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Final July 25, 2004 Water Project Report


The Liechtenstein water report of July 25, 2004 is ready and on the Japanese web site of scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. It is wonderful reading, and the photographs are wonderful, too!

As a review for you, the purpose of the July 25 ceremony was to mix waters sent to Liechtenstein from many places in the world so all these waters could be combined, blessed, and poured into the Rhine River to begin a journey to the North Sea and the oceans of the world.

251 water samples were sent from 29 different countries on 6 continents. One water sample came from Lourdes, France; SilverStar of Missouri, U.S.A. sent 14 different waters from sacred springs and sources in the center of the North American continent; and Phyllis Von Miller sent 10 different waters from Washington State, U.S.A. The report says, “Sincere gratitude is given to those who joined the Liechtenstein ceremony on July 25, those who sent water to Liechtenstein, and those who dedicated their Love and Thanks in their own way at various locations, and to all the people who are concerned with the Project, including you who are reading this article right now.”

Combined water was crystallized and examined under the microscope. The report says, “As for the mixed water that contained 251 waters sent from all over the world, we observed a partially crystallized structure (of a golden hexagon) with a broken edge and an empty core. Are we missing something at the present situation of the world?”

There is a photograph of this structure.

The next paragraph reads, “On the other hand, the same water mixture after given the prayers by all the participants showed a hexagonal crystal structure with no broken part. It seems that the core was filled also by being dedicated the vibrations of Love, Thanks and Respect.”

There is a photograph of this structure.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf