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– Your Pathway to a Life in Balance

 Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling


KIRAEL: Good evening. Many times in the human journey, you feel somewhat alone, as if separated from your Creator Source. Yet the Creator Source can never be in separation. The ego systems, the veils, make you feel that separation. In the beginning stages, most young societies like Earth go through a long phase of trying to understand the emotional awareness of being human. In developing your emotional awareness, you understand the depths and heights you can reach as human. When you talk about an emotional charge on a particular subject, it can run the gamut of extremes, if you will, from high to low. Many of the disorders defined here in the Earth plane are a result of an imbalance in the emotional body. For example, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, as well as many other disorders, literally have a vast opening or vast awareness within the emotional world.

Emotional healing involves using the journey to guide your own path. Emotional awareness offers you the greatest potential for growth, because, unlike the other bodies&emdash;the physical, the mental and the spiritual&emdash;the emotional body runs the gamut, the extremes, if you will. Your other bodies tend to be rather centerline energy packets, while your emotions vacillate from high to low and everything in between. Once you are aware that you can control your emotional stance, you see that you can control your world, for it is usually the emotions that create chaos in your systems.

When people become either war- or love-oriented, they are usually focused in some surging emotional process that sweeps them into an arena of which they are unsure. Whether on the high side or the low side, they become emotionally charged, leaving the centerline. One of the characteristics you may note in your brethren of other worlds&emdash;the galactics, the guides, and even the Angelic realities&emdash;is that they appear almost emotionless. For instance, how many of you have seen my energy raised up to a point of anger? It is not that we do not have emotions. We definitely utilize the world of emotion, but it is a very centered emotion because we understand that carrying any part of your system to the extreme usually leads one on a path of chaos. Whenever one enters a path of chaos, one spirals. In the spiral, one literally has no sense of direction. One simply spins about, turning back and forth onto the same project.

When you come here to the Earth plane as a human being, you feel the separation from your Creator because you have a physical presence. Yet this physical experience is the awareness you have within you, the control, if you will, to maintain a centered emotional basis. That may sound boring to you, but I assure you, my friends, my life, which is centered in the emotional, is anything but boring. When you do not waste an ultimate amount of life force on spinning out of control, you find that your Earth plane maneuvers&emdash;your journey&emdash;are very satisfying, because you find yourself in a constant state of growth in your desired direction.

I suggest to you that emotional healing is something that the entirety of the Earth plane must experience. Yet the lightworker has to be the one to hold the so-called sword of light. The sword of light is never meant to harm anyone. It is simply meant to remain lit and to have a focus of its own power, and the wielder, the lightworker, is the one who must know exactly where to put that sword. If used for the wrong purpose, a sword of light can be as distasteful as a metal sword. So the lightworker must hold the sword at the very centerline and operate from that stance.

No one on the Earth plane is likely to achieve the fullness of the center because you have a fluctuating energy force, meaning one day the energy is either higher or lower than it is the next. Yet, when you strive towards that centerline, you see the balancing of this Earth journey and of being a human.

Each and every time we explain the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, we are simply bringing you back to the center force, and it is this center force that keeps you moving in alignment to the fullness of your goals. You are all here on the Earth plane to fulfill a journey, or better said, a prophecy. As I have explained before, prophecies are set without end. Many of you, especially lightworkers, will find yourselves at wit’s end trying to figure out which part of the prophecy will come to be. No matter where you are traveling, you will not know the destination, only the journey to get you there. That is why we say to you, do not speed through your journeys. Instead, completely experience every part of them that you can.

Now let me offer you a small parable that I will call the Parable of the Apple. Journey with me for just a moment. In your mind’s eye, see someone handing you a beautifully large, red apple, shining like you’ve never seen before, just glowing in all its beauty. In holding this beautiful apple, you see one of the most precious gifts of the Creator, because it comes from the tree of life. Sit for a while and observe the blending of its various hues. You have just achieved a great momentum, a great forward movement, because you now know how to look at an apple.

Yet the truth is, my friends, the un-bitten apple leaves much to the imagination, for when you do bite that apple and feel the juices run into your mouth, when the sweetness overcomes your taste buds and the energy glows within you, you will recognize that there is so much more to that apple. As you pull the apple back from your lips and observe the very core of it, you realize that this is the center from which it grew. As you go deeper into the core and fully look at it, the beauty of the seeds at the very center becomes clear to you, and you realize that, because you fully looked at that apple, this whole journey has unfolded before you.

Never let the beauty of the apple be as far as you want to venture. Always realize that beyond the beauty is the experience, and the experience is the whole of your endeavor. Whether it is the visual experience of the apple, or the taste or the smell or the touch, it makes no difference; every sense is part of the experience. Note, too, that when you have eaten the apple, and it is entirely gone, the memory remains with you forever. So, no matter what you choose as your next adventure, you will always know that you must look at it with the fullness of what you are. The emotional charge that can come from that experience is beyond your expectations.

How then would I define emotional healing? Emotional healing is the willingness to experience the fullness of all possibilities without extremes, from a position we call the centerline of love. When that happens, all four bodies fall magically into alignment, and you come to the clarity, the knowing, that this human journey is one of the greatest gifts the Creator bestows on its Light Self. My friends, whether you know it or not, you are that Light Self.

Q: Is it accurate to say that as we heal emotionally, we heal back into the Creator’s Light?

KIRAEL: Not exactly, no. To say that one must heal back into the Creator’s Light suggests that one has been out of the Creator’s Light. When I made that same statement myself&emdash;that you must heal back into the Creator’s Light&emdash;I meant that you, the lightworker, are now ready to raise your vibration through emotional healing to realize that you never left the Creator’s Light. Emotional healing reawakens your understanding that you are the Creator’s Light. You do not heal back into the Creator’s Light, my friend. You are the Creator’s Light.

Q: Is love an emotion or a state of being?

KIRAEL: Love is more a state of being. To say “I love you” is just three words. You are trying to say that you have emotions bubbling over for a particular person, but “I love you” probably shouldn't even be said. Say your truth instead. “You made me very happy today” or “I just so much enjoy being in your presence.” "I love you" is just a shortcut. It is like "I don't know" or “I am fine." If you turn to someone and say, "I love you," you won’t feel much.

"I love you" is three words. They are cute and a nice shortcut and you should use them every now and then, but I don't think they should be used as much as you use them over here. Show your love in the truth of what you are.

Q: In your first book, Kirael: The Great Shift, you said that in the human world, emotions often get stuck, and we create blocks so that the emotions are not able to work their way through to be released. How are those blockages created, and how can we best handle them?

KIRAEL: Most humans would like to flow with the life force. Flowing with the life force simply means that you have no blockages. Blockages impede the flow of the life force. Yet blockages are often placed in the life force by humans as a form of self-protection to cover up a feeling. For example, in creating relationships, because of your uncertainty, you often decide not to go too high or too low in your emotional possibility. Instead of squarely confronting the emotional charges you feel, you categorize them. The moment you categorize the feeling, you envelope it in an emotional essence. That emotional essence then serves as a buffer holding the feeling in place. When you realize that you have a number of these packets, or blockages, throughout your emotional awareness, rather than letting your emotions out in the extreme, you can experience them at the centerline, knowing that you have put the packets there to better take advantage of the journey you are on.

Let’s say you have been in a relationship you thought was perfect. Then the other person simply leaves you. The likelihood exists that you will place an emotional block in your system that will prevent you from going too deeply into the next relationship. The pain you experienced in the last relationship was too intense, too much for you to handle, so you must cover it with emotion. In a situation like this, the emotion is triggered in the form of anger. So, when things go too well or start to go beyond the point where you feel safe, you become agitated or angered, if you will. That anger holds that blockage in place. Anger is an extreme emotion.

