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Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, has given a view of what we can expect in the Year 2007.

If the name Kirael is unfamiliar to you, he resides in the seventh dimension, and when he communicates through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, the accent is Scottish. For more information, visit



Good evening. Every year you come to me for a look into the future. It is in me nature to remind you of the influence you have on the outcome of these so-called predictions, because, in truth, me friends, no future exists, although your mind would have you believe it does. The consciousness of self is in a perpetual state of unfolding. When

we in the guidance world are asked to read the strands that will become the future, we are at the mercy of the world of thought. In my case, I simply look at the weaves of the matrix, and within that, I somewhat safely predict how your world will unfold. Of course, if each being has the courage to believe in the creation of change, then the prediction is only as good as that belief.

You see, your individual world comes to enlightenment by your thinking it into reality. In fact, the world as a whole can be seen as a huge construct of your contemplation. In a vibration such as mine, we recognize the power of thought, and in that, we can discern between “ego deliberation” and that of the more powerful “intent projections,” which set the standards of the unfolding journey.

Ego has only one source of information: whatever has already been established as everyday life. The ego sees the world as it is unfolding and attempts to perpetuate the constant it knows. In this way, the ego assumes it is keeping you safe. If the mindset of your conscious world is mayhem and constant turmoil, then that, me friends, is what will shape the journey of things to come.

If, on the other hand, your mind projects the “I” consciousness&emdash;that consciousness that takes full responsibility for and brings new enlightenment to the journey&emdash;we in the guidance world are given the opportunity to witness and help disseminate a new potentiality. You see, the future, as you see it in the now, is an absolute unfolding of the mass consciousness, or the matrix energy.

So, in that light, I will do me best to project the possibility of the future by balancing the matrix energy and that of the new “I” consciousness. I will weave the two together. Open your minds to the potentials of the upcoming year. ‘Tis not as easy as you might expect, as the world is undergoing a Great Shift in Consciousness, a shift which is encouraged and felt by the heart light of the guidance world.

Some will choose to see me predictions as a bit on the downside, yet if you read with great clarity, ‘tis me thinking you will see that the waves of thought carry the possibility of a continuous path of healing. The following thought predictions of early 2007 are an example.

In early January, governments will blame each other for the world situation. As smaller countries seek to be recognized, larger ones will be forced to take a stand either for or against them. Little men of little minds will determine that playing the giants against each other will somehow make the little countries equal to those giants. However, once given the right to play in the world of the big energies, the little countries will see that they lack the right tools to participate equally. This will cause them to gather other smaller entities to their cause. So, early in the year, We the People will feel somewhat hopeless as the world leaders try to adjust to the consciousness that will eventually sweep the world.

For the first time in a long time, We the People are awakening to a new consciousness. The first signs of such awakening will come when We the People ask questions of the individuals they’ve elected to leadership roles. We the People will focus their questions on just what the leaders’ intensions truly are. In short, people all over the world will ask the hard questions. Smaller groups will spring up in a new fashion. The old “town meetings” will resurface and the so-called leaders will have no choice but to come out of their fancy offices and face those who are living the outcome of their decisions.

This, me friends, marks the beginning of the end of “business as usual” on a scale seldom seen on this dimension since the times of ancient Lemuria, some 50,000 years ago. In my numerology, 2007 is a 9 year, meaning a year of completion, when the energy of the “I” consciousness will be stronger than at any other time. Small groups will share their knowing with people in other walks of life, using the weave of the Internet to communicate on new levels. A new network of information will surface through small groups of We the People communicating with other groups. This, of course, will lead to an attempt by the bigger energies in power to diminish the freedom of the Internet groups that disseminate and share information of a global nature. Hence, in early 2007, an attempt will be made to bridle the masses by falsely projecting that information received via the Internet will ruin the minds of the children. This false projection will suggest that someone or some body of individuals must save you from the evils of too much freedom. The groups seeking to curtail the free flow of information over the Internet will ask the government for aid in helping them help We the People of this plane see what is good for them and what is not.

It is me prediction that in 2007, the mothers of the world will unite as a result of this attempt at curtailment of information. The mothers of the world will judiciously seek a new way of helping the rest of society understand the real power of freedom. You’ll not need to be a mother to participate, for the feeling that will prevail will be one of “self united with other selves.” In other words, each will sense the power of a united front regardless of individual interest or non-interest.

More emphasis will be placed on educating youthful minds as to what is truly available and why We the People must maintain their rights. Such education will offset the old belief that whoever carries the biggest stick is the ruler. Such old thinking will be replaced by a sense of unity.

