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David J Adams

March 3, 2009

Greetings Friends,

 I enclose a reminder of the upcoming marine meditation on March 20th at 8pm , wherever you are in the world.

 The Marine Meditation began at the Equinox in March 1991, and has been celebrated each Spring and Autumn Equinox since that time, so this is our 19th year of celebration. Our Beloved Germain prompted the original meditation and all further meditations for a period of 8 years, then the current Master Trinity of Germain, Hilarion and Djwahl Khul came together to lead the meditation up until the present time. They have always kept it fresh with a different Theme each year, and over the last 5 years have given us Labyrinths to walk. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all those who have been with us throughout the years, working for the benefit of the Planet in Harmony with the beloved oceans of the World, and I would also like to welcome those of you who are perhaps joining us for the first time. We each have a special gift to bring to the healing and ascension work, so I ask you all to open your Hearts wide and give your gift as you walk or work with the Labyrinth of Divine Peace on march 20th at 8pm.


 Blessings of Love




 “Greetings to the ONENESS within you ALL

 2008 has indeed been a year of monumental change upon your planet. The energies that enabled the coming together of the Twin Souls into a ONENESS within your hearts has rippled outwards and shaken the very fabric of your societies, based as they were on the greed and fear of the past. Now it is time to start building an alternative society based within that ONENESS, based within the energies of LOVE, and creating true and real PEACE upon your Earth. To this end we are gifting you for 2009 a new labyrinth to work with and to walk. This is the LABYRINTH OF DIVINE PEACE.

 In the year 2000 Beloved SANANDA anchored the CRYSTAL OF DIVINE PEACE on the Earth at Chalice Wells in Glastonbury, then in 2004 he gifted each of you the PYRAMID OF PEACE within your Hearts that you were asked to “Spin, Spin, Spin” to allow the Blue Light of Peace to radiate forth onto the Earth. Now you are ready to anchor FULLY the energies of DIVINE PEACE on and within the Earth Planet because you have sufficiently shifted the focus from Fear and Greed into the energies of LOVE. BLESSED ARE YOU INDEED AT THIS TIME.

 As you will see, the Labyrinth of DIVINE PEACE is based on three crystals coming together to form a triangle with the base of each Crystal, and from that base three further crystals radiate out, each containing a specific energy that is necessary to create and anchor the energy of DIVINE PEACE, the energies of Twin Soul Balance, Love and Joy. Within the triangle itself is the symbol that you now regard as representing PEACE on your Planet. All Cosmic work is based on the TRINITY.

 We invite you to walk and work with this Labyrinth POWERFULLY during your Marine Meditation ceremonies in 2009 and as often as you are able outside of those times. The more you work with this Labyrinth the quicker PEACE will anchor itself within the Earth itself and within the Hearts of all those Beings of Light upon and within your Planet. Remember…you are not alone… Beings of Light exist in many forms and many Dimensions of Earth , not only within the HUMAN fraternity, BE IN ONENESS WITH THEM ALL AND CREATE PEACE !!

 Blessings of PEACE and LOVE. Germain, Hilarion and Djwahl Khul”


I am delighted to pass on to you the above message from the Special Trinity of Light Beings associated with the Marine Meditation each year, and invite you ALL to participate with us in 2009, by coming together on Friday 20th MARCH and Tuesday 22nd SEPTEMBER at 8PM wherever you are in the world. REMEMBER….


 David J Adams