When you are out of the center of emotion, nothing takes place. The emotion you’re experiencing sits in an almost stagnated form and literally builds upon itself. You don’t even remember why you put that blockage there. You believe that you have been wronged, but have you truly been wronged, or are you allowing yourself to be wronged? More likely, you are allowing yourself to be wronged, meaning that the wrong or right doesn't really exist. Only your perception of it exists.

When you recognize one of those extended emotions, whether it be anger or giddiness or whatever you might experience, stop where you are, go below that emotion, see what you find. Here you will slowly discover the potentials of removing that block from your system.

Q: You were talking about not categorizing your feelings. For me, categorizing my feelings means that I can identify that I am feeling. In other words, I used to deny my feelings. So, for me, categorizing my feelings is a recognition of what I am feeling. What do you mean when you say take away the categorization and go with the flow?

KIRAEL: Well, if you had said, "I can identify that I am feeling sad," you wouldn't be categorizing your feeling. When you categorize something, you put it in a space and you try to hold it there. There is a difference between identifying and categorizing. Identifying that you are feeling sad shows that you probably categorized the sad feeling. Once you have identified it, you almost automatically move away from it because it will have no more hold. It is no longer categorized. By identifying that the sadness is there, the intention is to release it, or you wouldn't go there.

When you say, "I am feeling sad," it is another way of saying, "I choose to be sad or I am choosing to feel sad right now." You are choosing to experience an extreme emotion. You can choose to release it or you can choose to heal it, but you can’t hold it.

Q: Would lack of emotion be considered an extreme, and how would those in that extreme begin to heal themselves back to the centerline?

KIRAEL: If one finds oneself lacking in emotion, then consider that you have many packets of suppressed energy overlaid by emotions. Hence, you feel as though you have no emotions because they are so pushed down, if you will. In the case of lack of emotion, notoriously what you are doing is suppressing many of the hurts or the unexplained situations in your life. When something in your life is unexplained, you will spiral into it, not having the slightest idea how to deal with the situation. When you find someone who has so-called lack of emotions, you might help him by going below what is on the surface of the emotions. He may become very emotionally upset, cry and have a difficult time holding his centerline. It is not so much the emotion that causes the upset; rather, it is those packets bursting below the emotion, and the truth being seen, for truth is the magical part of your journey. Once the truth is seen, the centerline is attainable.

Q: So the fear or the unwillingness to feel those emotions gets backed up like a pressure cooker, and then, when you start opening that up, the fear is that you are going to be overwhelmed with the emotions?

KIRAEL: Yes. Often, when you think of the word Truth, one of the most important principles in the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, you understand that truth has multiple levels, many variations in its own light. You can speak the truth without speaking the truth. For instance, someone might ask you if you like her muumuu or her shirt. The answer might be "Yes, I like it," when in actual truth it doesn’t matter whether or not you like it. Beyond the surface truths lies another truth&emdash;that it doesn't matter&emdash;and beyond that truth is the fact that the person who asked should never have asked, because it makes no difference. When you waiver from the totality of truth, you are off on a new adventure. Every time you express a subliminal truth or a truth that is not total, it offers another path for you to follow. People often find themselves walking on the supposed path of truth, rather than the true path of truth.

The same thing happens in the emotional world that happens in the world of truth. When you gain the insight that you have reached the center of your emotions, if you are not true to that, if you let that fluctuate, then you set off again on paths that you determine as you go along.

You understand that in a prophecy-type world, your whole goal is to come to the end of the prophecy, yet there is no end in prophecy. Prophecy is the end and the beginning of the next journey. Just as there is but one truth, in emotion there is but one level, and that is the centerline.

Q: Is that centerline where we discover our essential self?

KIRAEL: The essential self is always at centerline emotion.

Q: Which leads us into the sixth sense and the 90 percent brain?