By mid-year, those who have held sway over the masses will have reached a crescendo of fear, having bombarded the world with false alternatives. Watch for this dynamicbecause this is that moment when the so-called big players will search for a way to get a foot in each playing field. These big players will be convincing in their stance as one of We the People, and in that, the masses must be vigilant in the way they perceive this stance.

In the beginning, what is espoused will seem truly a way for those in power to ensure the perpetuity of your way of life. Yet these so-called big players will not be serious. In fact, most of what will be proffered will be false. We the People will have to monitor events closely, or use energy like the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating&emdash;principles I brought to this plane of consciousness through me medium to help you create a more conscious world&emdash;to establish a true standard of self-preservation.

There are those who will question just how We the People will survive the crumbling of old belief systems. For instance, a little past mid-year, the money system will seem to falter and many will seek alternatives to amassing great fortunes, looking more toward being “in service” to mankind as a way of ensuring their future. Those who choose to share their wealth by being in service to their fellow human will find themselves thriving in abundance as they find ways of engendering more income than ever before. They will see great projections of abundance. The sharing of abundance will not come about by a barter system as you historically think of it; rather, it will come about by a sense of trading energies for what one truly needs.

As the year unfolds, it will not look like the world of 2006, as it will have already begun to shift to the new paradigm. The physical body will have begun its transition. Many will find their perfect body proportions by altering their mindset so that their thoughts are in alignment with their desires. Healing the body will be a more sensitive arena. Many will come to understand the need for voluntary change in behavior to heal the body rather than waiting for the body to fail in some way and causing a more invasive form of reconstruction.

Emotions will be set to a higher standard as the old beliefs surrounding dis-orders such as bipolar, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s are eroded. These so-called dis-orders will be seen as more positive forms of living in the new levels of thought. The world as a whole will show its true feelings, and in this, Truth, in its highest form, will permeate global societies. Decisions will be made more in the “I” presence, while blaming someone else for one’s life journey will be on its way to eradication.

On mental levels, many will struggle with their new knowing, as it incorporates using larger sections of the brain. New beliefs will become the standard by which one measures the world, and in this, you will see a divine shift in communication. In simple terms, the thought that the mind can create anything becomes the rule. All reality will unfold on a level that is being practiced by the spiritualist today.

Somewhat past mid-year, mainstream religion will make a last ditch effort to maintain its hold on the masses. Yet, throughout the whole of 2007, the leaders of these religions will secretly prepare to engage the spiritualist on a more open ground. They will endeavor to turn the narrower-minded world against the teachers of spirit, while at the same time silently encouraging their factions to look into the world of spirituality by some other name. In fact, by mid-to-late-year, the world of religion’s steadfast encouragement of its flocks to hold firm will cause the awakening spirit to test the waters of the new world. Even the largest groups will turn from their oppressive design to a more progressive way of enlightening their followers.

In 2007, the decrees of a fear-driven body of lawmakers will be tested and turned aside. The energy of We the People will turn toward a more affirmative assessment that they are capable of living their lives in the conscious awareness of what is right.

By year’s end, the suggested two-party-system of government in countries like the United States will have been shaken to its roots, and by its outward appearance, such a system will seem to be headed to an end. Yet I ask that you do not fall prey to what you see on the outside, for, as you know, good-old-boy networks die a slow death. It will be some time before a world driven by greed and self-serving individuals will bow to the new understandings of the beings who are elected as the real representatives of We the People. The energy of this new year will give all levels of governmental energies the opportunity to change, but this will only happen when We the People show a united front as never before.

You will read these so-called predictions as either positive or negative, as the case may be. I encourage you to be stronger than that and read my opening statement one more time and, in that, be filled with a sense of courage. It might behoove one to embrace the knowing that a new wave of spirituality, an energy that is not perpetuated with old belief systems, is sweeping the matrix. I’ve been speaking of this great shift in theconsciousness of We the People for a long time. Well, that Great Shift in Consciousness is now.

The hold of the old guard is weakening. It will no longer be able to continually use the media to achieve its goal. The weakening of that hold is the first of the many completions in the old thinking. Strength is coming to life in all ages. The young will make their presence known. The newly born will bring in a positive-ness that awakens their parents. Grandparents will seek new information rather than spread the falsehoods of history. Change is the mantra of the 2007 energy.

Posted on me medium’s website is a prayer for those who live in the Middle East. ‘Tis me thinking that if we shared this prayer with the masses, the healing of the global community could finally begin. We in the guidance world and those of you maintaining a physical presence must come together and think your conscious world into a new way of hearing and living the reality of love.