1. Kathleen Keith.
2. Barbara Wolf
3. RebeccaElisabeth deMagdalene Michaels
4. Triaka and Jonathan Goldman mention sound and prayer Emoto technique.
5. Margaret
6. Scott Taylor and Ron Sease, Kiva Light.
7. Eric Van der Wyk, soften water to remove radioactivity
8. Sim Spurling, Harmonizers
9. Carole Isis, Prill beads to purify water.
10. Terri, bubbles and walking her Medicine Wheel for Chernobyl.
11. Caroling, spiritual energy, asking that healing energies flow.
12. Kat, apple pectin and the body as a screen or mesh grid to counter radiation.
13. Aurora Farm has compost immune to radioactivity. Agnihotra Healing Fires.
14. Sandra Ingerman's book on successful decontamination techniques.
15. Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) removes radioactive particles.


 1. From Kathleen Keith,
Subject: Reducing Radioactivity at Chernobyl.


After you told me about your worries about Chernobyl and the ardiation which is still there, here is what I did in meditation.

I faced west towards Chernobyl. I spread my fingers and curled them up into the shape of a rake. Then I reached out towardsChernobyl with my hands to scoop up the energy of the radiation. Yes, I had big handfuls of it. Then I packed it together in my hands. I laughed to htink how much it looked like a snowball! Then, using my mind, I threw this ball of energy to the Sun. "Here. Catch this and purify it! We don't need it here any more!" And the Sun did catch it and swallowed it up. I went back many times to gather up more of this bad energy. I smashed it togther into a ball and threw it at the sun again and again. I went round and round the land of Chernobyl to pick it up. I wanted to make sure that the plants and animals (people, too) would not have to "eat" this radiation in the future. As I looked, I could see that some of the radiation had been there so long that it had sunk down into the earth. So I reached down into the Earth with my fingers spread wide and curled and pulled the radiation to the surface. It lookd all fluffy and not quite as dangerous as the first energies. I packed this energy into balls again, ready to throw off of the Earth. I started to laugh, because instead of having Snowballs, I now had Sunballs. I threw them to the Sun which swallowed them right up. As I looked down onto the land from high over the Earth, everything looked much better.

I will go back later today and check it agian. It is wonderful to know just how powerful we can be by using our minds. We don't have to be there in our physical bodies. We can float up over the Earth, just using the power of our minds and get right to work.

Love and Light,
Kathleen Keith


2. Click here to read techniques from Barbara Wolf.


3. Click here to read a techniques from Rebecca Elisabeth de Magdalene Michaels.


4. From Triaka:

Aloha Barbara - you may be interested in the research contained in "Miraculous Messages from Water" by Masaru Emoto.

From Jonathan Goldman,


Maybe the spring that supposedly is now giving pure water is related to the idea of sound and prayer clearing polluted water. You've seen Emoto's "Message from the Water" pictures, haven't you--there are a couple of water molecule pictures in which one is a polluted dam and looks like mud and then the same water prayed over and it's clear and crystalline.


5. From Margaret:
Dear Barbara,

I am working on the Chernobyl cleaning techniques.

Two methods are coming to mind.

One is using the activation of the Sun at Dawn energy--that point of first light--gathering up--magnetizing--assembling--reformatting--that which is not compatible with Mother Earth and sending it to the Sun.

The other is to "time roll" the form a time wave from present to past and back to future present, rolling over the affected areas...reassembling that which is asunder, making it whole in its original parts...before division...encapsulating it with positive energy and sending it to the Sun.


6. Scott Taylor, Bryon Bay, Australia:


I have been told by reliable sources that the Kiva Light, a modified flourescent light bulb, was used during the cleanup at Chernobyl to provide safe areas for workers. They apparently provide some kind of energetic shielding within the radius of their glow. I assume the Kiva Light can be found online. I don't have a URL for it currently.

From Ron Sease: There is a fellow in Albuquerque, New Mexico who has been experimenting with light and has a way of negating rediation. His name is Orie Bechechi and he has proven that his lights will negate radiation....An experiment is going on in Praque, Chech. in the water towers because the water was unusable before, now it isn't....If you have any questions, feel free to contact me because the lights are saving my life as we speak. I purify my city water by them and kill bacteria in my kitchen (sink). I came to Orie in 1986 with chronic liver infection and gall stones. Inside of a week I was delivered of both.

Note from Barbara: Ron Sease is speaking about Kiva Light. Information is on


 7. From: Eric Van der Wyk,

Hello Barbara,

as you know, I've been in the water treatment industry for nearly 20 years. Radioactivity is easily removed from water by the "ion exchange" process which any common water softener utilizes. Nearly 99% of radioactivity in water is removed easily by softening it. I am not trying to say that anybody has radioactivity in their water, but if one did it would be removed in the process of softening. The effluent goes to the city sewer or septic tank.


8. From Slim Spurling,

Barbara-- I would like to answer ("Do the Harmonizers have an effect on radioactivity?") in the affirmative, but can only say that they should, given the changes they produce in other materials.


9. Carole Isis of UK:

Have you heard about Prill water? I don't know enough about its properties to say for sure, but it is possible it might be a way to clean radioactivity from water. It proportedly removes metals from our bodies when we drink it as well as there has been eveidence that it has cleaned up at least one lake.