KIRAEL: Absolutely.

Q: I used to believe that emotional blockages created dis-ease in the body. Can you elaborate on how extremes in emotion create dis-ease in the physical form?

KIRAEL: When you are in extreme emotion, when your emotions ride the crest of negative feelings, your physical body must compensate for that. It must amplify itself to withstand the pressures you are going through. Conversely, when you are emotionless, you will find the same set of circumstances. Lack of emotions is the result of a grand suppression of emotions, which is equally debilitating to the body. When your emotions are not controlled to the centerline, then every one of your other bodies&emdash;the physical, the mental and the spiritual&emdash;moves to the extreme light. As long as emotions aren’t pulled to the extreme, you are perfectly all right to have them. That is part of learning where the balance is.

The physical body is the journey. The emotional body is the understanding. The mental body is the figuring out of the situation, and the spiritual body is the realization that you are not human. When you look at your system from that standpoint, emotion is the one charge that can carry you off in a defined direction. Everything else follows behind it, and that is why you must be careful to stay centerline.

Q: You said anger was an extreme emotion. Now, I am hearing you say that no emotion is extreme; rather, it is the degree of the emotional experience that makes it extreme. So, isn’t anger only an emotion, rather than an extreme emotion, and extreme anger would be an extreme emotion?

KIRAEL: If you are agitated with yourself for not learning a lesson or not doing a journey, that is an emotion. If you get so angry that you start cursing and swearing at yourself and taking it out on those around you, then you have gone to an extreme anger. So, yes, there are definitely degrees. As long as your emotions aren't pulled to the extreme, you are all right to have them. That is part of learning where the balance is.

Q: How much are our emotions affected by the photon energy?

KIRAEL: The photon energy of the Earth plane right now will have a defined effect on your emotions. By "defined," I mean that the photon energy affects the emotional value of an evolutionary being. No predictability exists between the photon level and your emotions, however. In other words, a high photon level does not necessarily mean your emotions will be high. In fact, for those who are emotionless, a high photon level could mean further lowering of the emotions. See, any photon level above or below 5, the centerline, gives you the ability to experience your lesson at another level. When the photon energy is at 7, that means you have the ability to experience anything between 5 and 7 very comfortably, but if you try to go to a 3 in your emotions, then you will be pulling away from center, and the photon energy will not be in alignment with what you are experiencing. The photon level can guide your experience, in that you will know the latitude you have in order to operate in that given time period.

If the photon energy is high, and you are running at a perfect balance, 5, it wouldn't take much to trip you up into that 9. The tendency to climb is easier. The photon level doesn't draw you up there. It opens up the space for you to go there.

Q: I have heard you say that the Guidance realm energies love it when we are very, very angry, and they love it when we are very, very happy, because they just love the extremes of emotion that we feel. It sounds as if they like it when we have extreme emotions.

KIRAEL: I think a lot of guides, mostly angels, might be really happy when you are in the extremes of emotion because they want you to know that extreme is there, and then they pray and hope that you find your way back, and most of you do. Hopefully, you don't want to go to the extremes of emotion very often. The goal is that you experience the extremes less and less often until you can find your center and know why you are at center. The drawback in going to the extremes is that most often you won't look at yourself, and if you don’t look at yourself, you won’t find the centerline. When you are in the extremes, we are the only ones looking at you. We become the most nervous for your journey when you are at the extremes. We are most concerned that you won't be able to get back to the center mark.

Q: There is a passage in Conversations with God in which God declares that “Feelings are the language of the soul.” That is a very beautiful way of expressing the idea that your essential self&emdash;your God Self&emdash;communicates to you through feelings. When we talk about emotional healing, if we are really paying attention to our emotions and we are regarding them as guidance from our higher selves, wouldn’t that be a fine way to heal ourselves, by just paying attention to how we are feeling about whatever is in our lives?

