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Manifesting Help needed for Chechnya.




Many of you have triumphantly emailed about the victory of the cancellation of the June 2, 700-ton blast at the Nevada Test Site.

Yes, it is a wonderful victory!

This victory, in my opinion, comes from the manifestation of a desire.

It is always important to choose carefully a desire we wish to manifest. As an explanation, here is an email just received from Jan Gosen,, of The Netherlands.

Yes I've noticed this as well. Being in a very close relationship as Margot and I have always been it is really very important what we choose to manifest. But on many other levels this is of course also true.

Last week when I was in Ommen I met a pensioner from NY state who was making a biking trip, first to Denmark, actually the former Schleswich-Holstein province where his greatgrandfather had been born and from there he would go to Switzerland. We had a long and very pleasant conversation about his perception of the people in The Netherlands and my ideas about the American society. Yes, I like communicating with Americans a lot.The next day I was again visiting the same lunchroom in Ommen where I had spoken with the American and I was really sitting there like: here's where I had this magnificent conversation yesterday.

Truly WITHIN TWO MINUTES I again found myself in conversation with a very kind Dutchman. I was talking about Margot and our children and how we chose to raise them and he was totally supportive of my views (parents should be the ones who bring up their children, not pre-school/after-school or outside-of-school care-organisations.) When I told him about my writing and the essence of being an artist he completely understood what that was like and so again I took another terrific conversation home with me.

 Notice that Jan has received what he has manifested.

 You can also receive what you manifest.

 If you have a problem that never seems to be solved, manifest a solution to the problem and hold that firmly in your mind.

This allows you to dissolve barriers you have tried unsuccessfully to climb over, go around, penetrate.

When you create a future, you ignore the barriers that have been holding you back.

When you create a future, you have manipulated energy.

What is energy?
A reality.

The future you have created is real and therefore it exists.
It cannot be ignored.

You are going from the present reality, this moment, to the future reality without having to contend with barriers.

Again, when you create a future, it EXISTS.

On a mass consciousness basis, do you see what the Global Meditations Network can do? It can create a future reality that bypasses barriers of this present moment.

I have just returned from lecturing on mass consciousness at a conflict resolution conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. At this conference I met a large group of Chechens from the Caucasus Mountains. They have a problem, a big problem.

I want to help them. I want the Global Meditations Network to help them. I ask that you help them by energizing a future reality called Peaceful Chechnya.

I will send you another email with background about the need for a future reality called Peaceful Chechnya.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf