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A channeling.


Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling


KIRAEL: Good evening. Our topic seems to have everybody in the crowd a bit nervous because no one wants to ask a question about something one knows nothing about. So, let me see if I can tell you a little bit about something you know and it might help you awaken to some questions.

Time is an illusion, my friends. Time doesn't even exist. Yet you'll hear me refer to elements of time such as “last night” and “tomorrow” because that’s the best I can do to relate to your dimension so that you know what I am saying. Yet a “zone” exists that will take you out of the time-space continuum. Just last night, the medium went into a meditation before entering a healing process with someone. He was unclear as to how deep he wanted to go, but when he arrived at the space he wanted to reach, everything was smooth. He went into the healing process with this lady, and he found the “zone.” It’s an interesting space. I want to explain to you what the “zone” is all about.

Your brain controls most of your embodiment. Some believe that the brain is the one organ in the human body that cannot heal itself. That is not a complete truth. The brain has no great desire to heal itself, because the brain, or the thought consciousness, directs you throughout the universe called the third dimension.

The brain creates pulses of energy, which are your thoughts. Each time the brain pulses, it breaks, then it pulses again. If you look at the pulses, they are like Morse code, a series of dots and dashes that could explain everything within your verbiage or the English language or whatever language you happen to be using.

Now, in Morse code, there is a space in between each of those dots and dashes. That space is the only way you could distinguish one dot or dash from the other. That differs from your brain. Your brain creates a pulse and then another pulse. In between those two pulses is a quantum amount of energy patterns in the formation of thought. Yet you don't recognize it with the brain capacity you have now. This space in between these two brain pulses is the actuality of your existence. This space controls your DNA function, and works within all of your cellular memory, all of your cellular understanding.

I was explaining to the medium that each of your white blood cells has a brain capacitor. Now, that means the white blood cell is different from the normal cell because it has a capacitor which sends and receives and functions just like a brain. The cellular understanding within the embodiment, the cellular body itself, has a memory. The memory was created by the pineal gland, or the signature cell, as it is called, which has formatted the cellular understanding.

In the time-space continuum, you can go to the “zone,” or the “void,” or whatever you might call it, where true consciousness resides. The pulses that you receive, or the thought patterns that you have, are on the outer edges of this so-called “zone.” These thought processes are deemed necessary for you to function in this place called Earth, or evolution, if you will.

All living matter has pulses. Let's talk about the brain because that's what you are all suffering from -- a brain. The brain is actually what takes up your time and so-called space. Yet, in reality, the space between these two pulses is where the truth of eternity lies. This is where you can get in touch with reality. Now, the first thing you want to do is measure that space, because you want to measure everything over here. Your scientists believe that if it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist. Hence, your scientists know that it takes 1/50 of a second for a pulse to get from the head to the feet. The pulse travels in excess of 200 miles an hour.

All these years you have been listening to people like the medium and other teachers tell you to meditate, and you've said, “Oh, I don't do good meditations; therefore, I will not do them.” My friends, in all sincerity, if you get nothing else from what I say this evening, get this: If you do not meditate, you are not living as full a life as you could. Now, I didn't say you were bad for not meditating. I didn't even say you could be better for it. I said you're just not living as full a life as you could. In meditation, you can slip between these brain pulses and find yourself in the “zone,” or the “void,” which is not so void, because information is in there. When you can slip between these pulses, you are as close to your Creator as you are going to get while still being embodied.

So, in this so-called space is where you can get in touch with everything. You cannot measure this space. You can be in there for all of about ten seconds and it can seem like an eternity, or you can be in there for a long time and believe that you were there for a second or so. The only “measure” you have is what you can remember of it, and you remember nothing because it doesn't have verbiage. It has nothing that can be equated to verbiage. That's why people say, “Oh, I don't know where I was, but wow!” That's all there is -- wow.

