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Hello, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.

June 9-23, I was in Japan to attend various events and also to do esoteric work. Here is my report.

The island of Oshima off the coast of Japan to the east of Tokyo was first work. This island has a volcano, currently quiet, that lies close to Tokyo and also close to the meeting of two large tectonic plates on the Ring of Fire. Its last eruption was in 1986 when the land had turned unusually dry at this tropical place. Before going to Japan, I was advised that the same unusual conditions were again on the island.

It can be reached by a rainbow-painted ferry from Tokyo Harbor. When I took that ferry, the weather in Tokyo was overcast, foggy, gloomy, typical conditions during the rainy season which the city knows so well at this time of year.

The first stage of the l l/2 hour boat trip was in fog, but later, as the island was approached, the fog lifted and there was sunshine. However, within an hour of landing on the island, rain began and it continued steadily and relentlessly throughout the day. Needlessly to say, the island residents were delighted by this much-needed rain.

I was taken to the home of an island guardian/shaman and as I took off my shoes at the door before entering, a traditional Japanese custom, I saw just within the house a television set showing a documentary of islanders in ceremony paying homage to the goddess of the volcano. This goddess, they believe, rules the welfare of their island. The custom of respectful ceremony to the goddess is an old custom that faded and now has been revived.

Later, I was driven to a lookout whose view is the top of the volcano, and here, in driving tropical rain, ceremony was performed for the goddess of this volcano. My impression of the volcano was that of happiness. I felt the goddess was happy. Good! Today this planet is full of war and strife and unhappiness -- all danger signals for upsets within our Mother Earth. I was happy to see that this land, once part of ancient Lemuria, was at peace.

June 13, at the Mt. Fuji Sanctuary, home of the Byakko Shinko Kai, at the foot of the mountain, a most unusual event took place, the bringing in of Universal Light. When this happened, and I can attest that it did happen because I was there when the Universal Light came in, approximately 1000 people were gathered. My body took a direct hit and gave me difficulty with balance for a few minutes.

Much preparation had been done at the Sanctuary before the June 13 event, and so it was not a total surprise that the Universal Light was brought in, but of course one is never sure about such things until they actually happen.

Energy is passed from one to the other by thought. That is how the Universal Light, coded with Love, will be passed from one human to another. It has already begun. One purpose is to help all humans realize they are Divine Beings. Thus, thoughts of violence will fade in favor of peace.

Immediately after the ceremony, I took the fast train to Hiroshima, and the next day, two trains to the city of Kagoshima to take a 15-minute ferry ride to Sakurajima, a very active volcano looming above the city, separated by only a small piece of water.

The ferry was large with a capacity for carrying many passengers and cars. Three or four passengers boarded with me and probably no more than a dozen came on before the ferry started making its brief passage to Sakurajima.

A young man carrying a bundle and speaking English stopped beside me as I was looking out at the volcano. I asked why he was going to Sakurajima. To talk with the spiritual guardian, he said. I told him I was doing the same. In this day when there is so much turbulence on this planet, it is necessary to make friends with spiritual guardians of potentially dangerous volcanoes. I told him that is why I had come.

He said me he was a poet and he would not only talk to the guardian but would also create a poem about the volcano. Later, when he was seated on the ground, the big volcano in front of him, he took from his bundle a large stack of bright white paper, ink pots and a brush. I realized my western concept of writing a poem did not fit his eastern concept of creating with ink and brush.

I watched while he wrote his poem in ancient calligraphy for the volcano guardian. It was done in trance, taking no more than five minutes.

Then he asked to write a poem for me, and so I sat with my back to the volcano, facing him as he went into a quick trance and formed the poem with calligraphy. When he finished, he translated into English what he had written. Although he had known nothing about me, he had described me exactly.

Later, I thought about this unusual one who had seemingly come from nowhere, and I thought, well, maybe this one with paints and brush and bright white paper is a personification of the spiritual guardian of Sakurajima.

Before I left him, he wrote on a paper with his brush the number 100,000. He said these are the number of humans he wants to meet. When that goal is reached, there will be peace.

