JULY 25, 2003



I was at the Atlantic Ocean, east of Washington D.C.
Many dolphins came.

At first, I sent Love to the ocean. I visualized that the molecules and atoms of the water were changing to a golden hexagon, the crystalized form of pure water. Then I visualized that all bodies of water on our planet were being transformed by Love so that all became golden hexagons.

Then I visualized I was standing on the moon, like an astronaut, looking down at our beautiful planet with its dark blue oceans. I sent Love to all water on our the planet, including the water within each of our bodies.

I know that you and you and you and you have meditated and have done your work in your own way according to your own wishes. On July 25, all of us have helped dear Mother Earth and humanity.

In the midst of what seems always to be bad news for our planet, July 25 was a day of JOY, of LOVE, of HEALING.

There are several more days coming that are important for us.
August 16-17, anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, is an important moment.

Until August 16-17, let us continue holding within our hearts the JOY, the LOVE, the HEALING of July 25.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf



From Lionel, thoth@pixie.co.za

We are having a "water meditation " in Cape Town South Africa on the 25th.

If any one wants to have more info they can contact me on thoth@pixie.co.za

Dr. Emoto will be July 24 and 25 at Lake Tiberias, aka the Sea of Galilee, ISRAEL, Tiberias campus of the Reidman International College for Complementary Medicine, across from Lake Tiberias. He will hold ceremonies and conduct a symposium on Water and Human Consciousness. Information on http://thank-water.net/english/ Contact: love@thank-water.net

From Annelies: "I will be communicating the message for July 25 to all the people of all the groups that usually meditate for spiritual purposes. Probably there will be several points at lakes or rivers where gatherings will be organised."

Carmen Balhestero, PAX UNIVERSAL Center, Sao Paulo, is organizing JULY 25TH -- WATER DAY IN BRASIL. There will be celebrations at her center one week prior to July 25 and one week after July 25. ..."so that we can hold the energy honoring water...I will have special celebrations at my center every day for two weeks." Also, there will be a coordination with a group in Peru. "As in Peru most of the temples have water, they (the group) will do wonderful sacred celebrations using water and its healing properties symbolizing the planet and healing the emotional side of each one."

Contact Carmen at pax@paxuniversal.org.br
http://www.carmenbalhestero.com.br and http://www.paxuniversal.org.br

From Rashmi Singh: "The Ra Kendra group will be at the Manila Bay where there is an unthinkable level of pollution as well as accidents." http://www.rakendra.com.ph

Margaret Fikioris will be at the ocean working with the energies of the dolphins.

From Eric Van der Wyk: Hi Barbara, this is my kind of meditation! I have a little prayer I learned from the Rosicruceans I say whenever I drink a glass of water. "May the vital life force of the universe be balanced within me and renew the vitality that is within my body." Be sure to listen to "Rhythm in the Waves" sometime on that day Barbara! http://DiscoDolphin.com

From Dr. Lilliana Corredor, lcorredor@byrononline.net
Her book, "Healing The Waters And The Emotions": Messages From The Star Dolphins And The Higher Council Of Water Beings. http://www.water-consciousness.com/book.htm

GREAT LAKES bordering CANADA and U.S.A.
The Toronto Dowsers are concentrating on Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes bordering Canada and the United States. Other lakes and waterways in the same region will be also included in July 25 work. Anyone living in that area, please contact Marilyn Gang, mgang@dowsers.info, who will tell you about techniques originating from water healer Raymon Grace.

Update July 6, 2003: David Darrow of the Finger Lakes dowsing chapter and Ray Walton of the Niagara dowsing chapter will be bringing water healing groups to Lake Ontario.

http://www.TorontoDowers.com/toronto/water.htm will connect you with water articles, Raymon Grace’s story, and notes from Dr. Emoto’s recent presentation in Toronto.


I hope you'll be able to join our tones on July 19th for the Merkaba of Sound. I love the "Water Day" that's happening about a week later. I trust we can help prepare the way for the H20 work. Many years ago, I was given information on how sound coupled with consciousness could heal people and the planet, as well as clear polluted water. Love Emoto's work--several of my students are now connected with him. What a remarkable time this is!!!!

Sending lots of Light & Love through Sound!