So, those of you who have never tried meditation, when you do meditate for the first time and can't remember anything, don’t come back and say, “I don't want to do this anymore because I don't remember anything.” Please, understand that you have been in that “zone,” and that “zone” is where the truth lies.

The pulsations you receive from your brain are programmed responses by the self through your kinetic energy or the energy that it takes to amass your cellular structure to hold you into beingness. These pulsations are creations designed to help you guide yourself along the evolutionary process, or the embodiment that you are using here. The embodiment, this flesh and blood made of cellular understanding, is used to trek through the third dimension. The truth of you is your higher beingness, your essence, the non-physical part, the non-vibrating part. Your essence is where your truth is. Your non-physical essence can travel anywhere, inter-dimensionally, inter-galactically, etc. It has no restrictions of thought pulsation or brainwaves, so to speak.

So, you say, “Well, Kirael, where are these brainwaves coming from?” They are coming through your DNA. I was telling the medium just last night in meditation to remember the RNA. The RNA is the DNA's counterpart, like a twin brother or something, but the RNA doesn't have the retention that the DNA has in its spiraling fashion. The RNA goes out and does the work, so to speak. The RNA is involved with the neurons and things along that path.

You have many different facets of things that are taking place that you cannot consciously recognize, because you depend on the brain blip, so to speak, the little spots in the brainwave. You think that is your memory. In the brain, you have two centers -- one on the left and one on the right -- that do memory retention. Trust me on this one. It is believed that if these centers are damaged, they cannot be repaired. That is just another myth of your current understanding. I didn't say it's wrong. I said it's a myth of your current understanding.

When one of these supposedly damaged spaces loses its capacity to remember, it is moving into a higher space, and it is meant to move forward at a more rapid rate. That is what happens to your memory “capacitors.” They diminish in their ability to recall the subterfuge of your brain. Your memory is no more than subterfuge from your brain. Your memory is comprised of particles that are placed one next to the other or on top of each other, to be recalled later on for you to re-experience something that you have already experienced to its fullest.

So your memory is almost a waste of time, if you will. You would be wiser to say, “I've experienced from there. Now, here's what I want to experience next.” You don't have to spend the time in this space in memory. So, when we talk about space and time as being continuous, we are talking about an illusionary fact of your dimensional processing. You ask, “Well, why do we have to have it if it is such a waste?” It is not a waste. You could not process this dimension without the linear perception of time and space.

Now let's take it even a step further. You work on a 24-hour-a-day clock. Do you understand that your body manufactures this clock? This clock is not like the one on your wrist or anything like that. Every person in this audience -- and there's a lot of you out there -- has a different hourly biological, or body, clock. Some of your biological/body clocks are 24 hours, some are 25 hours, some are 23 hours. You say, “Kirael, you're not making much sense to me.” I didn't come here to make sense to you. I came here to give you facts. The facts are that each of you has a different biological, or body, clock, which gives you each a different reality.

Now we're down to space and time. How does one relate to space and time? I can't answer that because there isn't an answer. Each of you relates differently. In this dimension, you have quantum physics, which is the bridge between the old and the new. You have not begun to understand the truth of physics. The quantum physics that you are working with in this dimension seems to just dishevel all the old theories.

Here's one, for instance. If you have a quark or a molecule or atom, whatever, in a jar, and you look at it under a microscope -- you’d have to have a pretty powerful microscope&emdash;it will change. The minute you focus a visual intelligent eye on any one of these quarks or molecules or atoms, or whatever, it will immediately change its position. It will change its reality. So it's easily enough said that visual contact with an embodiment such as a quark changes its reality from what it was before you envisioned it.

Now, how does that relate to what your life is all about, my friends? Well, this information should help you adjust your life to get you into a smoother process, whether it’s healing of the physical body or the mental body. If you or your friends read or listen to what I’ve just said, whether you understand it or not, I can assure you it will bring a new vibration into your thought patterns which will allow you the time and space to realize that love is a conceptual process that is not linear in its truest sense. Love needs to be opened into its entirety. Taking space and time away from love allows it to be in its purest form.

