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Jean Carfantan of France invites you to join a group giving Prayer, Meditation and Care to those people requesting help, with the understanding that union of intent creates power for healing.

If you need help, you can request help.

Those people needing help can subscribe (free) every week to receive global Prayers, Meditation and Care.

You can pray or meditate with this intention at any time but we suggest that you pray or meditate at two specific times. For the times, please go to to click on the page that gives the two specific times. Then, on this same page, click on the highlighted date to reach an Acrobat Reader (PDF) file that will give you every week the list of people requesting help.

These pages are already translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish and Dutch. (Portuguese is coming.)

More translators are needed. To help translate,
please visit

There is also a mailing list in Spanish and for urgencies

We are setting up a service for urgency through the list.

"More members in the group, more healing for more people."
Vilda Funes, Buenos-Aires (Argentina)

Vilda Funes is mainly in charge of this with an active supporting team.