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MAY 13-14, 2006


May 13-14, GLOBAL MEDITATION for PEACE at the time of the Crescent Moon.

All are invited to participate.

 Native American Eastern Shoshone Blue Thunder aka Bennie LeBeau is calling for the children of Mother Earth, all nations of humanity, the White-Black-Yellow-Red-Brown nations, to work side by side to bring harmony and peace.

Additionally, Bennie LeBeau is calling for Council so humanity can address the issue of peace as well as the responsibility of being good guardians for Mother Earth. He asks humanity to join in council with other guardians of Mother Earth, especially the nations of the Dolphins and Whales of the Sea.

Bennie LeBeau will be in the western part of the North American continent with the Uto-Aztecan/Shoshone Speaking Nations and the Dolphin Nations from California.


 His contact information is; Tel: 307-851-6249.

He reminds us that the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy, including the message of the Seventh Fire Prophecy of the Anishinabe People, mentions that humanity today, the Seventh Generation, will reawaken with messages of finding the road to peace. has a map showing 21 sacred site ceremonial locations around the outline of a dolphin/crescent moon/rainbow superimposed on a land map in Western U.S.A.

Specific locations shown on the map are: Hotevilla Hopi, Arizona; Shoshone, Nevada; Mona, Utah; Saratoga, Wyoming; Laramie, Wyoming; Casper, Wyoming; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Twin Falls, Idaho; Winnemuca, Nevada; Bishop, California; Ventura, California; Oceanside, California; El Centro, California; Moapa, Nevada.

If you cannot join Bennie LeBeau, you are invited to participate by forming your own council and peace ceremonies at sacred places.

The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, and the Acropolis are three of many important sacred sites, but there are other sacred sites close to the homes of everyone on this planet, and it is here where council and ceremonies can take place.

In the old days, humanity knew all sacred sites had guardians, but today many have lost this knowledge. When Bennie LeBeau says he is calling council with the Dolphin and Whale Nations,he means exactly that.

Remember, thoughts convey what is wanted. When there is no connection via the voice, use thought language -- telepathy.

I begin to visualize that the entire surface of Mother Earth will have councils on May 13-14, where humanity will join in thought with other earth guardians for the purpose of understanding the need for cooperation in being good guardians for Mother Earth.

When so many at the same time focus on the positive energy of calling council, the Law of Cause and Effect goes swiftly into action, and the disconnection begins to dissolve between humanity and other nations and kingdoms.

The Native American is well aware of the other nations and kingdoms. Bennie LeBeau knows. But this is an exception rather than the rule.

Now is the time for all humanity to recognize what is here before us, as in the old days.

The dolphins performs in the amusement park to amuse you, but at the same time, the dolphin is conveying messages to you. Look, look, I am here, I am speaking to you in my language of thought, I love you.

We become better guardians of Mother Earth when we begin to realize what is here for us to work with.

Karin Kinsey has written the book Dancing on Water, a series of personal stories about communication with dolphins, whales, and animals. She says: By way of example and through their interactions with us, dolphins can become interspecies "teachers" of humor and relationship, reminding us of our deep interconnectivity with all living things, and of our own role as stewards of a unique planet, with its miraculous variety of life-forms. is the website of Sananjaleen with animal, dolphin, and whale communications.

OUR LIVING EARTH AND SCIENCE, an e-mail from David A. Anderer,

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf



As a reminder, May 8, 2004, 12 noon, was the activation of a GREAT MEDICINE WHEEL, a spiritual event based on the visions of Bennie LeBeau of the Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Reservation, Wyoming, that involves people of all colors and spiritual traditions sending forth peace energy, focused well-being, and Unconditional Love. Locations: 20 sacred sites in the American West, and at many other sacred sites elsewhere around the world, including Australia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Middle East. The Grand Teton peaks in Wyoming -- The Four Grandmothers Standing Tall -- served as the center of this Medicine Wheel. Simultaneous prayer ceremonies at other sacred sites around world helped to re-activate and re-attune the web of subtle energy pathways that wrap around planet earth.