There are many things that we can talk about this evening. I would like to talk about something that makes a difference in your life. For instance, you have a concept of aging over here. Most of you fear it. You are emphatically worried about old age because it is evidence that time is compressing upon you and that your body is falling apart.

My friends, such thoughts are a mastermind. You only age because your society has put you into the thought realm that this is what happens. You can get into the “void,” or the “zone,” my friends, and find out that age is a choice and that you choose the speed you use to perpetuate yourself. You would understand that you do not have to grow old any sooner than you desire.

For instance, the Signature Cell Healing that the medium is doing with the pineal gland can automatically slow down the aging process. Now, you say, “Oh, Kirael, I don't think the medium would want you saying things like that.” I can't help meself. I'm on a bit of a roll here. The other thing that he can do with this process is enhance the re-growth of hair. The medium is working on developing and perfecting the slowing of the aging process and the regeneration of hair growth. People on the verge of death, and so on and so forth, seek healing from the medium, and he works with them the best he can. This new process he's working on is beyond even his wildest expectations.

For more information on Signature Cell Healing on the website, please read:, or listen to the following audio recordings: Signature Cell Healing: The Key to the Shift (, The Secrets of Ancient Lemurian Healers ( and Healer Heal Thyself (

Of course, slowing down aging and restoring hair is not what healing is about. Healing is about realizing what's between the pulses or the blips. The blips determine that you have a disease. In between those blips there is no determination. The disease doesn't exist! What's your body listening to? The blips! What's making you old? -- the blips.

I think I should slow down and take a question or two.

Q: Is it correct that the space between the blips, or the thought, is the experience when we return home to the Creator, and that the light that we experience in this “void” is our point of reference, or our inner light, our Creator light, and when we return home to the Creator, whatever we experienced between the thought is what we bring with us?

KIRAEL: That's exactly right. For most of you, the light in the “void” will appear as darkness. When we talk about the Shift in Consciousness, we talk about the three days of darkness. You might ask why there is darkness if we're going into the light. The darkness is created because of so many light particles bouncing off each other that you cannot see through them. It gives the appearance of darkness.

For more information on The Great Shift, Photon Energy and the three days of darkness, please read Kirael: The Great Shift by Fred Sterling.

So, when you go into the “zone” and you get in between the blips, you are actually in the light. Yet, because there is so much light, in order for you to see anything, the light has to have a vibrational quality. If you disassembled that vibrational quality, then your eyes would not work. If your eyes did not work, they would atrophy almost immediately. Your eyes are made of liquid and they have all these intricate working parts that must be exercised at all times in order that they may stay in reality. So, when you go into the “zone,” you don't go there with your physical eyes. You go in there with your consciousness. Your consciousness recognizes it as light, but you, because of your trained senses and the need to use the eyes, think you can't see anything; therefore, you think it must be dark. Wrong again, my friends. There is no darkness within. This channel between the blips, if you will, goes through the “void.” It is your direct connection. When you are in the “void,” you are very close to God Consciousness.

I guarantee that when you are in the “void,” you are surrounded in Christ Consciousness, because you have entered the mastery-light space. The mastery-light space is the space that is connected to or right next to the Christ Consciousness, separated only by what we call the lower-light band. The lower-light band is nothing more than a conscious awareness. The upper-light band is nothing more than a lighted conscious awareness.

So, in between the two bands is your Christ Consciousness. In order to return into the Creator Energy, you must have entered into this so-called “void,” where you recall all of existence and all of reality in a non-linear fashion, removing any time and space from the continuum.

Q: You said that people don’t remember their experience in this “void,” yet this is the space where the clarity of the mind comes into existence. In this clarity of the mind, can you feel the compassion of the heart and the fullness of Oneness?

