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Native American prophet Bennie LeBeau is calling for Council so humanity can address the issue of peace as well as the responsibility of being good guardians for Mother Earth. He asks humanity to join in council with other guardians of Mother Earth, especially the nations of the Dolphins and Whales of the Sea. has 21 sacred site ceremonial locations around the outline of a dolphin/crescent moon/rainbow superimposed on a land map in Western U.S.A.

We have moved beyond the concept that humanity is the only important guardian of our planet. There are many types of guardians, and, as in the old days, all guardians need to work together to properly maintain Mother Earth.

I am visualizing the entire surface of Mother Earth having councils on May 13-14 when humanity will join in thought with other earth guardians for the purpose of understanding the importance of cooperation among all guardians of Mother Earth.

If your garden is a sacred place, perhaps you will consider holding council there with the Elementals and Nature Spirits. If you are unfamiliar with them, please visit garden2.htm

As I am writing you, I have here at my computer To Hear the Angels Sing, an odyssey of co-creating with the devic kingdom, written years ago by Dorothy Maclean.

This is a book about a garden being constructed in Findhorn, northern Scotland, that is turned into a magnificent garden with the aid of the devic kingdom.

Here is a link to Findhorn.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf