Pacific time.

Expected between January 31 and May are intense winds. These can be tempered by your stabilizing help.