KIRAEL: Actually, what you truly experience is the outer edges of the “void.” As you delve deeper and deeper into the “void” and become more a part of it, you choose to remember less and less, because, in the remembrance of it, my friend, it is difficult to come back here and operate in the fashion you are used to.

This is why meditation is so important. As you enter the “void” in meditation, you recall being part of the God Consciousness. It is impossible to recall even the minutest part of that experience and then to return onto the Earth plane and get into a fist fight or a verbal jousting with someone. You would have no passion for the evolutionary process that it takes to maintain the blips that keep the conscious mind working. So you would not allow yourself to bring back the totality of the experience.

You allow yourself the entrance or exit point that you choose to use, which, again, has no time or space, only what we give it in words. The entrance is as beautiful as the totality, and it is the one that you can bring back.

For instance, the young lady I was just speaking with is in the process of going through a major healing process that has been deemed serious. She has used much of the meditation and the prana breathing in the healing process. This prana breathing helps to open the consciousness. You will understand that breathing through your nose and your mouth into a set of lungs is only one form of breathing.

In time and space you breathe through the entirety of your body, just like a tree or a leaf or anything else. You give all of the credit to your lung capacitors, but the truth is that once you learn how to breathe properly, you will use prana breathing and pull the breath down through your crown chakra. You know how a little baby has the soft spot up on top of its head? Do you suppose that's an accident? That soft spot is there so the baby can breathe. Yet the first thing you do is teach the baby about ego and everything else, and what does it want to do? It wants to close that soft spot and breathe only with its lungs. You help the baby do that because you say, “Oh, that soft spot will go away quick enough.”

Q: You said that the “void” is all there is and then the mental thoughts are blips. What limit us are the linear thoughts. We have the four-body system, which includes the mental body, and we try to elevate the four-body system as high as we can.

KIRAEL: Correct.

Q: What is the highest form of our mental body?

KIRAEL: I Am. The I Am Presence is the highest form of the mental body. Let me try to rephrase it. The highest attainment that can be reached over here is no thought. When you reach for the highest attainment of anything, you reach into a space that is non-linear. You can no longer place a verb or a word to it. The presence that you seek is the I Am Presence, which is inclusive of all four bodies. So, if we narrowed it down to determine the highest mental ability, you would say that you are using 100.01 percent of your brain, but the hundred dissipates and the .01 percent would become the reality.

Q: Does time spiral in a clockwise direction or a counterclockwise direction, and how does that affect scientific calculations such as low velocity?

KIRAEL: Time flows in a clockwise spiral, for the most part, when you work from the blips. When you operate within the blips, it runs in a spiral motion, falling back over itself, in a sense, running concurrently clockwise and counterclockwise. That's why you can't differentiate time and space. It has to do with the ebb and the flow of generated currents that have a basis not measurable by human thought waves. So, if I were to put a number or solidity to that, I would say that time affects the flow by taking the flow to a space of different reaction, and in that reaction, it acts upon itself, creating a vibrational space that can, therefore, be turned into human evolution.

Q: So, when we are in the “zone,” does the energy then emanate out in concentric circles rather than in spirals?

KIRAEL: That's exactly right. That was fabulous. What do you really want to know, young man?

Q: You said that quantum physics is the bridge between Newtonian space physics versus the new time physics.

KIRAEL: Right.

Q: Now we're trying to linearize time into some kind of density.

KIRAEL: Right.

Q: Now, light travels at 186,000 miles per second or per hour, I'm not too sure. I forgot that there's no limit actually.

KIRAEL: That's right.

Q: Okay, once it passes that limit, it enters into another state, and what you are saying, basically, is that the photons enter a “void,” a “null zone.”

KIRAEL: Exactly. So, let me answer the next question before you even ask it. Take the speed of light. Let's say you had a clock and were watching it tick away. As you moved into the speed of light, you would not see the time change. The clock would still appear to tick in a 60-second minute and a 60-minute hour, because you would be moving at the speed of light, as would the clock. The problem is that everything that is not connected in that speed process would move in its own fashion.

Therefore, like I was saying earlier, you would then determine by your own DNA, my friend, how long the day is. That is the determination that can forestall your aging process, because you can determine how long you are here by the emission of your DNA spiral, which is the part that works with neuron space. That will solidify how long it actually takes for the hands of the clock to make their circle.

Now we are going the other side of your known physics. When you come from out of the “zone,” you recognize your DNA structure, and it is your individual DNA that establishes the time on your wristwatch. Not only does it establish that, it also establishes the time facets within that mechanism that would now become part of your linear time.

So, what I am trying to say to you, my friend, is that each of you, as individuals, is totally controlling your own time. You are controlling it without one iota of doubt.

Q: Okay, we're controlling our own time. How do we create a time shifting machine, a time machine, or an anti-gravity machine?

KIRAEL: Well, you can waste your time trying to make one if you want to, but you won't need it here in a few years. You have a secret government over here, and it already has the machine that you're thinking of inventing. That government just doesn't want you to know it. When you get to the other side of the Shift, so to speak, you will time shift, as you call it, without machines, because you will understand, in your linear fashion, that the time-space continuum is created by DNA emission. Then you will be clear that you can dissolve this embodiment at any given moment by strictly moving the molecular structure into separateness and remembering where you want to manifest yourself. That’s why you have cellular memory. Right now you think your cellular memory is all about healing, but it is not. It is also about remembering where to manifest yourself after dissolving your embodiment. That's important, don't you know? If you move from here to there, you want to be sure to take all of your body with you. It's not good to leave parts of it behind. Now, I don't mean to be humorous, because this is truth. The machine that you are seeking already exists and is already outdated. The secret government I mentioned also knows how to compensate for the time-space continuum, which means that the ability to make the time transfers that you dream of is already a reality. Do you remember the place called Area 51? Well, that was one of the things that the secret government gave you to ponder and play with. Just like it gave you your computer sciences and let you think you invented them. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Q: So, is there a constant that we can use as a reference?

KIRAEL: Well, you're looking for a particular constant. Yes, there is one until you get to the space you want to arrive at and then the constant no longer has validity, because the space you are arriving at is beyond the time-space continuum and you cannot put a focus on it.

Your new science will develop a tone that will work. It will take the place of your equative science at this point. Your mathematicians will, in fact, work with tonality. They will be able to take their equations and put them into a tone which can be used by something that resembles a machine. I say resembles because there are no working parts within the so-called machine. Yet, because there are no working parts, you need only put the tone in and it will reverberate into the space that will create the equation that you seek.

Q: Okay, therefore, we can use two crystals vibrating at the same frequency and achieve sort of like a time shift or a simple harmonic motion.

KIRAEL: Most assuredly.

Q: That's the way to prove that there has been a time shift.

KIRAEL: That's exactly right.

Q: Master Kirael, are you saying that scientists are artificially creating the vibrations that are necessary to make the time shift, where, in essence, we will be able to do this on our own without using the machine?

KIRAEL: That's what I said. The machine is already antiquated. It is not even necessary to have it.

Q: So we are not at the space right now where we are able to do it on our own. It's like the Montauk project or something like that where they created equipment to do what was needed.1

KIRAEL: That's exactly what happened in the Montauk project.

Q: Philadelphia Experiment, same thing.

KIRAEL: Same thing. They were playing with machines gotten from the Galactic Brotherhood and they got caught.

Q: Let’s say I'm using one of these machines to reverse the aging process within myself and my time frames are reversing in actuality. The person next to me will not be able to visually see this, yet it is happening within. Now, what happens when I decide to warp the time, for instance, as you had mentioned before, where, in a given ten-hour period, instead of accomplishing five tasks, I could now accomplish fifty? It can be done in that sense where, instead of putting the tasks into the time, you set the tasks up -- wait a minute; do I have that right?

KIRAEL: Yep, go ahead.

Q: You set the tasks up and warp time around them, whereby you'll be able to complete everything that you set out to do, rather than having a set time and having to finish so many things within that time. So, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the person seeing me and not being able to see the aging process being reversed. When we go into third-dimensional linear things where, instead of doing only five things in a two-hour period, I can now do, say, double that, or ten things, how is it that I do not move any quicker but they get done? In my own knowingness, I can see that happening, but how does another person watching me see me in terms of my own motion and speed in relation to time?

KIRAEL: Well, that's a long question. It's going to have a short answer. In the first place, you were very close in the first part of that question about warping time around the tasks, but what you are really asking me is how much time it will take to do the fifty things as opposed to the five things? It won't take any time; that's the key. Time is an illusion. Remember when I said that the DNA controls the clock? Your DNA controls your entire illusion. So those around you will see exactly as you wish them to see, whatever you have programmed into that space, not the time, but the space.

Remember, space doesn’t exist any more than time does. For linear purposes, as you enter that space and do whatever it is you are going to do, you change through your DNA. You change the entire illusion that surrounds you because you are not measuring it by time. You are measuring it on what you now could refer to as a result. The result is the completeness of the project, and in order to complete that project, you must enhance all that surrounds you. That means that if there are people within your proximity and you wish the solution to become a reality, then you must change them along with the reality. You must bring them into the illusion.

Now, you say, “Well, wait a minute. I can't go about affecting other people because what if they don't want to play in my illusion?” Then they won't be there. They will only be a part of your illusion if it is their choice to go into this growth state with you.

So, the simple answer to the last question is that you must be clear that, like the clock, your DNA emission of neurons is effective enough to make the clock react to you, rather than you react to the clock. You spend a lifetime here reacting to time. Soon you will understand that you make time react to you. Time, in the new understanding of the energy, is a permissible allotment that you have brought forth to vibrate into a spectrum where you can, therefore, enhance the evolutionary experience, or the journey.

Q: So it depends on the level and development of one’s knowingness?

KIRAEL: That's the truth.

Q: As I see it now, what you are saying is that if a person does not wish to participate, he will not even notice what is happening.

KIRAEL: It won't be the other person’s illusion.

Q: Right. I got it. Thank you.

KIRAEL: There you go. See, everybody has his own illusion. When you are not taking part in the illusion, you do not exist in it.

Q: How can we use the lucid dream state to our advantage to manifest things in our reality or to move forward in our evolutionary process?

KIRAEL: Beautiful question, although most won't like the answer. This lucid state, where you have control, so to speak, of your dream, moves your sleepstate programming from the conscious thought to that more lucid dream space where you will find that you can slip by time and space, and, accordingly, you can slip by the evolutionary portions.

That lucid dream space that you sometimes slip in and out of is creator space. It is where you set up the illusion of your future, so to speak, even though the future is happening at the same time you are doing this. It is where you indirectly reference the vibrational pattern that enables you to experience what you have just created. The vibrational pattern has already been created because what looks to be in the future is in the now. You’re just too busy working within your time and your space to realize that you can experience that particular portion of it that you call the future.

Sleepstate Programming is the ninth Principle of The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. For more information, please see the book or audio CDs by Kahu Fred Sterling, Kirael: The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating (

Once you've gone past that which can happen in the lucid dream state, once you realize that you can be there and in another place at the same time, the illusion of space breaks down. Now, I've spent most of the evening talking about the illusion of time and very little about the illusion of space. Believe me, there is as much to the space as there is to the time.

Take the complexity of thought that you use when you sleepstate program from conscious thinking -- which is how the medium teaches you to use it -- and use it in the lucid dream space. Then you will have the best of both worlds, because from there, your thought consciousness will move itself automatically on a spiral into the “void.”