KIRAEL: You have given the answer in your question. You said that your higher selves communicate with you through your feelings. That is the light of truth, but it is the hardest one for you in the human world to understand. When your higher selves communicate with you through feelings, you make decisions about what you think might be right. In contrast, when you center your emotions, the higher self must move closer to you, raising its level of communications to you. You can move your higher self from communicating with you through feelings to the point of actually interacting with you in words. As lightworkers, rather than using meditation to simply play with your higher self in the etheric fabric, use meditation to stand fast in your vibration and then draw your higher self into your vibration. You can communicate with the vibration. When you come to true clarity, my friends, you will know that a conversation with God is a conversation with yourself. It is a magical time indeed.

Q: This is about critical mass. Does our individual emotional healing emanate out, like the pebble in the brook, to affect the whole of the Universe?

KIRAEL: When you are emotionally centered so that you experience your feelings without going to the extreme, you can create critical mass. In order to get critical mass to reach across the Universe or across this part of the Universe, it would take at least 100,000 inhabitable planets to come collectively to love.

The Creator is constantly creating planets and constantly creating energy forms on the planets. Hence, the essence of critical mass is somewhat lost in the diversity or the size of the potential. The potential of critical mass is sized to the effect of the Creator's wisdom; hence, no one layer of energy force can combine into a diligent form to create critical mass as you have suggested, on a planetary basis.

My theory is that desire is more important than completion. In desire is possibility, and one does everything one can to make that desire a reality. In that journey, everything in between the thought of possibility and the understanding of reality is swept into the same modality.

Q: Master Jesus proclaimed that “I and the Father are one.” If we, as humans, through our intent, claim that as well, will we find the centerline of love?

KIRAEL: Absolutely. That is all I have come here to tell you anyway. The Father, or Creator, is Love. You are the centerline of love. Love is the single most powerful word in any language because it has no opposite. In Creation, love was the understanding that brought everything to be. Hence, everything will return to love because in perfection all is Love.

This is a universe and within the Universe there are laws, and one of the major laws is the law of attraction. One might think then that, if love spirals, then other spirals will join it. Yet love truly can't be a spiral. Good feelings can spiral, but you can't have a love spiral, because love does not have a position like everything else in your yin-and-yang duality. Love stands alone. When you are truly acting in love, the energy of love moves from one to the next, and the next and the next, but it cannot have a stopping or starting point. It can only continue.

Q: How does our individual emotional healing emanate out to affect others?

KIRAEL: Each time one enters into a healing, whether it be a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing, a light source is reminded of its purity and begins to emanate more of its energy. That light source can be called love, if you will, and it is unstoppable, having no beginning and no end, like the Creator itself. It follows the line of least resistance.

When you have had an emotional healing, that healing will touch everything around you until it fades out of your existence. While you experience this emotional feeling, everyone around you is feeling it with you because of the energy you emit. You awakened the center balance of your emotion.

Q: Could you comment on emotion and energy and how the two are connected?

KIRAEL: E-motion, or energy in motion, is what you are. It is your most predominant source of balance to set this life in order. The mental world is a very yin/yang authority. You make a lot of choices in your mental world. The spiritual accepts your love of Creation itself, and the physical world is the vehicle to get you through life. The energy-in-motion part of you is singled out, in that, in there, you may register the centerline that you are searching for.

You can't have an emotional mental thought. You can have a mental thought that has emotions connected to it though. Your mental is your mental. Your physical is your physical. Your emotional is your emotional and your spiritual is your spiritual. Collectively, they become the fullness. You cannot have an emotional spiritual experience, but you can have a highly spiritual experience, and remember it through your emotions.

Q: Can this balance you speak of be accomplished globally with great numbers of people who are in conflict or war, such as in the Middle East?

