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WATER PROJECT, July 23 and 25, 2006


Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto asks you to cooperate with two ceremonies to send Love and Thanks to water.

His project began July 1, 2002, with the purpose of raising the collective consciousness of humanity through the prayer of Love and Thanks to Water, and thus in this manner to contribute toward establishing world peace

The first ceremony was on July 25, 2003, at the Sea of Galilee in Israel. In following years, ceremonies were held on July 23 in Liechtenstein.

This year, on the fourth anniversary, there will be a ceremony and lecture by Dr. Emoto on July 23 in Liechtenstein followed by a ceremony and lecture on July 25 at the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Wherever you are in the world, you are asked to participate in the water project by following this procedure.

 1. Put in a big glass container water you would like to bless.

 2. Send your prayer into the water.

 3. Take a photograph of the water with your digital camera. If you have any message, put the message onto the glass and take the photograph with the message on it.

 4. Attach the digital image as an attachment file to your e-mail and send it to one of the following addresses. If you have more message, then you can write it in your e-mail either in English, German or Japanese.

 E-mail addresses:


 If you do not use e-mail, then send your photograph to the following address.

 July 23 Ceremony
c/o Hado Life Europe
Essanestrasse 164
9492 Eschen, Liechtenstein

 Your photograph must arrive no later than July 20 whether via e-mail or snail mail.

 5. At the Hado Life Europe, all digital images of water will be printed and placed under a container of standard distilled water.In this way, all the vibrations of the water with prayers will be transmitted into the standard water.

6. The standard water will be exposed to all the images until the day of the ceremony when it is brought to the venue of the ceremony with all the photographs.

7. During the ceremony, all the participants will send their prayer of Love, Thanks and Respect to the water.

 Water, We Love You.
Water, We Thank You.
Water, We Respect You.

8. After the ceremony, part of the water that has received all the blessings will be poured into the River Rhine.

9. Later, water crystal photographs will be taken from the water.

10. Part of the water will be brought to Israel for the Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water on July 25 by the Sea of Galilee, where there will be prayers for peace in Israel and Palestine.

Wherever you are in the world, you are asked you to send your Love and Gratitude to the Water at the same time as the ceremonies in Liechtenstein and Israel. Please check for the latest information on (HP of I.H.M.) (HP of Dr. Masaru Emoto) (HP of Project of Love and Thanks to Water)

If you are attending the Liechtenstein ceremony and lecture, or the Sea of Galilee ceremony and lecture, please visit the website for information. More will be posted later.

Contact: E-mail (English):
E-mail (Japanese):


Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf