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Violence is sweeping the country.

The problem lies with the recent presidential election won by incumbent Mwai Kibaki of the Kikuyu tribe, Kenya’s largest tribe, and his challenger Raila Odinga of the Luo tribe, Kenya’s second largest tribe.

Yesterday, in Eldoret, a town in western Kenya, a church was burned with people of the Kikuyu tribe in it, including children.

Reports say thousands are beginning to flee as homes are being set on fire.

The violence is being labeled as ethnic cleansing, one tribe attacking another

Those attacking are brothers and sisters of those being attacked.
All hold the same vibration called Africa.
All hold the same vibration called Kenya.

We know how to use the tool of mass consciousness to form a great pool of positive energy called PEACE and LOVE.

Let us form a great pool of PEACE and LOVE energy and send it to Kenya.

This world has seen enough violence!

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf