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JUNE 3, 2008




Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.


 Today is the day of the new moon.
According to the Native American, every phase of the moon as it walks around our calendar emphasizes a specific meaning.
The new moon today emphasizes The Tree of Life.

 To the Native American, the Tree of Life consists of all kingdoms of our earth -- the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the stone kingdom, the human kingdom, etc.

 To the Native American, all branches of the Tree of Life are equal. And equally important, the tree flourishes when fed Love.

 We humans are part of this tree.
What we do; how we act; influences the entire tree.
If we send out Love, the tree will flourish.

 And so, today, on this new moon, let us feed the Tree of Life with Love so it will flourish. You can easily begin to do this by sending out thoughts of Love.

 Here is another consideration, which concerns the Solstice seventeen days from now (June 20, EDT and June 21, midnight GMT). The Native American says the circumstances of the moment of the Solstice will indicate what the next year will bring.

 And so, let us begin now, at the new moon, to feed LOVE to the Tree of Life so that when the Solstice arrives, we will have established an overlay of LOVE.

 I think you will agree with me that we are all weary of the negative.
Let us concentrate on the positive called LOVE.

 Peace, Love and Light,
Barbara Wolf