I returned to Hiroshima to witness the joining of waters from different parts of the world brought to Hiroshima by indigenous people. This event was organized by Professor Nara of Japan who does much to help the indigenous people of Asia. When he learned I would be in Japan at the time of this ceremony, he personally invited me by e-mail to come to the ceremony. It would take place at the Peace Park where there are many memorials to those who died at Hiroshima from the A Bomb of 1945.

December 2000, I visited the park, and at that time I joined a small group of Native Americans asked by the Japanese to perform a ceremony at the memorial for the 70,000 unknowns who died at the moment of the 1945 blast. Their ashes are buried together, and these form a large, circular mound.

I was happy in December 2000 to be with Native Americans to do ceremony for these victims. The Japanese remember and respect their family members who have died, but the 70,000 have no families to remember them. To me, it is terribly sad that there remains no connection between those who are alive in this third dimensional world and the 70,000 who have died.

A couple weeks ago, when I went to the Peace Park for the ceremony of the joining of the waters of the world, I was early for the event and so I went to the mound of the 70,000 to pay my respects. To my surprise, Professor Nara also came to this place and we were able to speak together for a time. I told him that, in effect, the 70,000 were a sacrifice because they helped to change just a bit the vibration common to all Japanese so that Japanese would never again want to go to war.

After the joining of the waters ceremony with the indigenous people, I visited in the park a new museum that honors the approximately 140,000 killed at the moment of the 1945 blast. The Japanese have meticulously collected photographs and pertinent data of the victims, and their photographs are shown on the walls of the museum. I looked at the photographs of babies, women of all ages, old men. Their faces seemed innocent. They were not thinking of war when their pictures were being taken.

A computerized machine with a key board allowed me to search for information about the victims. I randomly pushed keys and read the names of Japanese who had died. When I pushed the ‘R’ key, the name Ryan appeared. I clicked on the name and the photograph and data of a World War II American Air Force soldier appeared. He too had been killed by the 1945 blast. His home was about 100 miles from my home. I clicked on the ‘P’ key and the name Porter appeared. This man was also a World War II American Air Force soldier, killed by the blast as a detainee, and his home was in West Chester County, Pennsylvania. As detainees, their data had been recorded at the Hiroshima Police Headquarters.

The museum gave testimonials from victims of the blast. One woman said she was injured and she was laid beside others so a common blanket could be shared. She turned with the blanket too quickly and this tore off the skin of a woman sharing the blanket. I stopped reading testimonials.

My mind went back to the mound of 70,000 unknowns buried together in the park and I thought about how sudden death can prevent a normal passing from the third dimension to the next dimension.

I sat on a bench near the museum and went into meditation with the intention of helping release those trapped here at Hiroshima. 144,000 was the figure that came to mind.

And yes, the number freed was ENORMOUS. The helpers in the repair shops, as I call the places where people are repaired after they have permanently left the third dimension, were overwhelmed by so many victims coming at the same time with tremendous traumatic physical and psychological demands. There was nothing to do but call in the Angel Kingdom.

After the meditation, as I continued to sit on the bench in the sunshine, I saw energy lines coming up all over Hiroshima -- more victims being freed. Like attracts like.

What would be so demanding of repairshop crews was the time-stood-still aspect of the victims. They were still experiencing the horror of the moment of the blast of 59 years ago. Time stood still for them.

There continues much work to be done to release other victims of wars. I saw with the inner eye less than a week ago lines of soldiers, clothes in tatters, reminding me of the Bataan Death March. Anyone who knows how to free time-stood-still victims, please be assured there are many waiting to be freed! Unexpectedly, a few years ago, when I was at the border area of The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, I came upon a place loaded with caught ones, and so I assume there are many similar places in Europe.

When I was in Hiroshima a couple weeks ago, I visited victims of the A Bomb living in a hospital. There were 100 at that place. A beautiful woman living in a small room by herself took my hand, smiling and smiling, happy she was being visited. Our exchange of love was heart to heart. It did not matter our nationalities. She said she was young when the blast happened, and she was with a mother who had a young child badly injured by the blast. He cried and cried for water but there was none to give him because the water was poisoned from radiation. He cried until he died.

I realized the woman was telling me this story as if it happened today, not yesterday. Her mind was stuck in a time frame of 59 years ago.