KIRAEL: What you are seeing in the Middle East are extreme emotions. Those emotions are created because of all the things you in the human world are capable of doing to each other. Let us not look so much at the emotions being generated in the Middle East; rather, let us look more closely at the emotions generated around the world

If lightworkers were already amassed in the way they will one day be, they would hold a collective energy in the mid-range of emotions. They would utilize love simply by holding a center range of emotions that would truly affect the etheric fabric of your planet. When all lightworkers hold the centerline, those who are running the extremes would find themselves more magnetically drawn to the center, having a harder time staying in the extremes.

Not that a collective mid-range of emotions will totally cure the process, so to speak, but it would create a space where people could look for their answer. When that happens, instead of falling prey to the emotions, people will find the centerline of their own existence by searching the packets of energy below the emotions. There would be no war in the Middle East, if each and every person were to find his centerline. In the center, one would be allowed to believe whatever he wanted to believe without infringing on another. Wars are often created from the simplicity of one human against another; hence, two becomes four, four becomes eight, eight becomes sixteen, sixteen becomes thirty-two, and on it goes.

We are trying to move the critical mass from the extremists. As long as critical mass is being held by the extremists, all lightworkers fall into that critical mass. Once lightworkers find the centerline of their emotional stance, they will uncover the packets of energy holding the extreme emotions in place. They will see that the extremists can be drawn back towards the center. When one spends time in the center, one finds no reason for the extremes and the journey progresses more smoothly.

Q: I understand that our bodies are almost like a road map for our healing, that we carry our emotional healing in our bodies. Can you elaborate on that and on this baloney that we are being fed that diets work, when in fact it is all about healing, isn't it?

KIRAEL: Absolutely. There is no such thing as a diet. How many people start to gain weight when they gain age? Have you ever noticed that? In essence, when you reach a certain post-menopausal age, you feel it is okay to be overweight. When you become overweight at that age, that simply means that you are no longer identifying what you would like to have most in your life. You have accepted that everybody before you has put on weight so it is all right for you to do so.

The world is shifting. You will see many of the beautiful ladies, and even the gentlemen, go on a diet when they see the weight gain, but they often go on short-sighted diets. In essence, they allow their un-centered emotions to direct their diet, meaning that they simply want to take the fat tissues away from their reality. In other words, they deal only with the physical body. When, in fact, if they reached a balance of energy, they would diet all four bodies.

Now, diet does not necessarily mean starving yourself. You see, you are under the misconception that dieting means you can't eat food, or that you have to eat certain foods. I don't agree with that. I believe you can eat the fattiest food with the most calories and still lose weight, if you find balance. Of course, finding balance simply means that you won't eat the fattiest foods with the most calories. Not only will the fattiest foods make you fat, they will make you dead. If you are doing the journey in a balanced format, you want to extend the journey as far as you can. By extending the journey, you extend the life plans, the lesson plans, cutting back on the number of lives required for your lessons.

When you want to go on to a diet, be clear, first of all, that it is going to be most perfectly experienced through the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. Without all Ten Principles, your chances of losing the weight are okay, but your chances of keeping the weight off are slim. When you diet using truth, trust and passion, completion, communication, clarity, and the four pillars of meditation, sleep state, prayer and masterminding, you will not only take the weight off, you will keep it off. If you diet on all four levels, meaning that you come to total balance, your size will not change as long as you’re “alive,” and you can eat anything you desire. Your desires might change, but you can eat anything that you desire.

If you use centerline emotions when you eat, you will eat less. If you gather a beautiful green bean on your plate, and cut it into fourths, and eat the quarters individually, you will enjoy it more. When you swallow it whole, the body can't use it. The body will discharge it because it is not broken down. Why do you think you have saliva glands?

If you use centerline emotions to eat your meal, the first thing you do is pick up the bean and look at it. You admire its color, its texture, etc. When you eat a steak, cut it to a beautiful size that is palatable to your mouth. When you put things into your reality from the centerline of emotion, whether it is your food, the way you walk, the way you watch television, you pay attention with all your senses and you experience them with the opportunity for balance.