Josef Bauer and Konrad Halbig will be holding a ceremony at Lake Deininger Weiher near Munich.

From Phyllis von Miller aka White Wolf Woman. Pend Orielle River, Newport, WASHINGTON STATE. We have a local metaphysical group that I will be submitting the info to at our next meeting on the 10th of July. Perhaps a group effort will evolve. Now, more fervently than ever, I am holding the vision of any and all misqualified and miscreated energy being transformed right here and right now.

From Susan of WINNIPEG. Spirit-Haven is organizing a water healing gathering on the banks of the Assiniboine River at 7:30 pm on July 25. Families will be gathering to sing and chant for peace on the planet and healing to Her waters. We will be sending energies into the River, as well as blessing a container of water, from which we will all drink, to embody the healing energies within the water that makes up our own bodies, symbolic of the Water of the Earth. There will be some teaching work with the children to teach them not to waste water, and to love the River, and all those who live in, and around it. http://www.spirit-haven.com

NOTE FROM BARBARA: Professor Hideo Nakazawa of Japan has kindly sent me information on the next listing of events in Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, and the 12 events in Japan.


World Water Concert at the Gold Coast on July 25 and 26. Contact: future@austarnet.com.au http://tabi.nu/water.htm

Mr. Wilfried Fink and his friendswill meditate for water at "Schlei" near Fleckeby in North Germany. Contact: wilfriedfink@web.de

Mr. Kasema and his friends send love and gratitude to water of canals in Amsterdam. Contact: a.sloan@chello.nl


The people of Luino and Varese will hold a ceremony of gratitude for water and a world peace prayer ceremony. Contact: Luca Bordoli & Carmen Nasisi / Via Rebisello 7, 21016 LUINO (VA) ITALY / TEL: 39-0332-531954

Water ceremonies at
1) The Lake Biwa
See the web site of Mr. Emoto, http://thank-water.net/english/
2) The Arakawa River in Tokyo
Ceremony of Love and Gratitude for Water. Meditation for water, world peace prayer ceremony, concert, songs, dance and so on. The Arakawa flows intoTokyo Bay which is connected to the Pacific." Contact: wphjp@yahoo.co.jp http://www.geocities.co.jp/NatureLand-Sky/8510/ (Japanese)
3) Pacific Coast of Fujisawa
Water Concert and Gratitude for Water. Contact: jin@s-direct.com
http://www.e-half-moon.com (Japanese)
4) The Okutama Lake near Tokyo
5) The Kasumigaura Lake
6) Ninomiya in Kanagawa
7) The Kitakami River in Iwate
8) The Kotsuki River in Kagoshima
9) The Sagami River in Kanagawa
10) The Sayama Lake in Tokorozawa
11) Nakajima Park in Sapporo
12) Fukuoka

From Françoise Divay: Françoise DIVAY.
Comme promis, voici le lieu où se déroulera notre hommage à l'eau :
Barrage de Pontécoulant en Normandie dans le Calvados, le cours d'eau qui l'alimente s'appelle LA DRUANCE., PONTECOULANT, FRANCE

Je suis maître Reiki, j'utiliserai l'énergie Reiki pendant cette cérémonie. Je ferai également des mesures sur le plan vibratoire de cette eau. avant et après la cérémonie que je vous communiquerai.

Amour, paix et lumière.
Françoise DIVAY  
Translation from Barbara: As promised, here is the location of our water celebration: Pontecoulant Dam in Normandy in the Calvados. The water course that feeds it is called LA DRUANCE, PONTECOULANT, FRANCE.

I am a Reiki master, and I will utilize Reiki energies during the ceremony. I will take measures equally for the vibratory plan of this water before and after the ceremony, which I will communicate to you.

Love, Peace, and Light.
Françoise DIVAY

From Jane Reading:
Hello Barbara. I am writing to ask you to post my water blessing ceremony for July 25th. I will be working in Portland, Oregon at both the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

I invite you to look at my website which documents the history of a five year water blessing ministry. http://www.watersongs.org

From Sheila Porter and Marguerite Cassin, porters@supercity.ns.ca
We are setting up a drumming in HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, for the water healing project. Many members of our drumming group have taken Medicine for the Earth training and are inspired to work with water. Others are passionate to help in any way they can.