The Twilight products are a multi level sort of thing. I love the Prill water so much, I want to buy tons of it and give it out! Unless the price has changed it is only $100 for 10 packets and one lasts a lifetime - or more. So it is easy to buy for everyone.

Note from Barbara: Carole has directed me to the web site of Cari Alter,, which has a testimonial on the use of Prill water.


10. From Terri Mansfield, Paradise Valley, Arizona.
Subject: Bubbles & Chernobyl

Dear Barbara,

Hooray for Bubbles!

On April 26, as I honor the anniversary of Chernobyl, I will do the following:

I walk my Medicine Wheel every morning to release the energies which nolonger serve my Highest Good, and to download the highest vibration of Love with which I am able to resonate at that moment. Then, I blow my bubbles in gratitude to Mother-Father God in the 4 directions, to the 4 Archangels and their Twin Flames, to my animal totems, to the elementals, to the dolphins and whales, to my family and friends, to all of you and all of creation.

As my bubbles shimmer in the light, their colors of deep rose and aquamarine float upward to kiss Father Sky and downward to kiss Mother Earth. (Sometimes the wind blows them back to kiss me!) I visualize their love and light going into the crystal grid system of Mother Earth and opening ever wider the solar heart flames of love in all of my sisters and brothers on our beautiful Planet.

Chernobyl's radiation served a purpose...I bless it, I release it, and I honor its mysteries that we are slowly beginning to understand and remember.

Hugs of peace and love...Terri Mansfield


11. From Caroling:

Dear Barbara,

After reading your Chernobyl page, I had a thought as to my own response to your call. Since mice have evolved rapidly and people too, perhaps our science is not adequate to predict the effects of radiation. Since I believe in conscious evolution or evolution of consciousness and since I also believe in spiritual energy, I will not specify what is to happen with the radiation. I will send love and attention and ask that healing energy flow.


12. From Kat:

I have had a great deal of medical studies and x-rays. Long ago I discovered that apple pectin will carry radiation out of the body. I don't remember how I know that.

Also, a technique for reducing radioactivity, when having x-rays, allow your body (in your mind's eye) to become a screen, or meshwork grid. Allow the radioactive particles to just pass through. See them passing through and dissolving. But, be aware that the practitioner may have to take a second ray, because you may get very efficient at this technique, and the x-ray may not show up. It has happened to me upon a number of occasions. When this happens, allow just enough for what is necessary. Then after the machine has done it's work, see it all passing through the body, and take apple pectin (by mouth) for a few days. It can be found at most local health food stores in capsule form.


13. From: Aurora Farm,

Hi Barbara:

I am Barbara Scott writing to you from Aurora Farm and I read with joy about the adaptability of wildlife and humans to radioactivity. We at Aurora have practiced Agnihotra for many years and being a Biodynamic Farm produce compost which has immunity to radioactivity. Has any biodynamics ever been taken to the Chernobyl area? We do composting workshops i.e. create compost piles (altars to the nature spirits) so that people may work with soil that has true life force.

Aurora Farm is the only unsubsidized, family-run seed farm in North America offering garden seeds grown using Rudolf Steiner's methods of spiritual agriculture.
Note from Barbara Wolf: It is said that AGNIHOTRA fires reduce radioactivity. Techniques are from the ancient science of Ayurveda. For health and healing purposes, many throughout the world daily light the Agnihotra fires.


14. SANDRA INGERMAN has published the results of her successful spiritual healing techniques for water decontamination in her book, Medicine for the Earth (Three Rivers Press, a division of Random House).


15. Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) removes radioactive particles.
Emailed by

EarthVision Environmental News
April 12, 2002

LOS ALAMOS, NM, April 12, 2002 - A research team at the U.S. Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory has found that by modifying the technique currently used to remove caffeine from coffee and eliminate unwanted agents from semiconductor wafers, they can create what could become an environmentally friendly method for removing radioactive particles and hazardous materials from waste.

Early tests have indicated that by using supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2), which is CO2 under pressure and at a certain temperature, and water virtually all contaminants can be removed from exposed and contaminated materials. The Los Alamos team is hoping the technique can eventually be applied for the removal of contaminants from containers and refuse generated by industrial plants and labs, resulting in much lower volumes of contaminant waste, using much less water for bulk cleaning and preventing large amounts of contaminated materials from entering the waste stream.

The work at Los Alamos has concentrated on using a microemulsion of supercritical CO2 and water, modified by adding a polyether that is known to stabilize water. The CO2 used for these purposes is also environmentally benign because it is nontoxic, inert and nonflammable. Los Alamos scientists used the emulsion to remove copper and europium from filter paper, wood, cement and activated carbon, with 98 percent contaminant recovery.

"We found that the metals targeted for extraction concentrated in the nanodroplets of water in the microemulsion, allowing us to separate the metals from the contaminated materials easily," Mark McCleskey, the research team leader said in a statement. "In addition, the properties of this microemulsion allow penetration even into the small pores of contaminated materials usually not accessible to bulk water."

Once captured by the microemulsion, the Los Alamos team adjusted the pressure of the CO2 and added water to separate each contaminate. This phased separation approach provides a potential for creating an easy recycling system for the microemulsion; one test showed that the microemulsion retained 81 percent of its initial capacity after being recycled.

McCleskey is optimistic that if future tests provide consistent results, this method could become an environmentally sensitive way to remediate hazardous wastes. The results of the research were presented this week at the American Chemical Society's 2002 meeting in Orlando, Florida.