In the “void” is the Creator's space where you will go eventually anyway. Guess what's going to be there when you get there? That thought. It'll be manifested into a reality. You think that sitting here talking to me is real. This exchange took place some time ago. You've just caught up to experiencing it. So I just said that twice and you didn't even know it.

Q: Is that why in that space everything seems as if it is in slow motion?

KIRAEL: It isn't slow, my friend. It's just that you become totally observant to all that's around you. For instance, if you read a book like a speed reader, then that would be the way you understood the book -- fast, without depth. If you read the book and the book became part of you and you became part of the book, absorbed in the writing, absorbed in the understanding of it, that same book would take forever to read, wouldn't it? Yet it is the same book.

So it's your perceptual drive that makes you move through a space either slowly or fast. Your ability to stop and enjoy the journey gives you this indication that things are moving slowly. Things are moving at the exact same rate, which is .01. Everything moves at the same rate. You perceive things to move faster or slower based on your ability to absorb the totality of the knowingness within the spectrum you observe.

Q: I didn't really understand what you meant when you said that some people’s body clocks are 23 hours, some are 24 or 25. Could you explain what you meant?

KIRAEL: I can elaborate a bit, but then what you create is a space where we start to measure time again, and what I am trying to show you is that time is not measurable, except when you allow it to be.

When you operate within a space referred to as time, you make the decision to do “X” amount of things in a certain amount of that time, and you make the decision with this illusionary process called the blips or thought.

Now, time is in whose spectrum? Time is in your control; therefore, it is in your spectrum. You have decided what a 24-hour clock is and that time, by your measurement, can be expanded or reduced, whichever you prefer, to make it fit to the reality that you have created in this space. While you are in this space, in this creation, the rest of you is creating time in another space in time called a sub-creation. The sub-creation is that which envelops the totality of your awareness. Within your awareness, the totality of your awakening comes only when you are aware that that totality is the impulsation of the total energy pattern to which you are vibrating, which in essence is what you are vibrating from as well.

Q: Is that “void,” that “zone,” the point of touching spirit where we heal ourselves, and is that the answer to healing?

KIRAEL: It is the answer to healing. There is a beauty and an honor to healing oneself and this is what the medium teaches the most. With respect to healing, if you can access this “void,” you will find that you can bring back whatever you are ready to work with in the form of memory, when you come through the exit and entrance point. For instance, in the case of healing, you can bring back the general understanding of the healings as they take place here. When the doctor world runs out of ideas, it is now telling you to see someone like the medium, an alternative healer.

Go where you can be touched. Guess what the medium has for touch? Love, that's all he has. He has love, love and more love. You can equate God with love, can't you? The point is that these healers are surfacing. After doctors, come the healers; after the healers, comes consciousness.

In the days of Lemuria, there were no healers, my friend, not even alternative healers. They didn't have doctor healers either. Each healed himself, because each knew not only how to access the “void,” but also how to be the “void.” Once you have discovered that you can be the “void,” not just be in the “void,” then you will break down this veil that quantum physics is trying to help you with. Quantum physics is the bridge to the understanding that the time and space continuum is linear thought placed one behind the other. Eventually the thoughts will turn upon themselves, creating an energy pattern that will be the life essence of it all. In that, you will participate in the light essence of all that you have studied up to this point.

I wish I had more time. I love you. Good evening. It's been a pleasure.

Learn more about the ancient land and society of Lemuria in Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for The Great Shift by Fred Sterling (

For more than 15 years, Kahu Fred Sterling has served as the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael, a seventh dimensional guardian spirit. He is the author of several books including Kirael: The Great Shift and Kirael: The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. He shares his passionate messages via workshops, articles, audio recordings, and webcasts on Kahu Sterling is also a gifted healer and pioneer of the Signature Cell Healing™ modality.

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1 The Montauk Project was purportedly a series of secret government projects conducted at Camp Hero and/or Montauk Air Force Station on Long Island.