If you simply want to reduce or build the size of your body, you must start with your emotions. You must start with the balance of loving yourself enough to have the desire to use the Ten Principles to bring you to fulfillment.

Q: Master Kirael, what is the truth about menopause, its purpose? Is it the time for women to heal emotionally?

KIRAEL: Menopause indicates that you have come to an energetic force in your life where balance is no longer an option, it is a given. The menopausal years for women are a time when you must become balanced. This is the most balanced time for females. This is a time when females no longer struggle with their male/female attributes. Instead, they understand that they are the human light _expression of Creation. Menopause is the most glorious time for the female to enter into the balanced world.

All of the things that are blamed on menopause&emdash;disorder, disease, “uncomfortableness”&emdash;are nothing more than thought systems of belief. You can look at menopause as the most serious menstrual cycle you have ever had. If the world came to the clarity that when the female reaches menopause, she is in the height of her wisdom years, men would pay attention to what the female has to say. When the Native American female had her menstrual cycle, she was put in a tent so that she wouldn't bother anybody, and then the men ran around behind the tent and listened to everything she said. This was the time that she raised her energy to the fullness of what she was capable and beyond. Now women use that menstrual cycle to say, "I am having a bad day,” or, “I am going to be mean to you today."

Menopause is the time in the life of your expedition here on Earth when you come to the most perfect clarity that you have ever been able to experience. If you are not centerline emotionally, you hit the peaks and the valleys, and they become a habit. The habit is formed because you are often more secure in chaos than you are in clarity, because maybe the whole of life before menopause had been chaotic. While you are in this possibility of extremes, look forward to menopause as one of the greatest gifts that the Creator has vested you with. It is something to look forward to.

Q: If women were aware that this balance is what needs to happen, then would the physical body automatically go into the more healthy mode?

KIRAEL: First of all, you must understand that the body very seldom automatically does anything. Most often the body does exactly what you think it is supposed to do. Hence, if you think that your body is breaking down, a good, strong chance exists that your body will break down.

If you go into menopause understanding that the body is shifting into a new and more vibrant possibility, the body begins to offer you more balancing tools. If you have been more male in your female journey, it begins to offer you more of the female, and vice versa. The body is going to interact, not react. It is going to interact with the light that surrounds it, which is defined by your thoughts. Once your thoughts are clarified, you will take the menopausal journey into another level of awareness. Do not go into breaking down. Go into building up.

Q: So women's menopause could be equated to Mother Earth's Great Shift?

KIRAEL: Well, I would say it is, yes. I wouldn't even equate it. The female has been practicing once a month most of her life, just like Mother Earth. It is called the new moon for Mother Earth.

Closing Statement

KIRAEL: No matter how you look at the world, whether you look at the strife in the Middle East, the strife in the Catholic Church, the strife of the spiritualists, you must know that each and every thing that is done becomes the probability of what is to follow. Once you have defined the probable outcome you desire, then you will likely do only that which takes you in that direction. Earth, at this very moment, is heading into the deepest part of the Shift, and you will see a world which truly wants to discover its Creator’s Light.

Ultimately, it will still come down to the centeredness of the human, the light being of Earth, the part of the Creator that is destined to awaken itself to the fullness of who it is, to shift the world. The Shift is destined, my friends. Whether you will participate is solely up to you as an individual, but the destiny shall not be held back. Destiny will take you to the awakened light. How you get there and which embodiment you choose to arrive with are solely up to you.

You can walk in the Light of God Creator. You can feel the Creator’s Love without having to die to do it. You can feel that love while embodied, by centering your emotional world and letting yourself experience the fullness of all possibility. You, my friends, are the human light, the Light of the Creator doing the journey, and your journey can only be brought to its highest vibration by applying the most balanced principles possible. I pray that each and every one of you will discover within you the Creator’s burning desire to be Love, and in that love, you will find no opposite. Good evening.