I remember in the year 2000 when I visited the Peace Park, 5,000 names of victims who died in that year of 2000 from the effects of the A Bomb of 1945 were being added to the memorial in the park. I asked the hospital director if there are fewer or more victims who make their homes now at the hospital than a few years ago. He said fewer. Most victims have died.

At the hospital I saw paper cranes famous for honoring the children who died of the A Bomb. I unsderstood this was the hospital where the concept of the cranes began, when a child dying of cancer because of the A Bomb was hospitalized. She started making 1000 cranes with the hope this would help keep her alive so she could return to her classmates at school. When she died before she had reached the goal of 1000 cranes, her classmates completed the work.

From then on, the concept grew and now thousands of children across the world make paper cranes to send to the children’s memorial at the Peace Park in Hiroshima.

I returned to the foot of Mount Fuji to stay in a modern, wooden interior home with Navajos and indigenous people called Ainu who live in northern Japan. Their leader was a wonderful big Mama shaman called Re Ra. We slept on pallets on the floor, ate at two big communal tables, and we had a wonderful time.

June 21 was the celebration of World Peace and Prayer Day at a camp ground also at the foot of Mount Fuji. The day began with a full typhoon and it never lessened throughout the entire day. Sheets of rain came horizontally. The wind was strong. I think at least 20 inches of rain fell on that day.

Acceptance was the only way to handle this full typhoon. It was here and so were we, and neither the typhoon or us were going away. In fact, the feeling of the day was one of peace in the midst of the storm.

I named the storm Typhoon Fuji and I used the technique of water scientist Masaru Emoto to send love to the water to change the molecules into a perfect form, the golden hexagon, and then, with my mind, I sent the intention that the thousands, millions of droplets of perfect water would touch the land and the sea to help turn the land and sea to perfection.

I remembered reading once that the sands of the Gobi Desert in Asia reached the North American continent via the wind, and since there was such a strong wind/breath coming from the typhoon, I used my mind to set the intention that the whole planet will be touched by the perfect water of the typhoon.

Inside the World Peace Prayer Day tent, Ainu shaman ReRa did her sacred fire ceremony, honoring and praying to the spiritual guardians. Later, inside a dry home, many gathered to do a May Peace Prevail On Earth flag cerremony honoring all the nations of the world.

The next day, June 22, the typhoon was gone, the sky was blue, and sunshine warmed our hearts. We looked out from our nest of a wooden interior home and we saw the mountain standing tall, majestic, with a bright, dense, very large, perfectly formed double cap at the top of the mountain. A magical moment! We scurried for our cameras and Mount Fuji was well photographed that day!

By 11 a.m., we were at the Mount Fuji Sanctuary where I had experienced the coming in of Universal Light on June 13. Shortly after arrival, Re Ra, the Ainu shaman, showed her hands to the people, gold coming from them. She said this was the moment of the dragon, and during this moment she would be able to spontaneously heal. Many came to her to be healed. Another magical moment!

At the Sanctuary, a beautiful Japanese young woman came to hug me, a familiar custom there. When she put her arms around me, she held on tightly and did not want to let go. Then she started to cry. I felt her energies and I knew she had been a victim of the Hiroshima 1945 blast. When I told her, she continued to cry, shaking her head yes. She knew. But she had been one victim not trapped between the third and next dimension. She had returned quite soon afterward to start another life. She did not know why she had returned and she had often asked herself what was her mission. When I told her it was to help bring peace, she started shouting and shouting with joy. She KNEW.

The June 22 ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary was joyful. The Navajo were dressed in their deep green velvet dress, elegant turquoise jewelry around their necks, heavy silver/turquoise belts around their waists. The Ainu entertained by playing strips of wood with string attached, their mouths used as sound chambers. The sun shone down brightly.

I want to end this report of Japan by quoting from a flyer made for the June 22 event. I said, “December 2000, I visited the Fuji Sancturary and I was amazed at the wonderful power concentrated here by daily prayers to bring world peace. The energies were so intense, overhead birds circled round and round taking in the energy. Even birds not compatible with each other flew together over the sanctuary. I look forward to returning on June 22 to be a part of this great peace effort as well as to take in the marvelous energies.”

Well, I did return on June 22, and I did take in the wonderful energies, and yes, I did see the birds lazily circling round and round. This truly is a remarkable, marvelous place.

Peace, Love, and Light,

Barbara Wolf